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It has been about four years now since the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a law passed by the U.S. Congress in 1986 preventing consumers from suing pharmaceutical companies for damages due to vaccines. Prior to 1986, it was not profitable for most pharmaceutical companies to manufacture vaccines due to sheer volume of lawsuits resulting from damages. So the pharmaceutical industry basically blackmailed Congress by stating they would stop manufacturing vaccines altogether unless they had legal immunity from vaccine-injured people suing them. Congress obliged, and the Supreme Court upheld the law after a couple of decades of challenges.

Now, with free license to dump as many new vaccines into the marketplace as they choose, the amount and rates of vaccines in the U.S. have exploded. So too have the criminal activities of vaccine producers.

The latest case of criminal activity reported by mainstream media sources this week involved Iowa State University HIV vaccine researcher Dong-Pyou Han. Han confessed to fraudulently injecting samples of rabbit blood with human antibodies to make an experimental HIV vaccine appear to have great promise, and earn $19 million in grant money (funded by your tax dollars) from the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

So what was widely reported as “promising” research in developing a vaccination to prevent HIV turned out to be completely bogus.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time vaccine research has been falsified resulting in criminal charges.

In 2011, Danish vaccine researcher Poul Thorsen, author of numerous papers stating that there was no link between vaccines and autism, was indicted on 13 counts of wire fraud and 9 counts of money laundering. He had received millions of dollars (from your taxes) from the CDC which was diverted into his personal bank accounts to finance houses, motorcycles, and automobiles. He is still at large, and his research is still relied upon by the CDC to make the claim that vaccines do not cause autism.

These are two examples of cases that have been brought to trial and are acknowledged by the mainstream media. How much more fraud and criminal activity could be behind vaccine research and production? Since gaining legal immunity in civil court from prosecution in 1986, it is very difficult to determine this.

Dr. Brian Hooker’s Investigations into Vaccine Fraud


Dr. Coleen Boyle of the CDC testifies under oath before Congress in November 2012 that the body of evidence shows there is no connection between mercury in vaccines and autism.

One private citizen who has taken on the task of researching vaccine fraud is Dr. Brian Hooker. The father of a vaccine-damaged child, and himself a PhD scientist, he found strong evidence that the mercury preservative Thimerosal contained in vaccines was a causative factor in autism. He also suspected that the CDC had access to such research, but was not revealing it.

He sent in over 100 Freedom of Information Acts over a 10 year period to the CDC, but got no results. Finally, earlier this year (2014), with the help of some members of Congress, he finally received documents showing that the CDC did in fact have evidence showing a connection between mercury in vaccines and autism, and that this information was withheld from the public (see: CDC Caught Hiding Data Showing Mercury in Vaccines Linked to Autism). Congressional investigations are still pending, but so far no one has taken on the CDC in a lawsuit.

Vaccine Criminal Negligence and More Fraud

Sadly, fraudulent research is not the only criminal activity that manufacturers and distributors of vaccines participate in. Barely a week goes by without some new news story regarding vaccine criminal activity, whether negligence or fraud. Here are a few stories hitting the presses at the time of this writing:

GSK Flu Vaccines are Contaminated – The FDA has warned that a GlaxoSmithKline plant in Canada that makes the flu vaccine FluLaval failed to take appropriate steps to prevent microbiological contamination of products, among other violations.

Novartis Offices Searched in Italy Flu Vaccine Probe – “Italian police searched two of the company’s sites as part of a probe into possible fraud related to the purchase of the vaccines by the Health Ministry, one for a pandemic in 2009, according to an e-mailed statement from the police.”

Big Pharma Bribery Scandal in China – “One of the world’s largest drug producers, GSK is alleged to have spent $488 million bribing medical practitioners and government officials, in order to boost sales. It is also accused of evading over $16 million dollars in taxes and artificially inflating drug prices.”

Flu Vaccines are the Most Dangerous Vaccines Based on Settled Cases

The yearly flu vaccine represents the most lucrative class of vaccines in the pharmaceutical industry, due to repeat customers every year. So it is not surprising to find that many of the criminal cases and activities are related to flu vaccines. The CDC has been exposed as exaggerating annual flu cases and deaths in order to sell more flu vaccines, but this is never reported in the mainstream media (see: CDC Caught Red-Handed Exaggerating Flu Cases and Deaths to Increase Vaccine Sales).

Since pharmaceutical companies have total legal immunity from being sued by consumers of flu vaccines in civil court, all cases must be tried in a special federal “vaccine court” where tax-funded government attorneys fight to prevent payouts to victims. Yet in spite of this difficult and lengthy procedure, where it can take 3 years or more to prove a vaccine damage or death, the most cases awarded damages due to vaccines, by far, are awarded to victims of the flu vaccine. Many of these cases are for paralysis due to Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a known side effect of the flu vaccine which is listed in the package insert. (See: Guillain Barré Syndrome is #1 Side Effect of Vaccine Injury Compensations due to Flu Shots)

The flu vaccine package inserts have many dangerous side effects listed, and also precautions regarding who may be at risk. However, they are routinely dispensed like candy in chain drug stores all across the United States, injected into the entire population from birth to senior citizens. They are mandated as a condition for employment for most healthcare workers, and soon many other employers may also mandate them as a condition for employment. (See: New Market Ahead for Flu Vaccines: Mandatory Flu Shots for Employment to Expand Outside of Healthcare)

Be Informed – Don’t Become a Statistic of this Criminal Activity!

No matter what side of the vaccine debate you are on, be assured that the statistics clearly show that this is first and foremost a lucrative business in the United States, with incredibly increasing criminal activity involved. That business, supported by laws and legal protection in the United States, is seeking to squash freedom of speech regarding the dangers of vaccines, and pass more laws leading to mandatory vaccinations for you and your children to increase their market. If you do not want to become a statistic and victim in this criminal activity, you will need to do your own research and take necessary precautions.

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