by Tim Bolen
The Bolen Report

Probably one of the most EXPENSIVE Public Relations campaigns in the history of Planet Earth began today when the worldwide vaccine industry makes its final desperate moves to try to stop the United Nations from banning, completely, in a binding treaty, the use of the deadly poison mercury as a preservative (Thimerosal) in vaccines  today injected into 96.2% of children worldwide.

If the UN actually does ban the use of Thimerosal, and it certainly should, then it appears that the vaccine industry will completely collapse.  There are those of us that think, quite correctly, that, that too, would be a VERY good thing.

The fifth session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to prepare a global legally binding instrument on mercury (INC5) will be held in Geneva, from 13 to 18 January 2013.  On the agenda is the removal of Thimerosal (49% mercury) from all medications worldwide – a move that any sane person would approve of.

But that removal is being challenged by the drug industry, an industry best understood by noting the attorneys advertising daily and nightly on television looking for victims of that same industry to represent in court.

More, one only needs to listen, with a shaking head, to drug advertising on television’s final words about the drug indicating that your eyes will pop out, your body parts will quit working, you’ll have a heart attack, your bones will dissolve, BUT, according to the visual depiction in the ad, you will be very sexually attractive while this is happening.

The screech “Experts say Thimerosal ban would imperil global health efforts” is, I think, just the first foray into the attempt to pressure UN delegates into dropping Thimerosal ban language at the final UN mercury conference.

The drug industry is at a disadvantage in this arena for none of its usual, customary, methods to influence decision makers get any traction with this group.  With the US Congress, for instance, they merely send in the usual 4,000 leering lobbyists (I am not exaggerating) dripping threats, offers of contributions, etc. to make their point.  With doctors, especially pediatricians, they simply, through their cadre of long-legged bouncy-boob ex-cheerleaders, offer exotic trips, lunches for the staff, etc.

But, at the UN, the delegates were made aware at INC2, that when Thimerosal was banned in childhood vaccines in the US, Canada, and selected European countries, those mercury-laced, filthy pus tubes were sent to THEIR countries, to be injected into THEIR children.  And now, of course, those countries have worse Autism, and other neurological disorders than the US, to deal with.


So, you ask, why wouldn’t the drug industry just REMOVE Thimerosal from vaccines?

I know the answer to this question – and so do you.   There are two parts:

We are dealing here with an industry that has a continuous history of death and destruction drugs for profit.  They know that through one form of bribery or another, that they can pretty much get ANYTHING APPROVED by the US government agencies designated to protect the public.  They know that no matter what they do, even if tens of thousands die (Vioxx?), that the penalties imposed on them by those agencies represent only a token percent of their humongous profits on each of those drugs.

(1)  The one part of their business that they knew would destroy them if they had to assume full liability for their dangerous products is vaccines.  Vaccines are SO BAD, so putrid, untested, preposterous in their claims, death and injury wielding that the drug lords wouldn’t even attempt to market them unless they could, somehow, convince Congress to give them immunity to lawsuits over vaccines.  They had to be ecstatic when Congress actually did that.

If Thimerosal was removed from vaccines, worldwide, no doubt, neurological issues in new children would nearly vanish for the next generations.  The lawsuits against the industry, despite the existing laws, would never end.  And, those lawsuits wouldn’t just be from individuals – they’d be from whole countries, states, school districts, you-name-it.  That would be the very bloody end of the entire pharmaceutical industry – probably forever.

(2) It wouldn’t surprise anyone if it were suggested that, perhaps, mercury was intentionally introduced into vaccines to cause behavioral symptoms, etc. that could, and would, be treated by other drugs?

Drugs like Risperdal, for instance, which, we all know, due to the lawsuits, is problematic.  More, there is a whole list found here, none of which, by the way, are “Approved” for Autism, used for vaccine-damage cleanup.  And, the drug lords are rolling in money.  Bathing in money.  At our children’s expense.


I have to hand it to the Geiers and their friends…

In short, it is THEY who have driven the vaccine industry to desperation.  Last May of 2011 I wrote:

Who are these Geier guys?

In short, they are the nemesis of the world-wide vaccine industry.

(1) Last January 27th, 28th, 29th, 2011 the Geiers, along with their colleague Lisa Sykes attended, by invitation as an official NGO, the United Nations Environment Programme – Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee to prepare a global legally binding instrument on Mercury (INC2). There, they officially presented, to the shocked international delegates, convincing evidence that mercury in vaccines, HAS NOT actually been removed, and represents a serious threat to the people of Planet Earth. The Geiers have since been invited to present again at the next conference in Nairobi, Kenya, in October, 2011.

(2) The Geiers have been a mainstay in the State legislative actions banning Thimerosal in vaccines across the US, and the world. More than half of the States are involved in Thimerosal ban legislation. Already, New York, Delaware, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, California, and Washington state have legislated those bans.

(3) The Geiers, through their non-profit corporation CoMeD, recently sued the FDA for, as attorney Bob Reeves says, “The failure of the FDA to follow their own regulations and require testing for the safety of vaccines.”

(4) Press Releases – the Geiers, through their organizations, have issued Press Releases documenting mercury in vaccine issues. There are five of them. You can read them by clicking on each one: One, Two,Three, Four, Five.

(5) Their peer reviewed studies, over a hundred, cover a broad range of Thimerosal caused issues including two extremely shocking revelations: (a) Thimerosal in vaccines is 300 times more toxic to the human brain than the bacteria in the vaccines it is designed to destroy, (b) there is a Thimerosal substitute that is twenty times more destructive to bacteria and it has NO affect on the human brain. You can find many of these published papers here.

(6) Mark Geier MD testifies in Vaccine Court on behalf of brain damaged children. Article.

(7) Both Geiers testified to the IOM on the problems of Thimerosal in vaccines. Testimony.

(8) Both Geiers have been active attempting to force the US Center for Disease Control (CDC) to make vaccine adverse reaction data available to the public. The CDC will NOT let anyone see that data. Do you wonder why? Link.

(9) David Geier was appointed by the Governor of Maryland to the Maryland Commission on Autism, and as such, has significantly effected the quality of treatment recommendations offered to Autistic children in the State of Maryland.

(10) Mark and David Geier, because of their research into the question “Why do boys get Autism at a rate higher than girls,” found that Thimerosal interacts with testosterone, increasing it in children, causing “precocious puberty.” They then found that the use of the drug Lupron reduces those effects, and significantly reduces incidents of violence, and acting-out, in Autistic children, sometimes almost removing Autistic behavior.

(11) The Geiers set up, with every health insurance company in the US, pre-approved protocols, using Labcorp testing, for the use of Lupron, and the payment for that testing and that drug, directly to the lab and pharmacies on a case-by-case basis.

The Geiers, because of their activities, are a MAJOR thorn in the side of the vaccine industry.



What is the argument about?

Just below are written copies of two speeches delivered to the African Delegation of the UN Treaty.  They started the process of eliminating Thimerosal at the UN.  The vaccine industry was taken by surprise.  In short, the Africans were told that they were dumped on by the vaccine industry – that those vaccines rejected by the US, Canada, and Europe were injected into THEIR children.  Here are the letters.

The first from Mark Geier MD, PhD

“It is my honor to speak to you who are delegates and leaders from many nations in Africa. I am Dr. Mark Geier, from the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs. I hold both an MD and a PhD. My specialties include genetics and epidemiology. As an American physician, I treat 1500 patients who suffer from neurodevelopmental disorders, the result of mercury-containing vaccines. (Rev. Sykes’ son is one of my patients.) 

Thimerosal, half mercury by weight, is a form of organic mercury which has been used in vaccines since the 1930’s. Thimerosal, used as a preservative, is favored by the pharmaceutical industry because it is cheap and enables the industry to keep making vaccines in old and dirty factories. Sadly, Thimerosal also causes developmental problems, mental retardation and autism in mercury-sensitive children. Boys are more susceptible to mercury poisoning than girls, because testosterone amplifies the toxicity of this poison. Now I know you’ve been told there’s just a little bit of mercury in the vaccines. The issue is not the amount of mercury as much as its toxicity.

What you were not told is that for “this tiny amount” of mercury in one dose of vaccine to be safe, you would have to weigh 250 kg or 550 pounds, according to the US EPA. Yet, your infants may get not just one, but several doses of vaccine with Thimerosal, on a single doctor’s visit. If one speck of Thimerosal can poison an entire lake, then mere micrograms in even one dose of vaccine can derail the neurological development of an unborn or newborn child.

As a doctor, I am very concerned that if mercury is not removed from all vaccines, people are going to refuse vaccines for fear of mercury, thus needlessly exposing children to preventable infectious disease. Furthermore, in the developed world, using Thimerosal even on your skin, has been illegal for years. It defies logic that Thimerosal, which is illegal to put on your skin because it is so toxic, should still be permitted to be injected as part of a vaccine!

The US Public Health Service called for the urgent removal of Thimerosal from vaccines in 1999. While millions of doses of vaccine still contain full-dose Thimerosal, finally many vaccines are now available in mercury-free or mercury-reduced formulations in the United States. Children around the world, no matter their place of birth or their income level, deserve safe vaccines.

The practice of providing mercury-reduced and mercury-free vaccines to developed countries while insisting that developing nations take mercury-containing ones is wrong. I want your children to have safe vaccines just like I want all children to have safe vaccines. Mercury is an insidious poison, and the last place on earth it should be is in a shot intended for a child or pregnant woman.”

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Mark Geier, CoMeD, Inc.”

The second from the Rev Lisa Sykes:

“Mr. President, I am humbled to speak to you and this esteemed gathering today. I thank you, as well as UNEP and our host nation Japan, for this opportunity.

I am Rev. Lisa Sykes, the President of the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs, an NGO dedicated to reducing the mercury-exposure risks, for the unborn, infants, children, adolescents and adults, from all medical products.

I am also speaking on behalf of Sensible Action for Ending Mercury Induced Neurological Disorders (Safeminds) and its executive director, Lyn Redwood.

Together with my colleagues, I seek a world in which no mercury-based ingredient is knowingly added to any medicine. I recognize that organic mercury-based compounds, especially the antiquated pharmaceutical preservative Thimerosal, are a proven neurotoxic risk.

I acknowledge the pain, suffering, and worth of all those who are directly and indirectly impacted by medicines containing mercury. This includes my own son, Wesley, who was poisoned with Thimerosal from his vaccines prior to his second birthday, and is now disabled for life.

I understand that unnecessarily injecting products containing mercury, such as Thimerosal, into pregnant women, infants, and children, when safer, cost-effective preservatives are readily available, is an avoidable crisis.

I believe that, together, the nations can remove mercury from our medicines, especially vaccines which are vital, thus protecting all persons from unnecessary mercury exposure as well as from infectious disease.

As a United Methodist minister, who has authored my church’s Global resolution on “Protecting Children from Mercury-containing Drugs,” I know this is a moral as well as a diplomatic issue.

Both my Coalition and SafeMinds applauds the draft elements paper, which seeks to be a global, legally binding instrument on mercury, but we also recognize that to be comprehensive, it must prohibit mercury-containing vaccines and other drugs, in Annex C, under Mercury-Added Products.

Thank you, Mr. President.

Respectfully submitted by:

Rev. Lisa K. Sykes

President, CoMeD, Inc.

Ms. Lyn Redwood

Exec. Director,

Sensible Action for Ending Mercury-Induced Neurological Disorders

And so, here we are…

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