Raw milk vending machines, such as this on in France, are popping up all over Europe. Photo courtesy of cernlove.org

by Vince Hundt


If raw milk is so dangerous, why is it that you can buy raw milk anywhere, including out of vending machines within two blocks of the United Nations World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland? And why can you buy it everywhere else in Switzerland? Don’t those Swiss know they are putting their dairy industry in great danger?

Someone is going to get sick and, poof, that would be the end of the Swiss chocolate business. By the way, the Swiss, who have been consuming unpasteurized milk in those mountains for 1,000 years, have the second-longest life expectancy in the world after only Japan, another place where you can buy raw milk in stores.

And how about those foolish French? You know, the people with the lowest incidence of heart disease, the third-highest life expectancy and the highest consumption of raw milk in the Western world?

The French culture is famous for how it knows and appreciates good food. The French buy raw milk in supermarkets, at farmers markets, on street corners and out of vending machines all over the country every day of the year. Incidentally, the French dairy industry is even bigger than Wisconsin’s dairy industry. Take raw milk away from them, and you would have rioting in the streets.

No one has died from drinking raw milk in the United States in 50 years. Go ahead, Google it. And then Google the Swiss study of 16,000 children (Gabriela study) that revealed that children who drink raw milk are 48% less likely to have problems with allergies and asthma than those who are raised without it. Think about those numbers. How much would American mothers pay for a pill that reduced the chances of their children having these serious health problems by 50%? The drug companies would kill to have a drug like that.

There are 7 billion people on the planet, most of them raised on raw milk.

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Vince Hundt is a farmer from Coon Valley, Wisconsin