Health Impact News Editor Comments: Fox News reported this week that the Obama administration is investing your tax dollars to develop an Alzheimer’s vaccine. The vaccine will reportedly be tested on families in Colombia, according to Fox News. There will be studies done in the US also, but TV doctor Manny Alvarez did not elaborate on what kind of studies would be done in the US. Also, since Alzheimer’s Disease is now being recognized as a Type 3 diabetes, the Fox News doctor stated that they are also looking at injecting insulin through the nose. The doctor did mention in passing that it was not known if environmental factors could be involved in the development of Alzheimer’s, and that this “needs to be looked at.” But apparently such environmental factors are not included in the funding and research.

Alzheimer’s Disease reportedly affects 5.4 million Americans, so one can understand the incredible profits that can be made from an Alzheimer’s vaccine, which this report stated would probably be administered to people along with their flu vaccinations (although flu vaccinations have been shown to be ineffective for Seniors.) According to Voice of America, the organization heading up the research among healthy families in Colombia has received some criticism: “Addressing the ethical questions some critics have raised about testing drugs on healthy people in a poor developing country, Tariot says all of the study participants have been fully informed about the possibility that the drug might not work, or that they might get a placebo that does not contain crenezumab.” How about the possibility the experimental drug might harm them??

What is being ignored here is that diabetes is a condition that can be largely controlled by diet and lifestyle, which even many in the mainstream media are starting to report. But apparently there is no profit motive to invest your tax dollars on prevention. Also, we have widely reported here on the incredible effects people are seeing in using coconut oil with dementia and Alzheimer’s, but not even the Alzheimer’s Association is researching about coconut oil, despite being presented with the evidence for it as far back 2007. Coconut oil is a food and natural product, and therefore cannot be patented. The pharmaceutical industry is the largest lobbying force in the US Government today, so don’t expect anything besides drugs and vaccines to come out of Alzheimer’s research, much of which is done with your tax dollars.

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