By: Linda So

If you like to eat sugary foods, it could be more than a sweet tooth. Those cravings could be a sugar addiction.

Jason Bosley-Smith, a nutrition coordinator for the Maryland Athletic Club says, “If someone’s craving sugar frequently and if they tend to binge on sugary foods, that could really be a sign of having a sugar addiction.”

Bosley-Smith says the average adult consumes 22 teaspoons of sugar a day. He’s hosting a workshop called “Sugar Smackdown” to help people beat sugar cravings.

The first thing he recommends is don’t shy away from fatty foods. He says, “So what you want to try to do is have enough dietary fat that will prevent you from feeling like you’re hungry all the time and for a lot of people if you have those sugar cravings, eating a little bit of fat with raw nuts or coconut oil you can cook with will cut those cravings for sugar.”

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