The doctor tried to take her son from her arms, told her to be compliant, and said, ‘Your son will be receiving 14 vaccinations today.’ This didn’t happen in communist Russia. It happened here.

So I had a horrible experience today at a clinic with a doctor. We took Adam in for his 2 year well visit so that if he ever needed a doctor for a sick visit we could take him in. We selectively vaccinate and haven’t done any since he was 2 months old.

The student doctor is the one who did the actual check up. He took a history and kept commenting on how advanced Adam was. He was surprised that we were still breastfeeding but didn’t seem turned off by it—more curious then anything. Was happy to hear Adam was still RF. Then he asked about vaccines and asked if he was up to date. That’s when I explained that no he wasn’t and we weren’t doing any more until we further researched it.

He finished up and said Adam was very healthy and everything was good and he just had to have his boss sign off on the chart and we would be out of there.

We waited 30 minutes and the student doctor and the pediatrician finally walk in the exam room. The pediatrician doesn’t even look at me or speak to me. Instead they go to his chart and are talking back and forth and the student doctor is nodding and writing things down. That’s when the pediatrician turns to me and asks, “Has he had any vaccinations at all?”

I responded, “He’s had a few at birth but none since.” He turns back to the student and tells him something and he writes it down. Then the student doctor tried to take my son from my arms, and as he was reaching for him the pediatrician tells me, “Your son will be receiving 14 vaccinations today, Mrs. Ramsey.”

Yes, you read that correctly: FOURTEEN in ONE day.

I instinctively pull my son back to me and tell him no, we do not want any vaccines. The pediatrician goes on to tell me that everything i’ve read online about autism isn’t true. I respond that’s not why we aren’t vaccinating.

He says to me “You are going to kill your son. You don’t want to be responsible for killing this little boy do you Mrs. Ramsey?”

Before I could respond he nods to the student doctor, who steps forward to try to take Adam out of my arms again. I pull back and am backed literally into a corner at this point and shaking. The pediatrician goes on about how I am not thinking of the best interest of my child and how I’m going to kill him and that he will be getting the vaccines today and more every month until he is up to date in full.

His voice is beginning to raise by now and the look on his face is stern. “This is for the best Mrs Ramsey so be compliant,” he says to me as for a 3rd time the student doctor tries to take Adam from my arms, this time a little more assertively. The student doctor looked as white as a sheet but like he was doing what he had to do because of what his boss was telling him. He looked young enough to be wet behind the ears.

I’m standing in a corner, in a room the size of a box with these 2 men trying to take my child and vaccinate him against my will. I hold onto Adam as the student doctor is trying to take him from my arms and Adam begins to cry and cling to me. I’m shaking, I’m afraid and Adam can sense this. I put both arms around Adam and bring his head towards my bosom to protect him and I pull bravery from somewhere.

“He will NOT be vaccinated. You will not be putting poison in my son.” I stammered, shaking like a leaf but I held strong. The pediatrician glared at me.

“Well,” he says clearly irritated,”If you aren’t going to comply, then you leave me no choice. Not only will you not be allowed back at this clinic but I will be reporting you to child protective services. You are endangering your child.”

I didn’t wait for him to say anything more, I pushed past them and walked out. As I’m walking down the hall as fast as possible, with Adam screaming scared to death and me shaking like mad, he hollers after he “You’re going to be sorry for letting Google be your doctor!!!”

I walked faster and got out of there as fast as I could.

Not once did this doctor ask me why we weren’t vaccinating. Whether it be medical reason, religious belief, personal belief, he never bothered to even ask. Not once did I say I did my research “online” or with “google” as he insinuated. In fact he treated me as some insubordinate, uneducated, ignorant, abusive parent.

They tried three times to remove my child from my arms after I told them NO. They were willing to vaccinate my child against my will, my beliefs, or .. wait a minute … they didn’t even know what they were going against because, once again, they never bothered to ask me why I don’t vaccinate.

Last but not least they were going to give him fourteen vaccinations in his tiny 24 pound body at once!

  • This is what they call medical professionals??!
  • This is how you are treated for not being a sheeple and shuffling along quietly like the rest of the community?
  • This is how you are treated for putting a doctor, a mere mortal as you with a diploma, in his place and not on a pedestal as a god or superior.

How can these doctors think so highly of themselves to assume they know what is better for a child than his own mother? When they have known the child for no more than five minutes? The child’s medical history is crystal clear and he is thriving. The child, obviously well taken care of, healthy, clean, free of bruises or signs of abuse. Advanced for his age, happy and well rounded. This child that I have nursed since birth, whom I would fight for to the death. Who doesn’t eat Mc Donalds because I’m conscience of what I put in his body. Who rides rear facing because I’m aware of the dangers of vehicular collisions—for which, by the way, the odds far surpass the odds of dying from an illness from being unvaccinated.

This further cements my belief that the medical community is no more than a business out to make a buck. Most doctors no longer care about their patients and instead see them as a chart number, a dollar sign, a science experiment. They do not have our children’s or our best interests at heart like they claim. The oath that they swore evaporates into the wind as their heads swell with arrogance. I hold firm to the belief that I am doing what is best for my child.

It is okay to not be sure about something, to be cautious in making the right choice for your child. This doesn’t make you a bad or unfit parent. It is okay to research on your own, to be knowledgeable, and to tell doctors NO. They are human just as us. They make mistakes—they call it practice for a reason. Beyond that it is your legal right to not vaccinate your child—your freedom as an American citizen. I leave you with some ads from physicians:


Alisha Lynn Ramsey originally published this piece under the title C’mon Sheeple! Light up another Camel! In her blog, Adventures in Crunchy, she describes herself and approach to life with her husband and children this way:

I am a marine wife with 3 wonderful children. I was a mainstream parent that converted over to crunchy after the birth of my latest son and continue to embrace more of the crunchy lifestyle. I practiced natural birthing and I breastfeed and plan on extended breastfeeding until self weaning, whenever that may be. My husband is a wonderful supporter and my biggest fan. We cloth diaper and co-sleep. We don’t believe in “crying it out”. We both baby wear and believe strongly in attachment parenting. We ERF. We selectively vax and use homeopathic remedies over modern medicine. We try to avoid antibiotics and we believe breast milk can cure pretty much anything and if it can’t, something in nature can.

Read the entire article and comment here:

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