Given that the general public doesn’t accept that vaccines can injure and yet, there are so many stories about vaccine-injuried children, I decided to start a list stories written by parents of their child’s vaccine injury.

This is only the very tip of the iceberg and stories that I know of off the top of my head.  In addition to these, I have heard accounts of many, many more. If you have a vaccine injury story, please share your story and/or a link to your blog so that I can add your story here. How many stories do we need to hear to start to believe the truth?

Vaccine injury: Death

Vaccine injury: Bedridden

Vaccine injury: Stopped breathing

Vaccine injury: Brain damage

Vaccine injury: Stroke

Vaccine injury: Autism Spectrum Disorder

Vaccine injury: Seizures / Epilepsy

Vaccine injury: Multiple Sclerosis

Vaccine injury: Lost consciousness

Vaccine injury: Brain swelling (encephalitis cries)

Vaccine injury: Increase of sickness and night terrors

Gardasil Vaccine injuries: Bedridden and Heart Inflammation

German Measles Vaccine Injury: Arthritis

Hepatitis B Vaccine Injury: Dehabilitating pain

More reading

The following books describe more accounts vaccine-injured children:

  • Jenny McCarthy’s Mother Warriors and Louder than Words
  • Verspoor and Smith’s Autism: The Journey Back

You can read more about the scientific literature that documents the negative effects of vaccinations here.

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