Rally in Baraboo Wisconsin for Raw Milk Farmer Vernon Hershberger
Photo by David Gumpert 

Health Impact News Editor Comments: Back in 2010 a bill supporting the sale of raw milk in the state of Wisconsin enjoyed bi-partisan support, passing both the State House and State Senate. Jim Doyle, the governor at the time, vetoed it, in what many observers feel was a caving in to the special interests of Big Dairy. Yet in spite of this overwhelming support and now a new governor, apparently a single Sate Senator is holding up the new bill in committee and calling its supporters “fringe.”

by Todd Welch
Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty

I spoke with Senator Schultz’s chief of staff about moving the Raw Milk bill out of his committee, and do you want to know what he told me?

“Sorry we do not listen to fringe groups” – Dale Schultz’s Chief of Staff, Todd Allbaugh

Fringe, huh? Are you a fringe person that does not deserve to be listened to?

Dale Schultz’s office seems to think so!

As you already know the fight for the legalization of Raw Milk is heating up in Wisconsin. Farmers are being criminalized and our freedoms are being taken away.

Even if you do not drink raw milk, this fight should be very important to you.

If they can criminalize milk then they can criminalize other natural foods that they deem a threat to the establishment.

How long until they regulate your local farmers market?

You and I need to stand up and stop this nonsense right now!

Right now Senator Dale Schultz is stopping the legalization of Raw Milk. Senate Bill 108 has been stuck in his committee on Agriculture, Forestry, and Higher Education since May 26th 2011.

Why will Senator Dale Schultz not bring S.B. 108 up for a vote? Why will he not give the people of Wisconsin the freedom to choose what they drink?

Because of Senator Dale Schultz’ inaction, Amish raw milk farmer Vernon Hershberger faces maximum penalties of $13,000 in fines or 2 1/2 years in jail.

Does that sound like freedom to you?

As I have said before, what this really comes down to is individual rights. Do you own your body or does the government? Do you own your property or does the government?

I need you to call and email Senator Dale Schultz right now at 608-266-0703, Sen.Schultz@legis.wisconsin.gov.

Because of Senator Dale Schultz’s inaction,  Amish raw milk farmer Vernon Hershberger is faced with the possibility of going to jail for up to three years!

Ask him why he is standing against the freedom of Wisconsinites. Demand that he bring S.B. 108, the Raw Milk bill, up for a vote immediately and move it out of his committee.

If you own your body and your property, then the government has no right to tell you what you can and cannot consume. If you own your property then the government has no right to tell you what you can or cannot sell on your own property to willing consumers.

If they can stop you from drinking and selling raw milk then how long will it be before they come after your local farmers market?

Call and email Senator Dale Schultz right away at 608-266-0703, Sen.Schultz@legis.wisconsin.gov.

Tell him to stop standing against your freedom and bring Senate Bill 108 up for a vote right now!


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