Supreme Court Orders Government to Respond in German Homeschoolers Asylum Case

Home School Legal Defense Association

The Supreme Court ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to respond in writing to Home School Legal Defense Association’s petition on behalf of the Romeikes.

After fleeing persecution for homeschooling in Germany in 2008, the Romeike family was granted asylum by Immigration Judge Lawrence O. Burman in 2010. The Obama administration revoked their asylum in 2012 and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the administration’s position saying that Germany was merely enforcing a general law regarding truants. HSLDA appealed to the Supreme Court on October 10, 2013.

“We are pleased by the Court’s interest in the issues we have presented in our petition,” said HSLDA Chairman Michael Farris. “Romeike v. Holder gives the Court an opportunity to address important religious freedom and human rights issues. We hope that after due consideration of the government’s brief they will agree to hear our case.”

Reason to Hope

Over 10,000 appeals are made to the Supreme Court each year, but only about 80 are heard. HSLDA Director of Litigation and Senior Counsel James R. Mason said he is hopeful.

“The government initially waived its right to respond, apparently thinking that Romeike v. Holder wasn’t worthy of the Court’s consideration,” Mason said. “Clearly someone in the Supreme Court disagrees. While the odds of the Court taking any case are very low, this has increased the chances—but it is impossible to predict whether the court will ultimately accept the case.”

“We are extremely grateful for the work of HSLDA in support of our family,” said Uwe Romeike. “We thank everyone who participated in the day of prayer and fasting and rejoice in this answered prayer. We hope that the Supreme Court will hear our appeal and that we may be able to stay here. America is a land of freedom, and we cannot go back to Germany where our children will be taken from us just because we homeschool.”

In its order, the Supreme Court gave the Attorney General until December 19 to respond. However, if an extension is asked for and granted, final briefing might not be completed until February.

Focus on Germany

HSLDA hopes that Romeike v. Holder will help bring attention to the harsh treatment homeschooling families face under Germany’s national policy. German courts have handed out fines, authorized the seizure of children, and blocked families who homeschool from emigrating.

“Germany’s treatment of homeschoolers violates its international treaty obligations and human rights standards that establish the primary role of parents—versus governments—in selecting the kind of education their children should receive,” said Mike Donnelly, HSLDA’s director for international affairs. “German policy makers need to update their laws to respect these international human rights and protect basic freedom in education. HSLDA is working with German homeschooling advocates and others to achieve this goal.”

We are grateful to each of you who took part in the recent day of prayer and fasting and who support our work on behalf of homeschooling freedom for the Romeikes and all families. Join us in thanking God for His mercy and faithfulness, and please continue to pray for this case and for Uwe, Hannalore, and their children.

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President Obama’s Double Standard on Illegal Immigration

An immigration judge ruled that Obama’s uncle could stay here even though he came to the United States illegally. (The White House previously denied that the President even knew the uncle. Now we found out that Obama lived with the uncle for a period during law school).

Of course, this is exactly the same level of judge that ruled that the Romeike family could stay in the United States for reasons of political asylum.

The Obama administration appealed that decision and successfully overturned the decision of the immigration judge.

Is the Obama administration going to appeal this decision of an immigration judge? Why the disparity?

Plainly stated, why does this Administration help a wide array of illegal immigrants and then go out of their way to attack this one homeschooling family? We deserve a real answer.

The Romeikes deserve freedom.


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