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Nabbout R et al. – ketogenic diet (KD) was beneficial on behavior disturbances including hyperactivity. This effect was reported in all responders and in a few nonresponders. KD might have a double effect, on seizure control and on hyperactivity and behavior disturbances in patients with Dravet syndrome(DS).


  • 15 DS patients aged >3 years with partial response to antiepileptic drugs(AEDs) including stiripentol were included prospectively.
  • All patients had a seizure diary and clinical examination with Conners and Achenbach scales before KD, at 1 month following onset and every 3 months thereafter.


  • At 1 month, 10 patients (66%) had a decrease of seizure frequency ≥75%.
  • Efficacy was maintained in 8 responders at 3 and 6 months and in 6 responders at 9 months.
  • 5 patients (33%) remained on KD over 12 months, and one was seizurefree.

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