Cow to Join Protesters and Offer Udderly Delicious Milk Tastings to the Crowd

Mrs. Moo Goes to Washington

by Kimberly Hartke

Rally for Food and Farm Freedom Takes Place Monday, May 16, 2011

Farmers will bring a dairy cow to Washington, D.C. this coming Monday, to do some lobbying of her own. The grass hungry (former) heifer will “demonstrate” that the 4 legged ruminants of the bovine race prefer to be fed on pasture, not in an industrial facility. She will then gift Upper Senate Park with a fertile layer of microbally alive manure in hopes of improving the Congressional ecosystem.

The Washington Post tipped the cow story on their blog yesterday. To the shock and awe of the FDA, within eyeshot of the Capitol Dome, people will partake of the udderly available milk which, as it happens is from out of state. But to our knowledge there is no law preventing an actual cow crossing state lines to feed her patrons, only farmers are forbidden to do so. So, this is a legal and peaceful action on the part of mother cow (with a little help from her farmer friends).

This blogger is still trying to uncover the identity of this activist cow, but apparently, her name is being closely guarded for fear of incurring injunction orders and interstate transportation bans. After all, she has a calf and farm family to feed back in her home state, and many folks depend on her for sustenance. She can’t afford to get on the FDA radar screen.

Congressman Ron Paul plans to put an end to raw milk hairsplitting, and has introduced legislation to actually allow U.S. citizens to be free to choose their own beverage, regardless of what state it comes from.

A cousin of the Amish farmer (who started this tempest in a milk jug), is planning to bicycle from Rockingham County, VA to Washington to raise financial support for the cause and attend the rally (that’s a looong way for those of you who don’t know). To follow Larry Alderfer Fisher’s wild raw milk ride (affectionately dubbed A Cold Cup) in twitter, follow @fusionentrprise.

If you would like to see the FDA out of your kitchen cupboards, and more cows luxuriating on green pasture, you are cordially invited to the raw milk ‘drink-in’ on Capitol Hill, this Monday, May 16 at 10:00am. Park your four wheels at Union Station and hoof it on over to join your fellow, grown up Americans, who don’t need Big Brother telling them what to ingest.

It is going to be quite a party, maybe rivaling the one in Boston Harbor two centuries ago…care for ‘fresh’ milk in your tea?

More details are available on The Twitter hashtag for the event is #rawmilkrally

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