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Just as Hawaii was the focal point of bringing the U.S. into the conflict during World War II, so today it appears that it is the focal point in the agricultural war of the 21st century. Hawaii today is the centerpiece for two vastly contrasting methods of producing food: the development of genetically engineered seeds and the development of Korean Natural Farming. Both systems of agriculture boast of methods that can feed the world’s population, but one side has a distinct advantage over the other.

Unfortunately, that advantage is not based on science or results, but based on politics and power. In the United States today, less than 1% of the population is involved in agriculture and feeding the other 99+%, and U.S. food production is controlled by a handful of corporations with incredible political protection.

Biotechnology, with genetically modified seeds as their centerpiece, has taken over the food supply of the United States. In a comprehensive report written by Food and Water Watch last month (May 2013), the U.S. State Department’s promotion of the biotech seed industry’s global agenda was revealed. Despite opposition to GM food in countries around the world, the U.S. Government has made it clear that they will do everything possible to promote their GM food global agenda. In 2011 Health Impact News reported on how the U.S. replaced sustainable agricultural practices in Iraq and Afghanistan with biotech’s model of global food production after they invaded and took over those countries (article here).

Hawaii, with its isolated and pristine ecosystems, is a perfect testing ground for the biotech’s testing and development of genetic engineering. The residents of Hawaii, though few in number, have observed and experienced the results of such testing.

Dylan Charles, of Waking Times, reports:

The front line in the fight against Monsanto and the reckless practices of genetically modified farming may be proving to be the island paradise of Hawaii. With such a relatively small population, the effects of GMO and Roundup Ready crops are having a disproportionately adverse effect on the environment and people of this small island chain, and the devastation it is causing is apparent.

Home to what used to be some of the world’s most pristine and fertile agricultural lands, Hawaii is now the global field center for the testing of genetically modified crops and is being severely poisoned as a byproduct.

GMO farming claims to boost agricultural output, but in reality, it is a way to boost the usage and sales of pesticides and herbicides by creating crops that are totally dependent on specific chemicals in order to produce any yield at all. GMO fields are places where massive amounts of toxic chemical are sprayed and distributed.

Hawaii is critical in the fight against GMO’s because major agricultural companies are using these scenic lands to test out new GMO crops, pesticides and herbicides, as well as for the production of GMO seed for distribution to other parts of the world. Hawaii has sadly become a large open-air laboratory where local communities are often maliciously under-informed of the dangers of what is taking place in the surrounding environment.

In the 1960’s Hawaii was even the testing ground for exfoliates including Agent Orange, which is still wreaking havoc on the health of those who have been exposed.

Many of the fields hosting GMO crops are located, literally, right across the road from schoolhouses, communities and traditional farms. People at work and play outdoors will watch in horror as chemical trucks show up and workers in full hazmat protective gear  begin spraying heavy quantities of toxic chemicals in the immediate vicinity of local schools and communities.

The idea that these deadly chemicals can be contained within their fields is an abject denial of basic environmental science and common sense, as winds and flood waters frequently reek of chemicals, carrying these toxic soups across the country side and into the Pacific Ocean.

The Hawai’i GMO Justice Coalition has produced a video: Stop Monsanto From Poisoning Hawai’i: Genetic Engineering Chemical Warfare

On the other side of the battle are farmers who have discovered a simple, traditional method of farming from Korea: Korean Natural Farming. Natural Farming was developed in Korea by Han Kyu Cho (“Master Cho”). Master Cho has been teaching Natural Farming for over 40 years and has trained over 18,000 people in 32 countries. He is director of the Janong Natural Farming Institute ( in Seoul South Korea.

Korean Natural Farming is about culturing a healthy climate for biology to thrive subsequently resulting in less effort for the farmer to grow the crops desired. Using all edible inputs derived from the study of natural fertility, Natural Farming can revitalize any land into a productive oasis.

Basis of Natural Farming

  • Weed Control & Soil Foundation
  • Plant Nutrient Applications
  • Pest Control

These farmers who have embraced this simple method of farming and demonstrated its effectiveness in Hawaii have formed a group called Natural Farming Hawaii. Their vision and mission statement:

Taking care of the land, soil, and EARTH. Hawai’i will be the model. We serve food producers – backyard farmers and ourselves.

We focus on family farms, future farmers, and the conversion of traditional commercial farmers to adopt Natural Farming as a means to promote awareness of healthy, prosperous, and sustainable agriculture in the state of Hawai’i, the nation and the world.

We perpetuate respect and strengthen ourselves and communities through Natural Farming food production through community centered model gardens and farms because Natural Farming improves lives for all life.

You can learn more about their group at their website: They have put together a simple slide presentation that can be viewed in just a few minutes explaining Natural Farming here.

This war is a classic David versus Goliath battle of epic magnitude, and most of the U.S. public is largely unaware of it. It could very well be said that what happens in Hawaii, could effect the future of food around the globe. This current battle could very easily overshadow the terrible consequences of Pearl Harbor and World War II, so many years ago. But this time, the battle is happening largely behind the scenes, with virtually no press coverage in the mainstream media. Could it be that World War III has already begun?

This is a battle of life. One side wants to destroy life via chemicals and pesticides, whereas one side wants to promote life via indigenous micro-organisms. Which side will win?

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