by Dr. John Briffa
The Epoch Times


“One of the major points made in the paper is this: Cholesterol and fat are really important to the brain. It points out that although the brain is only about 2 percent of body weight, it contains about a quarter of the total cholesterol in the body. The authors point out several roles for cholesterol in the brain, including its function at the synapse—the gap where one cell can communicate with another. Communication here is via neurotransmitters, which are released by one nerve cell and float across the synaptic gap to exert the effect on the nerve adjacent to it. The authors summarize the importance of cholesterol in the brain: Cholesterol is required everywhere in the brain as an antioxidant, an electrical insulator (in order to prevent ion leakage); as a structural scaffold for the neural network; and a functional component of all membranes.”

“The reviewers point out that carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels, and sugar, either in the form of glucose or fructose, can damage tissues through the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). AGE damage can affect LDL cholesterol and impair its uptake into the brain. The authors of the review note also that individuals with Type 2 diabetes (who tend to have raised blood sugar levels) have a 2- to 5-fold enhanced risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It’s been suggested that the fundamental problem here is impaired cholesterol availability by the brain.”

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