Measles Mortality Rates Timeline and Vaccine Introduction

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Almost every time an outbreak of a disease occurs in the U.S. for which a vaccine exists, people who refuse vaccines are automatically blamed for the outbreaks. Unfortunately, this blame is based on belief in vaccine doctrine more than on data and science. Most of the world’s top vaccine manufacturers are based out of the U.S. and heavily invest in advertising in the mainstream media. Therefore, questioning the effectiveness of vaccines is seldom, if ever, covered in the U.S. media.

So once again, we turn to media outside the U.S. to find news questioning the effectiveness of vaccines. I am not referring to the alternative media that takes an anti-vaccine stance (as we do), but pro-vaccine mainstream media that generally accepts the standard dogma regarding vaccines, but notices they don’t always work as advertised, and actually report on it.

The first report is from Europe, where a new whooping cough vaccine is being developed. From the article:

Why test a new vaccine against whooping cough, when a vaccine already exists? The World Health Organisation has noticed a global upsurge in whooping cough cases. This disease now accounts for 20 to 40 million cases and for about 200,000 casualties per year across the world. In the USA, the highest number of cases in 60 years was recorded in 2012, with more than 48,000 cases. There is a similar trend in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan and Australia… This upsurge is attributed to a limited long-term efficacy of the traditional vaccine delivered during childhood. As a result, teenagers and adults catch whooping cough and infect infants, who are much more sensitive to the disease. (Source.)

So the current whooping cough vaccine doesn’t work. This is common knowledge in most of the world, but when outbreaks of whooping cough occur here in the U.S., the unvaccinated population is blamed anyway. The fact that the outbreaks occur among those who have received the vaccine is almost never reported, despite the fact that even here in the U.S. media, the limitations and failures of the whooping cough vaccine have been reported, including a recent FDA study. (See: FDA Pertussis Vaccine Study Shatters Illusion of Vaccine-Induced Immunity)

Next, let’s take a look at measles outbreaks and the measles vaccine. A story published this week in the Australian Canberra Times reported:

WHILE Australia is one of 10 countries to declare itself measles-free, the confirmed case of the virus in the ACT in December revealed a small weakness in the nation’s measles vaccination program. Those aged between 20 and 40 are the most susceptible to measles among vaccinated Australians.

The latest case involved a vaccinated ACT woman in her 30s who was exposed to the virus via an overseas visitor to a Sydney dance party. Having missed out on natural immunity through exposure to the virus – an immunity most older Australians have – younger adults are likely to have received only a single dose of the vaccine, which is now routinely administered twice. (Source.)

So here we have a pro-vaccine mainstream media source in Australia reporting on the fact that people vaccinated for the measles are coming down with the measles, due to the ineffectiveness of older vaccines.

Notice what else they reported: “Having missed out on natural immunity through exposure to the virus….” The effectiveness of natural immunity (via contacting the disease as opposed to being vaccinated against it) versus vaccine antibodies is almost never discussed (you can listen to Dr. Tenpenny discuss it in the video below).

One reason why it is probably never discussed, is because the logical conclusion would lead to the fact that most of these diseases would probably already have been eliminated if we had let natural immunity take its course, and that we are actually seeing a resurgence in these diseases because of vaccines, not because some portion of the population has refused vaccines. No, reporting that would be bad for the vaccine business, very bad.

As you can see from the graph above, the belief that measles was nearly eliminated by the measles vaccine does not represent the data. For an excellent discussion of the measles vaccine and its (in)effectiveness, including references to peer-reviewed studies, see  Outbreaks of Measles in Vaccinated Children Intensifying by Dr. Viera Scheibner (PhD).


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