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Mainstream news media sources (which are heavily funded by Big Pharma) would like everyone to believe that those in the medical field are united in their support of vaccines. However, there are many doctors and healthcare officials questioning the safety and efficacy of vaccines today. Since they often put their careers on the line by speaking out against the status quo regarding vaccines, they are, of course, the minority voice. That voice does exist, nonetheless.

This is especially true regarding the issue of mandatory flu vaccinations for healthcare workers. Doctors, nurses, and others are increasingly speaking out against mandatory flu vaccinations, especially in Canada.

A recent report in the Vancouver Sun quoted an emergency room doctor, Dr. Derrick Moore, as stating that he and 10 nurses refused to comply with mandatory flu vaccinations for healthcare workers at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital in Victoria B.C.

Dr. Moore’s comments were made after the government claimed that only one health care worker refused to get vaccinated or wear a mask during the past flu season. That one person, reportedly an aide, was fired. Dr. Moore went public stating that this was not true, and that medical personnel all across Canada were refusing the mandated flu vaccines. “Their idea that Mr. Hoekstra was the only person in the province who wasn’t masking and was not compliant is certainly not true, and they know that’s not true,” Dr. Moore reportedly said. Dr. Moore is a physician with 24 years of experience. According to the Vancouver Sun, Dr. Moore stated that the health authorities in Canada were unable to pick on him and the nurses because of “strength in numbers” and the impact it would have on emergency room staffing if they were fired.

The Vancouver Sun also reported that the mandated flu vaccine for healthcare workers is the first such policy of its kind in Canada, and has been opposed by healthcare unions because they felt it violated workers’ rights and wasn’t justified by scientific evidence.

Earlier this week (July 2014),  three medical doctors wrote an editorial in the Toronto Star opposing mandatory flu vaccinations for healthcare workers. They stated that the evidence of the benefits of the flu vaccine is not nearly strong enough to justify taking away a doctor’s choice to make the decision on whether or not they vaccinate themselves.

The case against mandatory flu vaccination for health care workers

By: Dr. Michael Gardam , Dr. Camille Lemieux, Dr. Susy Hota
The Toronto Star


There has been a good deal of recent media attention regarding what some see as a medical and ethical imperative that health-care workers be vaccinated against influenza. This view stems from two conclusions: vaccinating health-care workers protects patients from influenza-related harm, and current strategies have not been successful in achieving high vaccination rates.

Some Canadian jurisdictions want to see vaccination made mandatory while others want to mandate that unvaccinated workers wear a mask while at work throughout the influenza season. Unfortunately, this issue is not as black and white as it has been portrayed: the evidence supporting influenza vaccination is not definitive and a lack of evidence and practical concerns make mandated masking a dubious policy.

Read the Full Article here.

Dr. Geier Exposes the Dangers of the Flu Vaccine

In the video above, Dr. Mark Geier explains the dangers of the flu vaccine due to a lack of long-term testing. Dr. Geier is NOT anti-vaccine. He is an MD and has a PhD in genetics. He spent 10 years working at the National Institute of Health, and was a professor at John Hopkins University as a geneticist. He is also the author of over 150 peer-reviewed publications.

He worked on vaccine safety and efficacy for more than 30 years. He was one of four scientists that worked to replace the DTP vaccine, a vaccine that caused every child to become sick with a high fever at the time of vaccination, with the DTAP vaccine, which is a more purified vaccine and causes illness due to fever in only 3% of those vaccinated.

In the video above, he explains that the flu shot causes Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and that the flu shot is not very effective in preventing the flu. He also explains that the CDC does not follow the law for vaccines in requiring long-term safety testing for the influenza vaccine like they do with other vaccines, as it is impossible to test a vaccine that changes every year. So the flu vaccine is basically an experimental vaccine that they want to give out to 300 million people every year. There are also no studies showing the safety of giving the flu vaccine to the same person every single year. However, Dr. Geier points out that the CDC is in the business of distributing flu vaccines, because they represent 300 million doses per year, whereas all the childhood vaccines together only number 20 million. 

Dr. Geier goes on to explain that flu is “the wrong thing to vaccinate against” because you have to keep re-vaccinating against it every year, unlike childhood infectious diseases, such as smallpox, that are only vaccinated for once. Dr. Geier points out how ridiculous it is spend billions of dollars on a vaccine that might, at its best, save about 50 lives a year, when there are far more serious problems causing death that are more worthy of that kind of expenditure.

Mandatory Flu Vaccines for Healthcare Workers Violates HIPAA Law in the U.S.

Dr. Karen Sullivan Sibert, MD, points out that the government mandate in Los Angeles County for healthcare workers who refuse to take an annual flu shot to wear a mask while on duty violates the HIPAA privacy law. She points out that hospitals are not requiring patients’ visitors and families to provide evidence of flu vaccination or wear masks, though they go in and out of patient care areas at will.

Dr. Sibert, it should be noted, is not anti-vaccine, but pro-vaccine. Read More.

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