Mangalitsa Hogs

Free range Mangalitsa Hogs from the Baker Family Farm

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Mark Baker of Baker Green Acres gives an update on their ongoing battle with the State of Michigan regarding their heritage breed free range hogs in the video below. Their case might be reaching a dangerous point with the State of Michigan, as Mark is reporting that a USDA field agent has stated in writing that Mark is a “gun-waving lunatic” and that the USDA would not come to visit his farm, but that “armed DNR agents” will come instead.

Health Impact News has reported on the Baker Green Acres family farm situation since April 2012, when the DNR decided to label all free range hogs in the State of Michigan as illegal, by classifying them as “feral” pigs. Mark and others have reported that the new definition of “feral swine” adopted by the DNR in 2012 came directly from the commercial pork industry, which raises all commercial pork indoors in confinement.

Since the State made it a criminal offense to keep their heritage breed hogs that have now been ruled illegal, most hog ranchers destroyed their herds and went out business. They did not want to face arrest on criminal charges.

Mark Baker decided to challenge the ruling, however, and has been involved with a long legal battle with the State of Michigan since then. Various actions have been taken against the Baker family farm to try and force them out of business, such as levying a fine of $700,000 against them, and getting the USDA to refuse to process their pork at a USDA processing facility, effectively eliminating most of their market to sell their pork.

Now, with court case getting closer, Mark is worried that since they believe they have such a strong case against the State, they may try something else before he gets his say in court. As you watch the video below for the latest update, he will explain that he and his family are peaceful people, and portraying him as “gun-waving lunatic” is not true.

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How to Help the Baker Farm 

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There are three actions that can have major impact:

1.  Show up to court on March 11-14, 2014, in support of Mark Baker and the inherent right to peacefully farm.

2.  Help fund his legal and living expenses:

3.  Call the DNR, the attorney General’s office and the Governor’s office (link to the video) and let them know we are watching… and tell them to drop the case.

DNR Director Keith Creagh: 517-284-6367
Attorney General Bill Schuette: 517-373-1110 or
Governor Snyder:  517-373-3400 or (“Constituent Services”)  517-335-7858