10 Different Ways to Eat Coconut Cream Concentrate (aka “Coconut Butter”)

by Sarah Shilhavy
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Coconut Cream Concentrate, also known as “coconut butter” is a nut butter-like spread made from coconut. Like many nut butters, it often separates into two layers: solid, and oil. It may have to be mixed thoroughly before consuming. Even if the Coconut Cream Concentrate (for short: CCC) gets completely rock hard at colder temperatures, this is easily fixed by gently heating the entire jar using hot water and simply mixing back in (watch the video below to see how it’s done).

You can also use the same method to adjust the consistency of this unique product anywhere from a liquid to a thick, creamy spread. Just remove from heat and stir every couple minutes to avoid heating past the consistency point you’re going for.

Coconut Cream Concentrate definitely should have a place in every coconut lover’s pantry. Since it is 100% coconut, it also has a substantial amount of coconut oil, making it perfect for those who are looking for more creative ways to get coconut oil into their diets.

The only question left is, how many different ways can you use it? Aside from enjoying it by the spoonful or eating it on pastries, here are just 10 of the countless, creative ways you can use this delicious coconut butter:

1. Make Coconut Bark Candy


Prepared by Sarah Shilhavy, Photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy

CCC’s unique personality of melting down to a liquid then solidifying into a creamy, crunchy, white chocolate-like bark is best taken advantage of with a recipe like the Better Than Candy Nut Crunchies. This is an easy, no bake, no cook candy that anyone can make in just a few minutes. Get creative and crazy with the mix-ins!

2. Use Coconut Cream Concentrate as a Flour Substitute 

Flourless _Coconut_Lemon_Cookies

Flourless Coconut Lemon Cookies recipe.

Coconut Cream Concentrate has a lot of fiber, and its meaty, grainy texture makes it a great stand in for flour in recipes like these Flourless Lemon Coconut Cookies. To use it in recipes like this, cut back on the liquid a bit and try an approximate 1:1 ratio CCC to flour. The finished product will be very rich, and very delicious.

3. Make an Easy Piña Colada


Piña Colada recipe.

Piña Coladas take the classic flavors of coconut and pineapple and put them together to make a sweet, summery drink which you can easily duplicate in this easy, frosty drink with Coconut Cream Concentrate. If you’re worried about the CCC clumping up, melt it down first and pour it into your drink as it blends in the blender.

4. Dress up Some Veggies with Coconut Cream Concentrate


Magic Sauce and Dressing recipe.

Coconut Cream Concentrate is too good to only be used in sweet recipes. The Magic Sauce and Dressing recipe is two recipes in one, being both a salad dressing and dip for fresh vegetables and chips.

 5. Make Coconut Butter Cups



Coconut Butter Cups recipe.

Nut butter filled chocolate cups are a lot easier to make at home than you’d think. The Coconut Butter Cups use Coconut Cream Concentrate with just a touch of another nut butter of your choice as the filling, but you can do 100% coconut if you so choose. The CCC is so sweet on its own that you won’t need to add any sweetener.

6. Eat Coconut Cream Concentrate with Oatmeal



Coconut-Lime Breakfast Oatmeal recipe.

Oatmeal can get boring when eaten plain, but with the addition of lime and coconut in this Coconut Lime Breakfast Oatmeal, you’ll find it to be far from boring. If you don’t have time to make fancy oatmeal, just add a spoonful of CCC to your regular oatmeal to increase the filling and flavor factors.

7. Try Your Hand at Truffle Making with Coconut Cream Concentrate


Matcha and Coconut Butter Truffles recipe.


Impressive to look at and seemingly daunting to make, certain chocolate truffles are another deceptive treat that isn’t as hard to make as it may look. CCC is mixed with matcha, a Japanese green tea powder to make a very unique and naturally colorful homemade candy that’s easy enough for a beginning candy maker to try out.

8. Make a 5 Minute Chocolate Fix

Quick Chocolate Coconut Pudding-Fudge photo

Prepared by Sarah Shilhavy, Photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy


Prepared by Sarah Shilhavy, Photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy

The Quick Chocolate Pudding/Fudge is another two-recipes-in-one deal. Even better, it takes only a few minutes to make. CCC is the star of this recipe, transforming just a small handful of ingredients into a smooth, velvety, insanely rich, no-bake and no-cook pudding that you can either eat right on the spot or chill until it hardens into a soft, creamy fudge. This sweet treat is every bit as good as it looks and sounds.

9. Try Coconut Cream Concentrate in Melty, Healthy, Citrus Bites

quick_ lemon_coconut_candy_recipe_photo

Prepared by Sarah Shilhavy, Photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy

The Quick Lemon Coconut Bites (includes how-to video) are another good example of how versatile CCC can be. To get the perfect texture in the finished product, soften the CCC to a peanut butter-like texture and then mix everything up. The end result will be a smooth, creamy, firm truffle/cookie dough like bite bursting with tart, sweet lemon. Use a little cookie scoop to get the same look for your candies.

 10. Jazz Up a Hot Drink with Coconut Cream Concentrate



Prepared by Sarah Shilhavy, Photo by Jeremiah Shilhavy

Finally, adding Coconut Cream Concentrate to hot drinks is a great idea. Here, it is used in a Spiced Coconut Mocha that will be better than the stuff you pay for at the coffee shops, but it doesn’t have to be limited to mochas. Use it in any drink that could use some extra flavor and creaminess!

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