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Of virgin coconut oil.
From a skeptic’s point of view!

I first learned about virgin coconut oil when I was reading a book about giving massages. The author recommended VCO as a very good massage oil, so I went out and purchased some.

On the label of the VCO container medicinal uses were mentioned. A search on the Internet brought up all kinds of information and I got myself a general education about VCO. Good for a multitude of things that might ail a person, I was intrigued to the point of wanting to learn more…

I read about how VCO could reduce one’s belly fat, could change the dependency on insulin for diabetics and a host of other things. Being a Type1 Diabetic due to an injured pancreas I have to take 34 units of Humalog (an insulin mix) twice daily. When I read that VCO could restore some of the pancreas’ insulin production capabilities, I decided to run an experiment. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I started ingesting VCO by the teaspoon on January 1st 2011. As the first week of the New Year progressed I started eating VCO on toast, in my cereal and by the spoon full. All week my glucose levels seemed to be getting lower than what I was used to, but I kept “shooting myself with the prescribed 34 units of Humalog morning and evening.

On Friday January 7th my morning glucose was 104, I had my usual breakfast: 1 boiled egg and two slices of raisin bread toast with VCO spread and my shot of Humalog. Ellen had noticed that my energy level was higher than normal all week and that I seemed to have lost some weight as my pants “were falling down”. We had a normal lunch on that Friday: grilled cheese sandwich, mine made with coconut oil. Dinner was also normal: baked pork chops, fried (in olive oil) potatoes and apple sauce, glass of milk. Just before dinner I checked my GL and it was 142, so I shot myself, as per usual, with 34 units of Humalog as I was about to eat dinner and ingest food… An hour after dinner I got the shakes, started sweating like a dog and experienced the unmistakable signs of “crashing”. Ellen rushed to the kitchen got some OJ and my testing kit. My GL was 55! Say what? Impossible! It took a couple of glucose tablets, orange juice and some chocolate and after a half hour the “crash” signs diminished and I was back to normal. It was a rather scary experience as I’ve only crashed a few times in the last five years and never as violent as this last time. We went to bed at eleven that night and just before bedtime my GL was 113. Sleep tight!

Saturday morning January 8th I woke up with a GL of 102. Decided NOT to inject any Humalog, had my breakfast and went on with the day. The bathroom scale revealed that I had indeed lost a couple of pounds. Saturday evening, just before dinner my glucose level was 141. Remembering what happened the night before, I made the decision (with Ellen’s blessing) to shoot myself up with only 10 units of Humalog. Dinner was served. Later that evening Ellen and I shared an apple and just before we went to bed my glucose level was 117. All along I am ingesting VCO, by now about a tablespoon a day. Sunday morning the GL was 110 and I decided again to NOT shoot up.
Sunday night the GL was 138, again I did not partake of any Humalog. It is now January 15th and I have not taken ANY Humalog for six days, glucose levels appear to be below 130 and I feel TERRIFIC! The bathroom scale indicated this morning that I lost another pound and that weight loss is now visible in the belly region. Blink the Humalog, bring on the VCO! Through a mix-up at the Diabetes Care Club I ran out of test strips (to test my GL) on Monday the 10th. The last time I was able to check my GL it was 127 and I felt terrific.

It is now Sunday, January 16th. I have not taken any Humalog or been able to test myself since Monday morning on January 10th. I’m ingesting VCO at the rate of about a tablespoon a day. I still FEEL terrific! My stamina has improved, I have more energy and have lost 6 pounds! I cannot wait to receive test strips from the Diabetes Care Club, my gut says that I will be testing within normal limits…. Can’t wait to PROVE it!
It’s Monday January 17th , I did my breakfast (two slices of wheat walnut raisin bread, a boiled egg and just because it NEEDED ? to be eaten, half a cinnamon roll… Washed it all down with three cups of coffee, each cup with a half a teaspoon of sugar and some half and half. Went to work- full of energy and get-up and go. At eleven o’clock I thought I’d better go to the house for a mid-morning snack. UPS delivered the test strips just as I was walking to the house. OK… here we go… testing one, two, three and prick….beep-beep….drum roll: 113!! Talk about feeling GOOD!!

Just for the heck of it I pushed the buttons on my tester and found:
My seven day average was 113…
My fourteen day average was 128 (that’s two weeks on VCO, the first week with 68 units of Humalog each day, the next week NO Humalog…)
My thirty day average was 134….
Since I tested 113 I nibbled on a large dried fig that my friend sent from Turkey. As soon as I ate that fig I tested myself again: 133 …. Back to work! Ask me if I feel healthy! So far I lost seven pounds and the last time I felt this energetic was before the pancreatitis of nine years ago….

It is now Wednesday January 19th
Yesterday Ellen and I went to Carmel to repair a kiln. Just before lunch I started sweating a bit and felt a little “high” and sure enough when I tested myself my GL was 210. Better take a little bit of Humalog. 10 units. No problem at all! The coconut oil, overall is making a huge difference. I test myself three or four times a day and can tell when I’m low and when I’m high. I take Humalog as needed but no where near the 68 units I was taking before I started on the coconut oil! I still feel terrific and it appears I am still losing weight.

Sunday January 23rd
My system must have gotten used to the coconut oil and the much smaller amounts of Humalog I am now taking. On average I ingest a table spoon of VCO and 10 units of Humalog per day and STILL feel terrific! As of today my seven day average was 146, fourteen day average 145 and my thirty day average was 139…

Rogier Donker


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