September 26, 2023
Why Are Americans Allowing Mass Murderers and Criminals to Continue Running the Country? The “Gun Control” Issue Almost Nobody is DiscussingRead More
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Why Are Americans Allowing Mass Murderers and Criminals to Continue Running the Country? The Gun Control Issue Almost Nobody is Discussing

The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights of the United States is a hotly debated political topic today. It reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." The political debate around ...

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Push Back Against Doctors who Medically Kidnap Children Increases Nationwide

The pure evil that exists in the U.S. medical system was exposed to the whole world during the COVID scam, where novel new products were unleashed onto the public through "emergency orders" that ended up killing and maiming MILLIONS. But even before COVID, I have been warning the public about just ...

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The ruler on the throne. Illustration of art fantasy. Dark demon, skull face with the throne. Vector illustration

Since National U.S. Elections are Rigged by The Globalists, Why are You Voting for Their Candidates?

The "right to vote" in political elections is regarded as a sacred duty for most Americans, as this "value" is driven into our subconsciousness from our earliest ages through the educational system and mass media. The illusion that the public has actual choices to "vote" into office is a fairly recent ...

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PlanDemics are Impossible without FEAR - the Alternative Media is Doing Their Best to Keep the Culture of Fear Going with Fake Virus Propaganda

There are many ways to look back historically on the Great COVID Con that began in 2020, commonly referred to in the Alternative Media by names such as PlanDemic, ScamDemic, etc. Perhaps the best way to describe what happened in early 2020 that spread all across the world, is to describe ...

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Why did Big Tech Billionaires Fund the Distribution of Sound of Freedom? The New Right Technocrats are Redefining Conservative Politics and Religious Values

I (and many others) have already reported on the fact that the original funding to produce the film "Sound of Freedom" came from Billionaires, many of whom have direct associations with child trafficking themselves. In an investigative article published this week on The Information, Julia Black has reported that Elon Musk's ...

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  • who owns the weapons used by the U.S. Government

    Why Are Americans Allowing Mass Murderers and Criminals to Continue Running the Country? The "Gun Control" Issue Almost Nobody is Discussing

    The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights of the United States is a hotly debated political topic today. It reads:

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    The political debate around this issue seldom changes, dividing “Right” vs. “Left” political ideas as to just who should and should not have the right to bear arms, and what kind of “arms” should be allowed.

    Both positions of this debate start from a presupposition that the issue in question in this debate is the issue of private citizens owning and being able to carry firearms.

    What is often missing from this debate is who owns the majority of “arms” that are produced by weapon manufacturers in the United States? Those “arms” that are produced in the U.S. today include things like military jets, tanks, missiles, direct energy weapons, and many others.

    The Americans employed by the U.S. Government are, by far, the most numerous class of Americans who carry and use weapons.

    Here’s the main issue almost nobody is talking about, however: Once these Globalists take a paycheck from the Government to pay for all their weapons they produced and that are then used by Government agents, they no longer own them.

    Who does?

    We the people do.

    So if we own all these weapons that Government agents are using, who is controlling these weapons that WE paid for?

    This is the REAL “gun control” issue, not the fake gun control issues we read about in the corporate media almost every day about non-Government employees who are private citizens and choose to buy a weapon from a local gun shop or from another private citizen.

    No, the REAL issue is that the vast majority of arms produced in this country are not sold to private citizens, but to the government who are supposed to be “public servants” who then use our weapons.

    How often have you read in either the corporate media or the alternative media that there are 103 government agencies outside of the Department of Defense (military) that use and carry weapons here in the United States?

    Where are all these weapons?

    They are all around you, in every community of every state in the U.S. The people carrying and using them are your neighbors and family members.

    So why are we so afraid of the Central Bankers and Wall Street and Silicon Valley billionaires?? We probably outnumber them by more than a million to one, and we could easily take back control of this country, legally and by following the Constitution, by simply taking control of OUR weapons.

    • United States of Freemasonry

      The United States has been the Center of the New World Order Controlled by Satan for 250 Years

      In my New Year’s article for 2023, I asked this question about the year 2023: “Will America Fulfill Its Destiny?” I wrote:

      As the year 2022 comes to a close, there can be little doubt that the United States is a nation in decline, in many ways. More and more people are waking up to the fact that the U.S. Government is not looking out for the best interests of its citizens, and in fact is part of the Global plan to implement a New World Order.

      And a big part of that plan is to reduce the world’s population, something we saw accelerate in 2022 with unprecedented “unexplained sudden deaths” among young, healthy adults, as well as unprecedented fetal deaths.

      It is a shame that it took a worldwide scam known as “COVID-19” and then the roll out of the COVID-19 “vaccines” to start waking people up to this fact, even though most are still asleep and trusting their government and corporate media, when there have been others that have been warning about this plan to implement a New World Order for many decades now, but written off by pop culture and the corporate media as “conspiracy theorists,” a term first used by the CIA to refer to people who did not accept the Government narrative on the assassination of President Kennedy in the 1960s.

      The fact is, the evidence that the U.S. is part of a New World Order that follows Satan rather than God, has been right in front of our eyes since the founding of this nation, as many of our “founding fathers” were members of Freemasonry, and their images and symbols are everywhere in our culture, including “The Great Seal” of the United States, which is printed into our currency on the $1 bill.

      One of the Latin phrases at the bottom of that seal is “Novus ordo seclorum,” which means “A New Order of the Ages.”

      I am writing this follow-up article today on Sunday September 24, 2023, where the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur, the “Day of Atonement,” will begin at sundown, and is considered by many to be the holiest day of the year, while yesterday, September 23, 2023, was the Autumn Equinox, marking the first day of the Fall season in the Northern Hemisphere.

      Change is definitely in the air, I can feel it, and so it is time to remind ourselves that the United States has been the center of the plans to create a New World Order since this nation was founded almost 250 years ago, and the worldwide center of Freemasonry.

      Or to put it another way, the United States of America is probably the most evil place in the world, because it was founded with the goal to be the center of Freemasonry, and a Satanic New World Order.

      • Kim Steltz of Emmaus protest Lehigh Valley Hospital-Allentown

        Push Back Against Doctors who Medically Kidnap Children Increases Nationwide

        The pure evil that exists in the U.S. medical system was exposed to the whole world during the COVID scam, where novel new products were unleashed onto the public through “emergency orders” that ended up killing and maiming MILLIONS.

        But even before COVID, I have been warning the public about just how evil this medical system is for over 2 decades now, as I have called upon all true disciples of Jesus to leave this Satanic system that is the #1 cause of death in the U.S. when you add together hospital errors and death by prescription drugs and vaccines together.

        And yet, the pharmaceutical cult is so strong, that even after the COVID massacre, most Americans still choose to visit a hospital or doctor’s clinic when they are sick, or when their child is sick.

        But there is a whole sub-class of the American public who have learned the hard way by experience just how evil the medical system is, and they are families who have suffered from medical doctors who have determined that they are not fit to take care of their children based on their “medical expertise”, and have worked with the government child welfare agencies to have their children medically kidnapped.

        Many of these families who been traumatized and lost their children to medical doctors and hospitals through medical kidnapping, will never visit a hospital or medical doctor again, and for good reason.

        The one film that has documented this horrible practice of medical kidnapping the best so far, is the Netflix hit movie, Take Care of Maya.

        The lawsuit suing Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in the Kowalski medical kidnapping case that was featured in the Netflix film, is now in the jury selection phase.

        Sadly, the experience of the Kowalski family is not a unique story, but representative of a national epidemic of children being medically kidnapped by medical doctors, many of whom are now certified as “Child Abuse Doctors”, a new certification in the area of medical pediatrics since about 2010. They work primarily in the nation’s Children Hospitals network.

        And while we have been covering this evil practice in the medical system for over a decade now, there does appear to be a growing resistance finally forming to expose these criminals who hide behind white coats and the public’s favorable view toward their medical profession.

        Here are some recent medical kidnapping stories that are currently in the news here in the United States where people are pushing back against the criminal medical kidnapping doctors.

        • The Ruler On The Throne. Illustration Of Art Fantasy. Dark Demon

          Since National U.S. Elections are Rigged by The Globalists, Why are You Voting for Their Candidates?

          The “right to vote” in political elections is regarded as a sacred duty for most Americans, as this “value” is driven into our subconsciousness from our earliest ages through the educational system and mass media.

          The illusion that the public has actual choices to “vote” into office is a fairly recent development in human history, and has been part of Western Culture since the 17th Century.

          Today in the United States of America, the American public is kept in check by the Globalists by ensuring that there is only a 2-party system so that the country can be perpetually divided and fighting against each other, instead of uniting together to overthrow the Globalists who control the world’s financial system, and make sure that candidates who serve their interests are leading BOTH political parties.

          Here in 2023, almost ALL Americans admit that national election results are rigged. The Republicans have made this a central issue since the 2020 elections, and the Trump campaign recently released a video showing that the Democrats have also complained about rigged elections in the past.

          So why are the majority of Americans today still choosing to support and vote for one of the Globalists’ puppets for the office of the President of the United States?

          The strongest message that the American public could send to these Globalists would be to simply STAY HOME AND DO NOT VOTE for their puppet candidates! Something like a 25% to 30% voter turnout would actually send the strongest message possible to these Globalists, communicating that the American public is on to them, and that they are NOT going to participate in their evil schemes anymore.

          This would actually terrify them, I guarantee it.

          But I already know the objections and criticisms that will be leveled against me for even daring to suggest we should not participate in national elections, as this is not the first time I have written this. People want their idols and heroes to vote for, and “choosing the lesser of two evils” is perfectly acceptable to most Americans.

          If you are a true disciple of Jesus Christ, however, you are mocking your King and Savior if go out and cast a vote for one of Satan’s demonic representatives.

          • fear porn virus scare 2

            PlanDemics are Impossible without FEAR - the Alternative Media is Doing Their Best to Keep the Culture of Fear Going with Fake Virus Propaganda

            There are many ways to look back historically on the Great COVID Con that began in 2020, commonly referred to in the Alternative Media by names such as PlanDemic, ScamDemic, etc.

            Perhaps the best way to describe what happened in early 2020 that spread all across the world, is to describe it as a “Pandemic of Fear.”

            Because if the majority of people around the world who were exposed to this campaign had not responded in fear, it would have just been another garden variety “virus” that they have tried to use to create fear every year prior to COVID, such as Bird Flu, Zika, Ebola, etc.

            FEAR, was the key factor that enabled most of the world’s population to accept “emergency orders” that suspended the Constitution of the United States and allowed the tyrants to lock us down, and then mandate experimental vaccines for this COVID-19 “killer virus.”

            The whole COVID-19 “pandemic” would have run the same course as every other “virus pandemic” that preceded it, and fizzled into nothing, if only FEAR had been absent in sufficient amounts as all the previous “deadly pandemics” that were all scripted with the hope of the outcome that was finally achieved in 2020.

            And it will be FEAR again that will lay the groundwork for the next Plandemic, and that fear is being kept alive today, mostly in the Alternative Media, with stories that have appeared in recent days trying to scare people into believing that there is a new “virus” that is about to be unleashed on the public.

            If you want to stop the next “Pandemic” that is being planned, whatever it is going to be labeled, the solution is actually quite simple: STOP FEARING VIRUSES!

            If you don’t fear them, they can’t hurt you, and the medical mafia will have no control over you.

            • Jeffrey Harmon Elon Musk

              Why did Big Tech Billionaires Fund the Distribution of Sound of Freedom? The "New Right" Technocrats are Redefining Conservative Politics and Religious Values

              I (and many others) have already reported on the fact that the original funding to produce the film “Sound of Freedom” came from Billionaires, many of whom have direct associations with child trafficking themselves.

              In an investigative article published this week on The Information, Julia Black has reported that Elon Musk’s venture capital firms rescued Angel Studios from bankruptcy last year with a $47 million funding round that allowed them to distribute the box office hit, Sound of Freedom. She wrote:

              “In February 2021, a Mormon film producer named Jeffrey Harmon returned home to Provo, Utah, raving about an exclusive gathering he’d just attended in Austin, Tex. He’d been invited by an old friend, Stephen Oskoui, who ran Austin-based venture capital firm Gigafund alongside Luke Nosek, a founding partner of Founders Fund and a member of the famed PayPal mafia.

              According to sources close to Harmon, the event was attended by a who’s who of tech elites, including Oskoui, Nosek and, most memorably, Elon Musk. At the gathering, Harmon had the chance to speak to Musk and Oskoui about VidAngel, the film company founded with three of his brothers that would soon become rebranded Angel Studios.

              Later that year, Oskoui and Nosek’s Gigafund led a $47 million funding round to support Angel Studios in its efforts to upend Hollywood with religious programming and other ‘stories that amplify light.’

              This summer, the fruits of that investment appeared: Angel Studios released the blockbuster film about child sex trafficking ‘Sound of Freedom,’ which has surpassed $210 million in global box office numbers and become a rallying point for Christian conservatives and the far right.

              The investment in Angel Studios was an unusual one for Oskoui and Nosek, who had never previously shown interest in the entertainment industry. The duo started Gigafund in 2017 with the intention of raising funds for Musk’s rocket company, SpaceX, and followed up with a $125 million investment that year. In the years since, they have followed up with bets on other firms owned by Musk as well as on companies developing nuclear energy solutions (Last Energy), photonic artificial intelligence chips (Luminous Computing) and precision genome engineering (Synthego).”

              This funding of religious content by Big Tech is part of what some people are defining as “The New Right”, where former PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, part of the infamous PayPal Mafia, is seen as one of their leaders. See:

              Inside the New Right, Where Peter Thiel Is Placing His Biggest Bets – “They’re not MAGA. They’re not QAnon. Curtis Yarvin and the rising right are crafting a different strain of conservative politics.”

              It is not surprising that these Technocrat Billionaires that make up the “New Right” are defining Christianity through Mormon lenses, as there are elements within Mormonism that find transhumanism as an acceptable outcome of modern technology.

              • Government DEW systems

                $5.3 Billion Spent on Direct Energy Weapons in 2022 - Is The New Age of "Climatic Warfare" Here?

                Michel Chossudovsky is an award-winning author, Professor of Economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa, Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal, and the Founder and Editor of Global Research.

                We have featured his work several times here on Health Impact News, and likewise Professor Chossudovsky has featured my work in the past on Global Research.

                Professor Chossudovsky has been covering the subject of energy weapons being developed by Government sources for over 2 decades now. In 2007 he published an article on “weather warfare” in The Ecologist, where he used the term “Climatic Warfare.”

                He also has a Substack page now, where he has recently published some articles on direct energy weapons (DEWs). He reports that DEWs are a “$5.3 Billion dollar business (2022) which is slated to increase to $12.9 Billon dollars by 2027.”

                So DEWs are not conspiracy theories. They are real, and $billions are being spent on them, mostly by our U.S. Government using American taxpayer funds.

                Along with traditional defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing, and many others who are developing DEWs, Big Tech is becoming a major recipient of Defense Department contracts as well, and Elon Musk currently has the most satellites in orbit, many funded and used by the U.S. Military and their new military branch of service, Space Force, started by Donald Trump during his term as U.S. President.

       has also been awarded $billions in contracts to put hardware into space.

                This is where the REAL danger lies with Big Tech, and not the AI hype that they want people to believe and that is now getting all the attention (allegedly) in Washington D.C.

                When you constantly see Elon Musk’s face appear in photos with heads of state, such as his alleged upcoming visit with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, don’t be fooled into believing that they are just talking about all the dangers AI presents to mankind, or opening up new Tesla plants.

                More than likely directed energy weapons and the ongoing arms race in space is the hot topic on the ticket, and Elon Musk currently has the best products on the market for this, with thousands of satellites with his SpaceX company already in orbit.

                • abolish child welfare system 2

                  Exposing the REAL Child Traffickers: EVERY Foster or Adopted Child is Wanted by Someone - The Child Welfare System Needs to be Abolished

                  9News out of Denver, Colorado has done some good investigative reporting recently on the status of legal child trafficking in their state, known as the “Child Welfare System.”

                  With access to both federal funds as well as state funding, it is much more lucrative for the State to place children in foster care and make them available for (adoption) trafficking than it is to let the child’s own family take care of them.

                  While this is a problem in every state in the U.S., it is apparently especially bad in Colorado according to a new report published by the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform.

                  9News in Denver interviewed one local family who exemplifies this problem, as they have tried to adopt their own niece, who has already spent 2 years with them, but the State wants to place their niece with foster parents who are not related to the family instead.

                  Statistics compiled over the years on the Child Welfare system clearly show that low income families, who are overwhelmingly minorities (Blacks, Natives, and Latinos), have a much higher rate of their children being put into the Child Welfare System than wealthier families, who are also the ones that make up the bulk of foster and adoptive parents, and are overwhelmingly White middle class Christian Conservatives.

                  85% or more (depending upon the state) of these children are removed from their homes, NOT because they were being abused, but because they were removed under the more broad term of “neglect,” which has a wide range of interpretation, such as “medical neglect” when a parent refuses to comply with a doctor’s opinion for medical services, such as vaccines.

                  Other published studies have shown that even when the children have “troubled parents”, which the vast majority of the time is defined when the parents are labeled as “drug abusers,” (which almost always means illegal drugs such as marijuana, but NEVER prescription drugs, the choice of drugs for most middle class parents), those children of these “troubled parents” still do MUCH better in their “troubled” homes than they do in Foster Care, which is the nation’s #1 pipeline for child sex trafficking.

                  This is where the REAL child trafficking occurs in this country, and the only solution to end this child trafficking is to abolish the Child Welfare System.

                  What kind of twisted, corrupt system exists to provide funding for strangers to parent other people’s children, but almost nothing for biological families to keep their own children?

                  • You Lives destroyed from COVID Vaccines

                    Deadliest "Vaccine" in U.S. History Now Becomes "Seasonal" as FDA Approves Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Shots

                    The FDA approved two new seasonal COVID-19 shots today, on September 11, 2023.

                    The companies that were awarded this approval of seasonal COVID-19 shots by the FDA, were the two companies who were authorized to inject hundreds of millions of Americans with experimental emergency-use authorized COVID-19 shots starting in December of 2020, Pfizer and Moderna, who will go down in history as maiming and killing over 3X more people with their experimental injections than all previous FDA-approved vaccines for the past 30+ years COMBINED, according to the U.S. Government’s own statistics in their Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) database.

                    30+ years of FDA approved vaccines: 946,791 cases of adverse events with 10,408 deaths.

                    2+ years of emergency authorized COVID-19 “vaccines”: 1,591,249 cases of adverse events with 36,135 deaths.

                    This will be a potential windfall in profits for Big Pharma and the medical system, as there are now TWO seasonal vaccines that are approved to be injected into the arms of every American, as COVID-19 shots join the annual influenza vaccines.

                    What a historical day for America today!

                    A day to memorialize death by Government terrorists.

                    And yet the vast majority of the American public still believes that all these deaths were caused by Islamic terrorists and a “killer virus” from which they needed their Government to save them from.

                    • american family going to church

                      The Concept of the American Christian Family is a Myth and is NOT Found Anywhere in the Bible

                      When you see an image, or an actual photo, of an American family such as the one above, what comes into your mind about the 5 people in this image?

                      For me, being raised in a church-going family and part of the Christian religion, I used to look at images, photos, or actual groups of people resembling this illustration in public, and conclude that this was a “good Christian family” who all go to church together every Sunday.

                      I would just assume that the adult man and woman in this photo were married and that the children with them were born to them after they were married.

                      If it was an “ideal” Christian family, they would not have been previously married to anyone else, and would have been married as virgins because they were “good Christians” who saved themselves until God brought them the “perfect” husband or wife.

                      However, I am older and wiser now, and when I see an image like this, or a group of people in public like this, I no longer imagine the same kind of things about these people in this “family” that I used to think.

                      It would look more like the image below, with commentary about who each person in this graphic is more likely to be.

                      And while some may want to say and believe that everything written in this graphic below is likely to be rare when one sees such actual “family units” in public or in photos, I am quite confident to say that the way I now see such “family” units as in the image below with the sample bios, is far more common than the false, storybook “ideal” Christian family that is portrayed by our culture.

                      In fact the culturally-defined “Christian Family” concept is a myth, and is found nowhere in the Bible.

                      • car spying on you

                        Your Car is Spying on You MORE than Smart Home Devices and Cell Phones

                        Reviewers at the Mozilla Foundation published a Privacy Report yesterday (9/6/2023) on cars, and they concluded:

                        “All 25 car brands we researched earned our *Privacy Not Included warning label — making cars the official worst category of products for privacy that we have ever reviewed.”

                        They stated in their review that car companies have many more data-collecting opportunities than other products and apps people use, more than even smart devices in homes or the cell phones people take wherever they go.

                        “The ways that car companies collect and share your data are so vast and complicated that we wrote an entire piece on how that works. The gist is: they can collect super intimate information about you — from your medical information, your genetic information, to your ‘sex life’ (seriously), to how fast you drive, where you drive, and what songs you play in your car — in huge quantities. They then use it to invent more data about you through ‘inferences’ about things like your intelligence, abilities, and interests.”

                        • Wisdom vs. knowledge 3

                          We Have Replaced Wisdom with Technology and We Will Suffer the Consequences

                          Are you prepared for the post-technological age?

                          As I have written in previous articles, when I write about a “crash” of the technology, and the “post-technological age,” I am NOT stating that all the technology will go away or fail.

                          What is inevitable is that we will recognize the limitations of this technology, including the ways it enslaves us, and we will be forced to use our God-given creativity and ingenuity to make smart uses of the technology, without depending upon it as much as we do now.

                          But there are very few people today who are even thinking about that day, let alone preparing for it, and they will be the ones who suffer the most.

                          So to prepare for the future post-technological age, we need to acknowledge the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

                          • Black Cumin Oil In Glass Bottle And Heap Of Seeds Isolated On Wh

                            Black Cumin Seeds: Nature's "Miracle" Herb that Heals Better than Drugs

                            One of the most healthy things you can do is to immediately stop consuming toxic oils that are recent additions into the human food chain, which include soybean oil, corn oil, canola oil, and most industrialized polyunsaturated oils that only exist today because of modern technology.

                            Replace those toxic oils with traditional fats and oils from clean sources that have nourished the human race for thousands of years, and those include coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, sesame seed oil, butter, beef tallow, and lard. Animal fats need to come from clean animals that have access to pasture and are not pumped full of vaccines and drugs.

                            Although unknown to most Americans, black cumin seed oil is another traditional oil that has been consumed by populations in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East for thousands of years.

                            Nigella sativa is the Latin name, and it is known by various other names such as: black caraway, fennel flower, nutmeg flower, Roman coriander, kaljeera, habbat al-barakah, among others.

                            It is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Isaiah, in chapter 28, verses 25 and 27.

                            Black cumin seeds were found in the tomb of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamun, who ruled Egypt from 1333 BC to 1324 BC, and they were found in a pilgrim flask in Turkey from the ancient Hittite empire, dating from around 1650 BC. The Islamic Prophet is reported to have stated that black cumin seeds are “the remedy for all diseases but death.”

                            Black Cumin Seed oil is not just a culinary oil, but a healing oil.

                            A search in the U.S. Government database PubMed for Nigella sativa will return over 2000 peer-reviewed studies on its healing properties, including ongoing research and studies published this year (2023).

                            Once you learn that healing is 100% obtainable outside of the medical paradigm which has become thoroughly evil and part of the Satanic world system, you will be free from their bondage and wonder how in the world you ever trusted them in the first place.

                            • native born august 2023

                              Labor Day USA: 1.2 Million Native-Born Workers Have Lost Their Jobs and Been Replaced With 668K Foreign-Born Workers

                              Ever since the rollout of the COVID bioweapon shots in 2021, the U.S. labor force has taken a huge hit in the sheer volume of disabilities that increased in 2022.

                              And yet, the official government statistics on “new jobs” from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) have consistently been fudged to make it look like new jobs are being created which has stopped the stock market from crashing. 

                              These falsified statistics have been consistently “adjusted” downward after the original reports have been released.

                              We know from the reports that Edward Dowd has been creating from his Phinance Technologies that there have been dramatic increases in disabilities since last year (2022) starting in 2021 when the COVID experimental shots were rolled out.

                              Today, ZeroHedge News has published an explosive article on a deep dive into the “job creation” numbers as reported by the BLS, and they have found that “all job creation in the past 4 years has been exclusively for foreign-born workers!”

                              Last month, August, 2023, native-born workers in the U.S. dropped by 1.2 million, while foreign-born workers increased by 668K to a record 30.396 million.

                              Happy Labor Day United States….

                              • Right to LIVE

                                More Children Under the Age of 16 Died from Non-COVID Vaccines than COVID Vaccines Since December 2020

                                The horrific deaths and injuries caused by the experimental COVID bioweapon shots have created new “super stars” in the alternative media who “woke up” during the COVID scam to realize for the first time that the U.S. Government has no problem lying to the American public, even when their advice results in many deaths and injuries.

                                Many of these new “stars” in the alternative media continue to earn their income from “exposing” the COVID scam and how dangerous the shots are almost three years later. That’s because they became famous during COVID and the roll-out of the shots in 2021, and they don’t really have much else to talk or write about.

                                Almost everyone among these new “super stars” are now being labeled as “anti-vaccine”, even though almost all of them are clearly not anti-vaccine, and only anti-COVID vaccines, and still believe in non-COVID vaccines.

                                There are still a few of us who are truly “anti-vaccine,” such as myself, and have warned the public for many years prior to COVID that vaccines were weapons that killed and injured people, primarily babies and children.

                                Health Impact News also gained a large following during the COVID scam and roll-out of the COVID bioweapon shots, warning parents and others not to trust these shots. One of the videos we produced in August of 2021 warning people not to take these shots, has now been viewed by almost 12 million people.

                                Honestly, how many more people still need to be educated on how horrible these shots are that have not already been exposed to this information?

                                While we are still covering this issue here at Health Impact News, it is not headline news every day anymore, as there are other very important topics affecting all of us today.

                                So here’s my beef with the alternative media these days: The non-COVID vaccines are still killing and maiming children!

                                In fact, more children under the age of 16 have died from non-COVID vaccines than the COVID “vaccines” since the COVID shots were given emergency use authorization in December of 2020, and almost NOBODY is talking about this!

                                • Wireless Home connection

                                  Your Home WiFi Can Now Reveal Your Location to Hackers - MLB Uses Face Scans for Entry to Ballparks

                                  If you are among the majority of Americans who could care less that you are being tracked almost every minute of your day by the technology that you use because you believe that “I have nothing to hide,” then this is not the article for you.

                                  If, however, you believe that it is nobody’s business where you live, what kind of car you drive, whether or not your children are vaccinated, whether or not you wear face diapers outside, what kind of food you eat, who you are spending time with and sleeping with, etc., and you don’t want strangers listening in on your conversations and reading your emails, among a thousand other reasons, then this is another in a series of articles that I publish regularly explaining how to hang on to your personal privacy in the new Digital Age.

                                  According to a report in PCMagazine, malware that could infect your computer has the ability to use your home’s WiFi signal to triangulate with other nearby WiFi access points and reveal the location of your computer, and of course you.

                                  • Pharmaceutical drugs vs. Virgin Coconut Oil 2

                                    The Evidence of Coconut Oil's Superiority Over Drugs in Destroying Pathogens Continues to be Published in Peer-Reviewed Journals

                                    The U.S. Government’s official position on coconut oil today continues to be that it is dangerous for your health, and that you should either avoid it altogether, or only consume very modest amounts.

                                    The reason that has been given for this official position for over four decades now, is because it is primarily a “saturated fat” which they want you to believe leads to high levels of cholesterol and heart disease.

                                    But nothing could be further from the truth, as the whole “lipid theory” of heart disease has been completely debunked, along with U.S. Government dietary advice that condemns saturated fats, which are found primarily in animal fats and dairy, as well as in some vegetable sources such as coconuts and palm nuts.

                                    Saturated fats have been part of the human food chain for thousands of years. Our ancestors here in the U.S. settled in this country consuming primarily these saturated fats, such as lard, beef tallow, and of course, butter.

                                    Tropical countries where coconut palms grow have consumed the tropical oils of coconut and palm fruit oils for thousands of years.

                                    And prior to the industrial age that began after World War II, heart disease was not a major cause of death.

                                    The technological advances that came out of WW II gave us the ability to extract oils from plant sources that were never part of the human food chain, and that included primarily the expeller-pressed seed oils from corn and soy, which today are the main GMO crops that are sprayed heavily with glyphosate and a whole host of other herbicides and pesticides.

                                    These polyunsaturated oils prior to the industrial age were only consumed as whole foods in nuts and seeds, since the technology did not exist prior to that to extract them with simpler technology, and these polyunsaturated oils have to be heavily refined just to make them shelf stable.

                                    I have made it a personal standard for myself and my family over the years to NOT consume any dietary oil or fat that has not been in the food chain for at least 1000 years, which includes olive oil, sesame seed oil, black cumin seed oil, coconut oil, and palm oil from plant sources, and lard, beef tallow and butter from animal sources.

                                    When it comes to coconut oil, the real reason why the U.S. Government attacks it is because they are protecting their lucrative drug industry, because the peer-reviewed medical literature shows that coconut oil can cure multiple diseases that Big Pharma wants to sell you drugs to “cure” instead. (But their drugs don’t “cure” because curing sickness is a terrible business model and eliminates their repeat customers.)

                                    At the top of this list of drugs is antibiotics, and the peer-reviewed medical literature has shown that the fatty acids in coconut oil destroy pathogens since at least the 1960s.

                                    And those studies continue to be published today, although usually outside the U.S. One of the latest ones to be published is in the journal Advances in experimental medicine and biology this month (August, 2023), titled: Antimicrobial Potential of Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil on Bacterial Isolates.

                                    • Lives destroyed by Gardasil 2

                                      U.S. Government Funds Study to Target Black Girls to Receive More Doses of the Deadly Gardasil Vaccine that Causes Infertility

                                      Brenda Baletti of Children’s Health Defense (CHD) is reporting today that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is funding research at Rutgers University on how to increase uptake of the human papillomavirus (HPV) Gardasil vaccine among Black adolescents, with a $600,000 three-year grant which will be administered by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

                                      CHD allegedly received this information via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

                                      We have extensively covered the deep corruption surrounding this horrible vaccine publishing hundreds of articles including heartbreaking personal stories of girls and young women who have died or been permanently crippled from the HPV vaccines.

                                      A search on the Health Impact News network for “HPV vaccine” will return over 500 articles over the past decade.

                                      French physician Dr. Dalbergue, who worked for Merck, the pharmaceutical company that produces Gardasil, previously stated that he thought the Gardasil vaccine would become the greatest medical scandal of all time.

                                      Gardasil is linked to heart disease (POTS) and many autoimmune diseases, as well as premature menopause, or “Primary Ovarian Failure.”

                                      So many girls and young women have come forward in past years testifying how they trusted their doctor to get this vaccine in the hopes of preventing cervical cancer, only to find out that they now have Primary Ovarian Failure and will never be able to have children.

                                      • Pastors arrested for child sex abuse

                                        Child Sex Predators Live Near You and Most of Them are Leaders of Your Community

                                        The fictional account of “child trafficking” portrayed in the billionaire-funded Mormon film “Sound of Freedom” that centers around a story of child trafficking in Columbia has probably done more to deflect attention away from the REAL child trafficking and child sex abuse that happens right here in the United States, than anything else in recent times.

                                        The fact is that our country is run by pedophiles at the highest levels of government and business, as the current Jeffrey Epstein case with the Virgin Islands is so clearly demonstrating where the rich and powerful are NOT being brought to justice for funding and participating in the Epstein pedophilia empire.

                                        So what I want to do in this article is document the fact that child sex abusers are all around you in your community, and possibly even in your family.

                                        There is often nothing to distinguish them as pedophiles, as they usually appear as upstanding citizens and even leaders in their community, as they do their dirty, evil deeds in secret and then use threats and fear to keep their victims quiet.

                                        Children are being sexually abused and trafficked through an extensive child trafficking network that is mostly funded by U.S. taxpayers through the child welfare system, the courts and dirty judges, corrupt law enforcement, and through every and any organization, both private and public, where children congregate in groups, such as: schools, churches, and social “clubs” like the various “scout” organizations (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Explorer Scouts, etc.).

                                        The fact is that today in the United States as soon as your child leaves your presence to attend any of these organizations where they congregate in groups of other children their own age, they are ALWAYS in danger of being sexually abused.

                                        Always. No exceptions.

                                        I know that most people do NOT want to believe this, the cognitive dissonance is so great, that to believe and accept this as true, is to radically change your way of thinking about how our society operates and treats children.

                                        Having studied and reported on this issue for almost a decade now, I can tell you that EVERY time I go out into the public, my eyes ALWAYS survey the public and notice the children, their demeanor, who they are with, are they the same ethnicity as the adult(s) with them, etc., and I just assume that every time I leave my home and go somewhere to shop, to eat, to run errands, etc., that I most certainly am going to see pedophiles, because they are EVERYWHERE.

                                        I know that when I am out in public, that I am seeing pedophiles because a certain percentage of the adult population are pedophiles (10%, 20%, 30%????).

                                        Once you understand this truth, your life will be radically changed, and you will never act or feel the same way in public again knowing what you know.

                                        But most will choose NOT to believe, because the emotional cost is too high, and it is much easier to go sit in an air-conditioned theater and watch a movie about “child trafficking” while eating popcorn instead, and pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you are doing something to end child sex abuse and trafficking, because that’s what some Hollywood big name actor is telling you.

                                        • survivors maui police escape

                                          Maui Fire Survivors Claim the Police Prevented People from Escaping - Dramatic Video Footage

                                          A lot of reports and video footage is now coming out from survivors of the Maui fire earlier this month.

                                          Many survivors are claiming that the police prevented people from escaping, with some claiming that they only survived because they did NOT obey police orders, while others did, and died.

                                          This was a very emotional video for me to put together.

                                          WARNING: Graphic images of people dying and a lot of profanity throughout.

                                          • VAERS 8.18.23 top killer vaccines

                                            Even with the Lowest Distribution in 2023, COVID "Vaccines" are Still the Deadliest Vaccines Accounting for 70% of All Vaccine Deaths

                                            The distribution of COVID-19 injections has significantly decreased here in 2023, with the fewest amount of children and adults being injected with these bioweapons since they were introduced in December of 2020.

                                            In the two and a half years since the COVID-19 injections were authorized for emergency use by then President Donald Trump, there have been 676,728,782 doses injected into adults and children in the United States, but only 1.4% of those have been injected in Americans so far here in 2023, with a dramatic reduction of those lining up to receive an injection of the bioweapon.

                                            And yet in spite of these lower amounts of COVID-19 injections here in 2023, there have still been 9,776,541 doses distributed through May 9, 2023.

                                            As of the latest data released by the government-funded VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) at the time of this writing, the COVID shots have accounted for 70% of recorded deaths following vaccinations, and 48% of all the cases of injuries recorded from all vaccines COMBINED currently being administered.

                                            • moses vs. egyptians serpents healing

                                              There will be Terrible Times in the Last Days - The Holy Scriptures are Able to Make You Wise

                                              The two statements contained in the title of this article come directly from the Bible, in Paul’s second letter to Timothy.

                                              Here are the words of Paul describing “the last days.”

                                              As you read the text in this letter written over 2000 years ago, see if they describe the culture we are currently living in here in 2023.

                                              “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days.

                                              People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God–having a form of godliness but denying its power.

                                              Have nothing to do with them.

                                              They are the kind who worm their way into homes and gain control over weak-willed women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires, always learning but never able to acknowledge the truth.

                                              Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so also these men oppose the truth–men of depraved minds, who, as far as the faith is concerned, are rejected.

                                              But they will not get very far because, as in the case of those men, their foolishness will be clear to everyone.” (2 Timothy 3:1-9)

                                              • Jesse Watters blames Left on Mask Mandates

                                                COVID Lockdowns and Mask Mandates Returning? I'm Not Buying the Psyop Distraction, and Neither Should You

                                                For the past few days a very controlled narrative has been spun and spread throughout the alternative media, and especially among the Right Wing media, both the corporate Right Wing media, such as Fox News, as well as most of the Right Wing alternative media.

                                                That narrative states that COVID lockdowns and mask mandates are returning.

                                                To be sure, the Liberal Left corporate media is doing their part to fuel this narrative, by publishing “news” stories about the return of the dreaded COVID “virus” cases.

                                                It appears that Alex Jones was selected to begin this current news cycle to hype up fear and outrage, by claiming that a TSA whistleblower, who was unnamed, was stating that “FULL Covid Restrictions” were coming in September.

                                                I chose not to report this “news” because it was 100% dependent upon the credibility of Alex Jones, a controversial person, to say the least, in both the alternative and corporate media.

                                                Even if Alex Jones was 100% sincere in what he was reporting, how do we know that this alleged “TSA whistleblower” was not fed this information for the very specific intention of creating a new news cycle around COVID that promoted hype and fear?

                                                It wouldn’t be the first time that agencies like the CIA used the platform of Alex Jones to do something like this, and it probably won’t be the last time.

                                                The other thing that made me skeptical of this “news” by Alex Jones, was that it completely blamed Biden, who is simply a puppet that follows a script (as well as he can in his demented condition) that is written by the corporate Globalists who control these narratives, and control BOTH the Left and Right politicians.

                                                Let’s PLEASE not forget how the first psyop went down with COVID!

                                                It was Donald Trump, the Right-wing Republican President who got all this started.

                                                ALL politicians, both on the Right and on the Left, supported ALL the emergency health orders, including masks, lockdowns, and COVID vaccines in the beginning.

                                                The entire country, and in fact the entire world, was UNITED around the COVID scam, with very few of us calling these people out and seeing what was happening from the very beginning.

                                                It was only many months later, mostly after the majority of the COVID shots were injected into the arms of millions of Americans, including babies and children, that some of the Right began to voice some opposition to the COVID shots, and most of that opposition was around MANDATES, but not the actual killer shots themselves.

                                                • tylenol lawsuit pregnancy autism

                                                  Tens of Thousands of Mothers Sue Makers of Tylenol for Pregnancy Use that Led to Babies Born with Autism

                                                  Tens of thousands of mothers are suing the makers of Tylenol for using the popular over-the-counter pain reliever during pregnancy, which resulted in them giving birth to babies diagnosed with autism.

                                                  Last October, a federal judicial panel consolidated dozens of these lawsuits alleging that acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol and generic versions of the drug, can cause autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

                                                  The main defendant in the lawsuit is Kenvue, which is the former Johnson & Johnson’s consumer health unit that is now a “spin-off” of J&J.

                                                  Co-defendants in the lawsuit are CVS Health, Rite Aid Corp, Safeway Inc, Target Corp and Walgreens Boots Alliance, which are being charged with failing to warn consumers about the risks of Tylenol.

                                                  Kenvue has suffered some setbacks in recent weeks in trying to get some of the lawsuits dismissed, with one of the reasons given to dismiss the lawsuits being that the FDA had approved the product and its labels. The judge ruled that the lawsuits can continue.

                                                  The amount of studies published in the medical journals linking Tylenol taken during pregnancy to babies born with autism is overwhelming.

                                                  We have been publishing articles exposing the dangers of Tylenol for over a decade now.

                                                  Pregnant women are the not the only ones who should immediately STOP using this killer drug. NOBODY should be using it.

                                                  Tylenol is a classic example of how corporate profits from the pharmaceutical drug companies are far more important than patient safety, as millions of lives are sacrificed to keep these drugs on the market.

                                                  It is also just another example of how the FDA works to protect pharmaceutical companies, and NOT consumers.

                                                  Tylenol has been on the market for 75 years bringing in annual revenues that exceed $300 million.

                                                  • Geoff Cygnus scared for his life

                                                    Maui Resident Uploading Raw Video Footage being Threatened and Fears for His Life

                                                    A long-time Maui resident who was visiting Maui before the fires broke out, has uploaded video footage of what is really happening on the ground in Maui since the fires started.

                                                    TikTok user Geoff Cygnus has often had to hike up into the mountains to get a cell phone signal strong enough to upload his video footage.

                                                    It started out as just raw footage of the areas that were burned down with no commentary about how and why it happened, but as efforts to silence him increased, he began reporting more about how he was being attacked and how some were attempting to silence him.

                                                    I have put together a video that shows some of his most recent uploads, and just a warning that this is a very frustrated, and scared, person who has now begun to use profanity.

                                                    His content at this point is still up on his TikTok channel:

                                                    Many of these videos are going viral, so download them now while you can.

                                                    • karen kingston black hat

                                                      Karen Kingston Resurfaces - Apologizes and Says She is OK

                                                      Karen Kingston updated her Substack page on Sunday, August 20, 2023, apologizing “to friends, family, colleagues, and supporters that I have caused worry and distress due to my silence and absence.”

                                                      “I can state with the utmost confidence that I am currently safe from harm because of the power of your prayers and God’s good grace.”

                                                      • Karen Kingston Mexico Missing Person Report

                                                        Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Reported Missing in Mexico

                                                        Dr. Margaret Aranda has reported that an “Official Missing Persons’ Bulletin” from Mexico has been released stating that Karen Kingston has now been reported as missing in Mexico, when she failed to check out of her hotel there.

                                                        • catastrophic rainfall hilary

                                                          Disaster Looms for Southern California with Few Sounding the Alarm Over "Catastrophic" Rainfalls that are Predicted

                                                          I am writing this Saturday morning, August 19, 2023. I want to make a point of reference to the time, because the news regarding Hurricane Hilary is now changing by the hour.

                                                          Last night the corporate media, which collectively all follow a carefully crafted script without much deviation from the narrative they want the public to believe, started using the word “catastrophic” to describe the flooding that is on the way for those living in the Southwest portion of the U.S. in the path of this hurricane, which will be downgraded to a tropical storm either just before making landfall, or shortly after.

                                                          Having spent many years living in Southern California in the past, and observing over those years how most people who have spent most of their lives living in Southern California where it seldom rains, deal with rain when it comes, which always brings about a huge increase in traffic accidents because people are not used to driving in the rain, I am VERY concerned that people have NO IDEA what is about to hit them.

                                                          My regular readers know that I do not use hyperbole or engage in “fear mongering” but back up the language I choose to use with factual evidence.

                                                          So that’s what this article is going to do, present the facts to you that for the most part I am NOT seeing in either the corporate media, nor the alternative media, so that you can draw your own conclusions, and send this article to any loved ones you have in this storm’s path.

                                                          Because we know that the government and corporate media have a terrible track record in sufficiently warning people BEFORE disaster strikes, and what I am seeing in the alternative media, so far, is downplaying what is about to hit Southern California, with some claiming that the corporate media is over-blowing the coverage of Hurricane Hilary to distract people from what has happened in Maui.

                                                          But if the forecasts for the next 24-48 hours hold true, then this storm will absolutely take over the news cycle, and rightfully so.

                                                          • Twitter X login biometrics

                                                            WARNING! Get Off of Twitter X if You Value Your Privacy! Face Scan Logins and No More Blocking Being Implemented

                                                            Ever since Elon Musk purchased Twitter, I have been warning people that Musk bought Twitter to develop an “everything app” similar to China’s WeChat app, which is the main app China uses to combine social media, digital identity, vaccination and medical status, criminal history, tracking and surveillance, digital currency, shopping, carbon footprint, and other digital information which can then be used to determine one’s “social credit score.”

                                                            Musk kicked his plans to develop Twitter as a tool for evil into high gear recently by rebranding Twitter into “X”.

                                                            Today, August 18, 2023, it is being reported that Elon Musk and his “X” platform is about to roll out biometric IDs as a requirement to log in to one’s account, that will require a government-issued ID, along with a “selfie” picture of one’s face.

                                                            Another announcement regarding Twitter/X in my newsfeed today, is a Tweet from Elon Musk that he is planning on eliminating the ability to block people on your Twitter/X account.

                                                            This will give free reign to trolls and SPAMers, and give free access to the Intelligence Agencies to dispatch their paid trolls to discredit anything you write that does not fit the Globalist narrative.

                                                            • Josh Green Perpetual Fires

                                                              Hawaii Gov. Josh Green: "There are Going to be Fires Month in and Month Out All Across the Country"

                                                              Peggy Hall from The Healthy American has pulled out some comments from Hawaii Governor Josh Green who stated that deadly fires are now going to be common occurrences, happening “month in and month out” all across the country.

                                                              America is now a country at war against the Globalists all in the name of “Climate Change.” Get ready for “climate lockdowns” and the destruction of American cities as the Climate Terrorists continue their reign of terror.

                                                              • unprecedented hurricane california

                                                                "Unprecedented" Hurricane Heads Towards California

                                                                In what could potentially be another climate terrorist attack following the horrendous climate terrorist attack in Maui last week, an “unprecedented” Pacific tropical storm has just been upgraded to a Category 2 hurricane, and is headed to California this weekend.

                                                                Greg Postel, a hurricane and storm specialist at the Weather Channel, stated: “It is rare — indeed nearly unprecedented in the modern record — to have a tropical system like this move through Southern California.”

                                                                Given the government’s complete failure to warn people in Maui about the deadly fire that caused such a horrible loss of life and property, if you live in the Southwestern part of the U.S., please take precautions and prepare for the worst case scenarios, while praying that they do not come to pass.

                                                                But do NOT rely on the government to give you accurate information, or you could end up like the victims in Maui who lost everything, including many of them who lost their lives, because they trusted their government officials to give them accurate information.

                                                                Tropical storms on the U.S. West Coast are extremely rare, with the last hurricane to hit California being back in 1939.

                                                                Like the recent tragedy in Maui, you can be sure that this storm will be blamed on “climate change.”

                                                                But the fact is that weather manipulation and fires have been weaponized by the military for many years now, so I am choosing to call these storms “climate terrorist attacks.”

                                                                Dane Wigington has probably done more research on the topic of “geoengineering” than anyone else for the past several years, and if you want to look at the evidence that the military weaponizes both weather and fires, please see some of our previous coverage of his work.

                                                                Current forecasts of Hurricane Hilary show it making landfall in Mexico, and then continuing on as a tropical storm through Southern California all the way up to Reno, Nevada.

                                                                If this forecast holds true, then it takes it through the Central Valley of California, which supplies about half of America’s food.

                                                                This part of California suffered deadly flooding just a few months ago this past Spring, as farmlands were completely washed out.

                                                                • Malone Kingston Side effects

                                                                  Pfizer Whistleblower Karen Kingston Still Missing - mRNA Vaccinated Dr. Malone Responds that Karen is Suffering from Drug Side Effects

                                                                  Pfizer whistleblower Karen Kingston, who published a video on August 6, 2023, stating that she had been put on a CIA assassination hit list, and asked Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to ask Dr. Robert Malone to tell the CIA to call it off, is still missing as of today, the day this article is being published.

                                                                  Karen Kingston’s family sent me an email regarding Karen, and Dr. Robert Malone has also responded to Karen’s remarks in a very lengthy blog post on his Substack Page.

                                                                  He mentioned her allegedly suffering from malaria, and then speculated about one malaria drug that she might be suffering from side effects.

                                                                  The most interesting part of Robert Malone’s Substack post, however, is that he refers to the people publishing Karen’s video, which includes Health Impact News, collectively, as “a hate cult” that is “being exploited for fifth generation warfare purposes.”

                                                                  Who sounds more like they are suffering from some sort of “adverse side-effects” from pharmaceutical drugs?? Karen Kingston or Robert Malone?

                                                                  Malone publicly admits that he is “pro vaccine” and received the COVID “vaccine” (Moderna mRNA shot).

                                                                  He also states that “The scientific facts” about the COVID vaccine, which is “based on the mRNA vaccine technology that I created,” injects a “viral gene into your parent cells” which forces a body to “make toxic spike proteins” that “cause permanent damage” including to the “brain and nervous system.”

                                                                  He also states that “once these damages occur, they are irreparable. They cannot be reversed.”

                                                                  As far as we know, Karen never took one of these mRNA shots, but Malone publicly admits that he did.

                                                                  • elijah-mount-carmel-600

                                                                    Warning to the Followers of Satan: God has Energy Weapons Too

                                                                    We now know that Satan and the Globalists who serve him have tipped their hand as to their current campaign in their war against humanity, by massacring innocent people on the island of Maui, which includes children who were at home the day the terrorist attack occurred because school was canceled that day, in what clearly looks to be some kind of energy weapon of mass destruction that causes fire that melts metal but does not burn down trees or wooden structures.

                                                                    This is obviously a developing news story with each day that passes revealing more information about how devastating and tragic these fires were, and the overwhelming amount of information that is being censored in the corporate media, and even in much of the alternative media, that exposes evidence, with much of that evidence coming directly from the victims who were there when it happened and are now speaking out, that these fires were directed, as an act of Satanic terrorists, and not natural.

                                                                    But I have been directed by the One whom I serve, and his Holy Spirit, to deliver a message today of hope to the true disciples of Jesus Christ, and a warning to the followers of Satan who is the father of lies and a murderer: God Has Energy Weapons Too.

                                                                    • Medical system collapse

                                                                      Are You Ready for the Collapse of the Medical System?

                                                                      The medical system in the United States today is on the brink of collapse.

                                                                      I seriously doubt that there are too many people who would question or doubt this statement.

                                                                      For example, 100,000 nurses have left the medical system since COVID, and 800,000 more nurses plan on quitting.

                                                                      Pharmaceutical drug shortages have become so severe, that pharmacists and hospitals are now rationing medical care.

                                                                      And many hospitals are now “dumping” patients on the street, because they can no longer afford to care for them, as they refuse to leave.

                                                                      This crisis in the medical system is happening right now, even before the economy totally collapses.

                                                                      So when the economy does collapse, and these medical products and services are no longer available to you, what are you going to do?

                                                                      Have you given any thought or made any plans for when this day comes, which could literally come tomorrow?

                                                                      • Maui Fire burns car and buildings but not trees 3

                                                                        Globalists Launch Climate Terrorist Attack Against Citizens in Maui Destroying Lives and Property

                                                                        Hundreds of people are feared dead and entire towns have burned to the ground in Maui, Hawaii, in what is clearly a climate terrorist attack by billionaire Globalists against the citizens of Hawaii, primarily on the island of Maui.

                                                                        Similar to what we have previously reported about past fires in California and Canada where the evidence is overwhelming that these fires are not natural at all, photos and video footage coming out of Maui right now clearly show that this is NOT a natural “wildfire” in their tropical climate, as buildings and cars burn to ashes while trees and other wooden structures are still standing.

                                                                        Peggy Hall of The Healthy American is my go-to person who does deep dives into these “wild fires” that appear to be anything but natural, and have all the markings of the result of energy weapons.

                                                                        We have featured her work before, including the work of Robert Brame, a forensic arborist who has analyzed 38 California fires and has come up with hundreds of photographic evidence of IMPOSSIBLE normal fire behavior.

                                                                        At the time of this writing, she has already done several deep dives into these unnatural fires in Hawaii, with over 3 hours of coverage so far.

                                                                        I have watched them ALL in preparing this report, and if you want to have an understanding as to what is really going on in Hawaii right now, these reports are well worth your time.

                                                                        I have condensed them down to a report that is less than an hour and concentrates on the evidence that these fires are not natural, and are acts of terrorism.

                                                                        • Karen Kingston

                                                                          Whistleblower Karen Kingston Flees U.S. Claiming Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Advisor Dr. Robert Malone Ordered a CIA Assassination of Her

                                                                          Some of our readers have alerted me to an explosive video published by Karen Kingston on her GETTR account on August 6, 2023.

                                                                          She claims to be video streaming from Mexico, where she said she had gone because it was no longer safe for her to travel in the U.S., because Dr. Robert Malone, who is an advisor to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a current candidate for the President of the United States, had allegedly worked with the CIA to put Karen on a hit list to be assassinated.

                                                                          Karen Kingston has a Substack Page where she publishes her work, and this is her bio:

                                                                          “As a strategic consultant and biotech analyst, Karen is hired by her clients to ensure that expert doctors (key opinion leaders), attorneys, corporate marketers, board members, and investors are all on the same page in regard to what is being said about a product and a disease state.

                                                                          She has been brought in to turn around situations where her clients were looking to dissolve strategic business units ranging from $200mm – $350mm because they were facing up to a billion-dollar fine or simply losing too much revenue. One turnaround resulted in a $1B+ exit acquisition strategy for Mallinckrodt.

                                                                          Her clients have included Pfizer, Medtronic, Allergan, Johnson & Johnson, Thermo Fisher Scientific and many smaller companies.”

                                                                          As a former industry insider, Karen can be properly called a “whistleblower,” and most of her recent work has been in exposing the danger and fraud around the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines,” which she refers to as “bioweapons.”

                                                                          She recently began a campaign in Florida to encourage people to contact their sheriffs and demand that they seize all remaining COVID-19 shots to prevent further death and injury, and she believes that it is this action, which she claims people had begun responding to, that led to her being put on a CIA hit-list.

                                                                          Her original video is over 40 minutes long, but I have annotated it down to 13 and a half minutes so people can grasp why she is claiming that her life is in danger, as she pleads with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to ask Dr. Robert Malone to call the CIA and stop trying to kill her.

                                                                          • digital driver license based on face scans

                                                                            12 States Now Using Mobile Digital Driver License IDs Based on Face Scans

                                                                            I have been repeatedly warning our readers that the most imminent threat to our privacy and ability to conduct our lives without being continually tracked by the Government and the Globalists is the adoption of biometric IDs, where one has to scan a body part, such as palms, faces, eyes, etc., in order to conduct business and participate in society.

                                                                            And while things like Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are a very real threat for being implemented in the future, these biometric IDs are imminent, and they are already being implemented now in 12 states for mobile digital ID driver licenses, where one must provide a face scan to prove one’s identity.

                                                                            These digital driver licenses are still optional at this point, as they develop and fine tune the technology, but how long will it be before it is required to surrender a biometric identifier such as a face scan in order to be licensed by the government to be able to drive a car, as well as do other things such as withdraw money from your bank account and ride on an airplane?

                                                                            Once you surrender something like your face scan online, it is there forever, and hackable. Government databases and hospital databases are constantly being hacked, meaning your medical records and biometric data are now out there on the Internet for sale to the highest bidder.

                                                                            The public is being conditioned to accept giving up their biometric data by creating fear and then promoting digital IDs as the solution to “keep safe.”

                                                                            One area I am seeing this happening right now is in the fear that is being generated by the “Sound of Freedom” psyop film about “child trafficking.”

                                                                            This fictional film does nothing to expose who the child traffickers actually are, and that is not surprising since the film was funded by billionaires with ties to child trafficking.

                                                                            Will this film and the fear it creates actually lead to more child trafficking as it will encourage parents to surrender biometrics of their children all in the name of “protecting” them, when in fact putting their biometrics online will make them MORE susceptible to trafficking?

                                                                            • Synagogues of satan with deceiving spirits and demonic teachings 2

                                                                              Christian Leaders Are Teaching Doctrines of Demons in Their Synagogues of Satan Called "Churches"

                                                                              In my recently published article, False Prophets Now Lead Their Deceived Followers as America Stands at the Brink of Collapse, I responded to a great comment in the comments section, and I wrote:

                                                                              “We have only one Head, one Pastor, one Bishop, one Priest, and one Lord, and his name is Jesus Christ. All others are impostors and false prophets.”

                                                                              This statement seemed to confuse some readers, with some trying to post contradictory comments and claiming that this statement needed to be “clarified.”

                                                                              So that is what this article is, a clarification to the statement that all the leaders who carry titles attached to their name to emphasize their alleged authority in Corporate Christianity, are impostors and false prophets.

                                                                              Here is the clarification:

                                                                              All men (or women) who put a title of authority before their name, such as pastor, priest, bishop, elder, etc., are leaders in the prophesied “Synagogues of Satan” spoken about in the book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible, and they are the ones referred to by Paul in his letter to Timothy where he wrote:

                                                                              “Now the Spirit explicitly says that in the later times some will desert the faith and occupy themselves with deceiving spirits and demonic teachings, influenced by the hypocrisy of liars whose consciences are seared.” (1 Timothy 4:1-2)

                                                                              Does that clarify things for you?

                                                                              • General Dwight Eisenhower

                                                                                Hiroshima, Nagasaki Bombings Were Needless, Said World War II's Top US Military Leaders

                                                                                Since World War II no other nation on the planet has spent more money on their military, and killed more innocent civilians, than the United States of America.

                                                                                These weapons of war bring in huge financial profits to the Globalists, who use their puppet politicians and their control over the corporate media to spew their lies and propaganda to whip up the public into a constant fear over these alleged “enemies” of the American people.

                                                                                They have to justify huge spending on weapons of mass destruction by programming the American public to be in a perpetual state of fear over these “enemies,” and the playbook changed dramatically in September of 2001, with the false flag “attacks” in New York that were blamed on “Muslim terrorists,” and this began new levels of surveillance and until that time unprecedented military spending on the “war against terrorists” which could then include pretty much any Muslim country in the Middle East, which “coincidentally” happened to be rich in oil.

                                                                                This war propaganda machine rolled out another new playbook for the Central Bankers and the rich Billionaires of Wall Street and Silicon Valley in 2020, with the military operation led by Donald Trump – the “war against the unseen virus” and the accompanying military operations dubbed “Operation Warp Speed” which then proceeded to kill and injure untold numbers through a new, experimental “vaccine,” which may go down in history as the greatest weapon of mass destruction ever created.

                                                                                And these perpetual wars and the huge military spending to keep the banks and Billionaires solvent, have not stopped, but were simply switched to the NATO operation in Ukraine in 2022.

                                                                                Reporter Brian McGlinchey has just published an excellent account of the bombing of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of WWII that clearly show how the propaganda fed to the American public to justify killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese people, the majority of whom were women, children and the elderly, was opposed by the top American military leaders at that time.

                                                                                • wolf in sheeps clothing false prophets

                                                                                  False Prophets Now Lead Their Deceived Followers as America Stands at the Brink of Collapse

                                                                                  Here in 2023 the United States of America stands on the brink of total collapse.

                                                                                  If you disagree with this beginning statement, then this is not the article for you.

                                                                                  This imminent collapse will be a total collapse of our society which includes, but is not limited to, our financial system, our social structures, our civil institutions including politics, and our technology.

                                                                                  How deep and how devastating this collapse will be I do not know, but every collapse of an “empire” historically has followed a moral collapse of that society, usually exhibited in human sexuality and the sacrifice of that society’s richest resources: their children.

                                                                                  I am not, of course, the only person in America who holds this view, the view that America is on the brink of collapse. The evidence is overwhelming that a great “reset” is imminent.

                                                                                  Accepting this presupposition as true, or at least likely to be true, then the question before us is what do we do now? How do we prepare for this imminent collapse of the once powerful American Empire?

                                                                                  Sadly, it is impossible to even discuss the solutions to the problems all of us face in America today, unless we can acknowledge that we have ALL been deceived, and that the first step is to come out of the deception and step into the light of the truth.

                                                                                  And to do that, we need to first stop listening to and following the false prophets controlling the narratives through “media,” whether it is the corporate media, social media, or the “alternative” media.

                                                                                  “For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12)

                                                                                  • Wikipedia-Reliable

                                                                                    CIA and FBI Manipulate Wikipedia According to Co-Founder

                                                                                    Wikipedia is the popular “free encyclopedia” on the Internet that anyone can contribute to and edit.

                                                                                    We have reported for many years now that Wikipedia is biased, especially when it comes to anything that challenges Big Pharma and their stranglehold over the term “science.”

                                                                                    Now, co-founder Larry Sanger has confirmed what we all knew for years, that powerful forces are involved in controlling the content of Wikipedia, and that the FBI and CIA, among others, including the corporate media, have hired people to control this content.

                                                                                    • Dr. Brian Hyatt medical kidnapping

                                                                                      Psychiatrist and Chairman of Arkansas Medical Board Charged with Medically Kidnapping 100s of People

                                                                                      Medical kidnapping is a tragedy that occurs every day in the United States, and yet because our culture treats medical doctors as a class of people just slightly below the rank of “God,” seldom is medical kidnapping ever reported in the media for what it really is, HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

                                                                                      The horrors of child trafficking, REAL child trafficking through the medical system, often overshadow the fact that adults in the United States are medically kidnapped at a rate that is about 3 times more frequent than child medical kidnapping.

                                                                                      The absolute worst class of “medical doctors” licensed by the State to prescribe deadly drugs or vaccines, including by force against the will of the “patient,” are the nation’s psychiatrists, which as a class of “doctors” have the worst record of sex abuse and criminal convictions of any other class of medical professionals.

                                                                                      Psychiatry is a religion, with psychiatrists serving as “priests” in this religion, and we recently published an article showing how the entire “brain imbalance” theory of “mental disease” has been proven to be bogus.

                                                                                      One of these criminal psychiatrists who has allegedly kidnapped hundreds of patients has been featured in many of the corporate media news sites this past week, Arkansas psychiatrist Brian Hyatt, who was also the Chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board.

                                                                                      Hyatt reportedly incarcerated his victims against their will, and then fraudulently billed Medicare for services never performed on them. In one case, a victim reports that it took the sheriff to come into the hospital to rescue him from his medical prison.

                                                                                      This doctor’s crimes were so horrible, that the corporate media could not ignore them and were basically forced to cover this story once the State Attorney General got involved.

                                                                                      But even in their reporting, they sanitize these crimes and do not call it what it really is: medical kidnapping and human trafficking.

                                                                                      And it happens every day all across this country. This kidnapper in Arkansas got caught in his crimes, but most do not.

                                                                                      • worldcoin orb scanning eyes of blacks

                                                                                        Kenya Bans Worldcoin and World ID as Other Nations Push Back on Privacy Concerns

                                                                                        Worldcoin, which says it wants to build a “more human internet” with its World ID credential and globular iris scanning device, has been told that the its plan is not welcome in Kenya until its biometric data collection practices have passed a legal assessment, according to Africa News.

                                                                                        The country’s Ministry of Home Affairs announced it is suspending Worldcoin’s enrollments and cryptocurrency issuance while “the relevant government agencies certify the absence of any risk to the public.”

                                                                                        Concerns about Worldcoin’s commitment to privacy and the legality of its practices mean that, for now, anyone left holding a Worldcoin token will have to wait to cash it.

                                                                                        Regulators in the UK, France, Germany, Kenya and Mexico are also scrutinizing Worldcoin.

                                                                                        • Shaina Brown

                                                                                          Innocent Woman Facing Life in Prison for Legally Purchasing Kratom & Driving 200 Feet Into Alabama

                                                                                          In a disgusting display of what’s fundamentally wrong with America’s drug war, Shaina Brown, an entirely innocent woman, who harmed no one, finds herself locked up behind bars, slapped with an egregious $1,000,000 bail, later lowered to a still absurdly high $250,000, all for the mere possession of a plant she bought legally, just 200 feet away from where she was arrested.

                                                                                          The plant in question? Kratom, a botanical supplement that has been vilified by a select few states and the federal government, despite it being perfectly legal in the majority of the US, including where Brown had initially bought it. It is also extremely safe when consumed properly.

                                                                                          • deaths from anti-anxiety drugs

                                                                                            Cannabis: The "Gateway Drug" Leading AWAY from Prescription Drug Addiction

                                                                                            There are currently over 32 million Americans using FDA-approved anti-anxiety prescription drugs (benzodiazepines), based on 2018 data. That includes almost 400,000 children under the age of 5 years old, and over 100,000 infants under the age of 1.

                                                                                            According to a study published on the National Institute of Health (NIH) website in 2016, benzodiazepine prescriptions increased 4.1 percent in 1996 to 5.6 percent in 2013, a 37 percent increase, while deaths from benzodiazepine prescriptions increased from 0.58 per 100,000 adults to about 3 per 100,000 adults, or about 8,000 deaths per year, an increase of more than 500 percent.

                                                                                            And these statistics are for just one class of anti-psychotic drugs, anti-anxiety (benzodiazepine) drugs. According to data from 2020, about 77 million Americans are taking some form of an anti-psychotic drug.

                                                                                            Over 100 people die every day in the U.S. from prescription drugs (pre-COVID, that number would be much higher today), and over 50% of all drug deaths in the U.S. are from prescription drugs.

                                                                                            By way of contrast, about 52 million Americans use cannabis (marijuana), which is still illegal at the federal level and not FDA-approved, and to date there has not been a single death attributed to cannabis use, according to the NIH.

                                                                                            The corporate media and Big Pharma have been saying for decades now that cannabis use is a “gateway drug” leading people to become addicted to more dangerous drugs.

                                                                                            Well, I think everyone agrees that marijuana is a “gateway drug”, but a “gateway” leading in which direction?

                                                                                            The evidence points to cannabis use as a “gateway” AWAY from deadly prescription drugs, such as opioids and anti-psychotics, and is also being used to help people stop drinking alcohol.

                                                                                            Of course that means decreased revenues for Big Pharma, and not just for anti-anxiety drugs.

                                                                                            Learn more about the “other side” of cannabis that threatens Big Pharma.

                                                                                            • Smart Homes Becoming Digital Prisons 2

                                                                                              Digital Concentration Camps: How Biometrics Are Making Our Homes Virtual Prisons in Preparation for the Next "Lockdowns"

                                                                                              All visitors have to register via biometrics, such as palm scans, face scans, eye scans, etc., before they are allowed to enter. Once they enter, they are continually monitored via cameras and microphones that monitor one’s biometrics while on the premises. Anyone who approaches the premises is picked up by cameras that immediately seek to identify who the person is before allowing entrance.

                                                                                              Did I just describe how one visits a friend or relative who is incarcerated in a jail, prison or mental ward, or did I just describe how new “smart homes” operate?

                                                                                              Actually, both. And that’s the point.

                                                                                              The public is voluntarily surrendering their privacy for the sake of “convenience” and “security,” while not understanding that what they are trading in for these “conveniences” and illusions of “security” is the ability for government agents to lock them down in their own homes, just as they lock down prisoners in jails, hospitals, mental institutions, and other places of incarceration.

                                                                                              And for those of you who believe what I am writing here is an overstated “conspiracy theory,” you have very short memories.

                                                                                              It was just 3 years ago when most of the world was locked down in their homes all in the name of “COVID.”

                                                                                              If you think that they would never do something that again, then you are not living in reality.

                                                                                              Everything in the media right now, which includes the corporate media, and the alternative media, is almost all a distraction to take your attention away from the imminent roll-out of biometric ID programs.

                                                                                              If your bank or employer required you to surrender your biometrics to have access to your money tomorrow, would you comply? Would you allow them to scan your palm, your face, the irises of your eyes, or even provide a DNA sample of your blood, in order to access your money?

                                                                                              • Drugs-vs-Coconut-Oil Alzheimers

                                                                                                Vaccines to Treat Alzheimer's Disease? Virgin Coconut Oil Already Heals Alzheimer's and Dementia

                                                                                                Big Pharma has been attempting to cash in on the huge number of older Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and other forms of dementia for decades now, but the number of older Americans suffering from dementia just continues to increase.

                                                                                                That’s because AD is a form of diabetes, often referred to as “Type 3” diabetes, and is largely caused by older Americans taking too many drugs, prescription pharmaceutical drugs.

                                                                                                The latest news to increase American senior’s addiction to prescription drugs is a “vaccine” that is being developed to inject into seniors who have AD.

                                                                                                Well for those who bow the knee to worship Big Pharma, I suppose there will be a market for this kind of insanity for those who believe that health can come from being injected with chemicals through a needle.

                                                                                                The sad thing about dementia and AD is that thousands of people have already seen great success by using Virgin Coconut Oil, especially in conjunction with a ketogenic type of diet, including seeing a total reversal of AD.

                                                                                                I have been documenting this and publishing testimonials from those who have reversed AD for almost 2 decades now.

                                                                                                The research and testimonials are all published on our website.

                                                                                                If you are in charge of caring for someone who suffers from AD or other forms of dementia, please take time to research this censored, life-saving information that could dramatically change your life and the lives of those you care for who may be suffering needlessly as victims of Big Pharma.

                                                                                                I have published an eBook that talks about Virgin Coconut Oil and AD, and I am offering it to the public for free in my Healthy Traditions store.

                                                                                                • Niger Coup Leaders

                                                                                                  Africa Strengthens Ties with Russia as Coups Against Western-Backed Governments Spread Across Africa Continent

                                                                                                  Niger became the latest African nation to topple its “democratically elected” U.S.-backed government this week, as civil unrest spreads from coast to coast across the continent.

                                                                                                  President Bazoum is reportedly being held by his own presidential guard, and the coup leaders claim that the nation’s army, gendarmerie, and police forces were all united in taking control of the government in Niger.

                                                                                                  Local reporters are claiming that the coup is also supported by the people of Niger.

                                                                                                  While Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov criticized the coup last week as an “anti-constitutional act,” a new “African Union” comprising over 40 African nations met with Russian President Putin last week in a “Russia-Africa Summit” to strengthen economic ties.

                                                                                                  The share of African nations in Russia’s foreign trade reportedly rose by 30% in the first half of this year compared to the same period in 2022.

                                                                                                  Five countries account for 60% of trade turnover between Russia and Africa, namely Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, and South Africa. Russia sells grain, energy resources, metals, and trucks to the continent, and buys agricultural produce.

                                                                                                  Russia is offering to conduct trade in local currencies, which will further erode the strength of the U.S. dollar globally.

                                                                                                  At this summit, it was announced that Russia had granted debt relief on over $684 million owed to them by Somalia.

                                                                                                  The crumbling American empire is apparently losing its control over the African continent, and its rationale for keeping troops in the area with its decades old claims that these nations are controlled by “Islamic Jihad Terrorists.”

                                                                                                  • Linda Collins-Smith Kathy Hall Child Trafficking

                                                                                                    People Actually Trying to Stop Child Trafficking are Often Murdered - The CENSORED Linda Collins-Smith Story

                                                                                                    In 2019 we interviewed Kathy Hall on KFNX Talk Radio out of Phoenix regarding the kidnapping of her granddaughter after her daughter was killed in Arkansas. She was close friends with Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith, who was working on her case and attempting to help her get custody of her granddaughter.

                                                                                                    But after returning to Arkansas after a trip to Arizona, Arkansas State Senator Linda Collins-Smith was murdered.

                                                                                                    This became a huge national story, and late last year ABC’s 20/20 ran a documentary on the Linda Collins-Smith story, spinning the story in a specific direction that they obviously wanted the public to believe. You can watch it on their website.

                                                                                                    Kathy Hall, who was a close friend of Linda, had been interviewed by ABC during the filming of this show, but then ABC decided to exclude her testimony after her house burned down, the day before Rebecca O’Donnell, who was being held as the suspect in Senator Smith’s murder, allegedly pleaded guilty to her murder.

                                                                                                    So go watch what the corporate media is reporting about Senator Linda Collin-Smith’s murder on ABC first, then come back to this article, where I will tell the public the “other side” of this story, as reported by her good friend, Kathy Hall, one of the last people to communicate with the Arkansas Senator just before she was killed.

                                                                                                    • the war on Julian Assange

                                                                                                      The True Cost of Julian Assange’s Persecution: An Exclusive Interview with Stella Assange

                                                                                                      It is now four years since Julian Assange was imprisoned in Belmarsh’s high-security prison in London and eleven since he was forced into hiding in the Ecuadorean Embassy in the same city. But even before then, the Australian publisher and WikiLeaks co-founder has been under relentless attack from powerful bodies his organization exposed.

                                                                                                      Today in “The Watchdog” studio, Lowkey is joined by Assange’s wife Stella. Stella Assange is a South-African born lawyer and human rights defender. Her most famous case is undoubtedly that of her husband, whom she married in 2022. For years, Stella has tirelessly traveled the world raising awareness of Julian’s situation. Before marrying Julian, she attained degrees from the School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) in London and from the University of Oxford. 

                                                                                                      For Lowkey, Assange’s brilliance was taking his anti-war passions and finding a way to directly work with units within the U.S. military to make the public aware of the illegal, immoral, and deeply unpopular decisions being taken in our name.

                                                                                                      • Twitter-logo-x masonic logo 3

                                                                                                        Freemason Elon Musk Rebrands Twitter to "X" - New "Everything App" is the Goal

                                                                                                        Last year I published an article about Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, and his desire to turn it into an “everything app” similar to the Chinese WeChat app, which is the main app China uses to combine social media, digital identity, vaccination and medical status, criminal history, tracking and surveillance, digital currency, shopping, carbon footprint, and other digital information.

                                                                                                        We also reported that several large foreign Twitter investors had received access to confidential information about the social network, possibly including its users’ personal data and financial statistics as part of Elon Musk’s deal on his Twitter acquisition.

                                                                                                        Musk’s plans to turn Twitter into an “everything app” that would provide new levels of tracking individuals is apparently becoming a reality, as Musk changed the name of Twitter to “X” earlier this week.

                                                                                                        Forbes reported:

                                                                                                        “Elon Musk’s abrupt decision to do away with Twitter’s iconic blue bird and rebrand as “X” erased one of social media’s most recognizable brands overnight and potentially killed billions in brand value, but marketing and branding experts told Forbes the unconventional and seemingly reckless strategy signals the start of Musk’s promised “everything app” and could have more to it than meets the eye.

                                                                                                        The change was unsurprising—Musk has been open about his ambition to build an “everything app” like China’s WeChat and has already changed the business name to X Corp—but it was sudden.”

                                                                                                        Like Sam Altman’s WorldID and WorldCoin, the U.S. Government may soon be using “X” to distribute things like Universal Basic Income (“Free” money) in return for biometric scans of various parts of your body.

                                                                                                        • Biometric Verification - Boy Face Detection, high technology

                                                                                                          U.S. Government Wants Facial Scans of All Children: To "Protect" Children or to Traffick Them?

                                                                                                          The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) of the federal U.S. Government is considering allowing businesses to use biometric facial scans of children under the age of 13 as “a new mechanism for obtaining parental consent.”

                                                                                                          As the FTC noted in this press release, “Under the COPPA Rule, online sites and services directed to children under 13 must obtain parental consent before collecting or using personal information from a child.”

                                                                                                          So are parents of children under the age of 13 the ones complaining about online sites collecting data on their children and petitioning the FTC to protect their children?

                                                                                                          No, businesses are the ones petitioning the FTC to allow face scans of children under the age of 13, allegedly as an “age verification” system.

                                                                                                          They claim that the images collected are “privacy-preserving”, but the mere act of allowing a young child’s face to be scanned “with their actual month and year of birth” means that they are stored in a database somewhere where pedophiles will now have access to that information.

                                                                                                          And those pedophiles are not just cartel members living in the jungles of far away places like Columbia. No, they are working in our government, in our nation’s child welfare system in child “protective” services, in our schools and in our churches, as we have so often documented here at Health Impact News over the years.

                                                                                                          The United States today is perhaps the most dangerous country in the world to raise a child, and every parent needs to understand that their child is in constant danger of being abducted, usually by our own government, and being trafficked.

                                                                                                          What can a parent do to protect their children?

                                                                                                          • Patryk-Vega-Eyes-of-the-Devil

                                                                                                            "Eyes of the Devil" - The REAL Documentary that Exposes the Horror of Child Sex Trafficking

                                                                                                            The REAL horrors of child sex trafficking are so terrible and evil, that there is no reason to dramatize it, as Sound of Freedom does.

                                                                                                            I continue to be attacked and ridiculed for publishing the truth about this fictional movie, with one person suggesting that I must actually support child sex trafficking if I am publishing negative reviews of Sound of Freedom.

                                                                                                            This movie is very clearly a psyop and distraction from the REAL child sex trafficking that is occurring with young children who are also often murdered for their organs and body parts.

                                                                                                            This is happening in Ukraine, for example, and we have exposed this evil.

                                                                                                            But the documentary published in 2021 by Polish film producer Patryk Vega titled “Eyes of the Devil,” is by far the most graphic description of child sex trafficking and organ harvesting I have ever watched.

                                                                                                            It has been viewed by over 7 million people in Polish, and several more million people in the English version.

                                                                                                            It is NOT dramatized. It is a true documentary.

                                                                                                            This is the film to watch if you want to truly know about child sex trafficking, but most of you probably cannot handle a film like this.

                                                                                                            • Trump is moses 2

                                                                                                              Hollywood Actor Jim Caviezel Said that He's Jesus and that Trump is Moses in Child Trafficking

                                                                                                              The frenzy surrounding the Sound of Freedom fictional movie has gone from hype, to insanity, to now blasphemy.

                                                                                                              Hollywood actor Jim Caviezel appeared on Fox News and stated that “we have to do a lot more” to rescue children being trafficked, and that Donald Trump was the one who was going to rescue trafficked children.

                                                                                                              “I’m still Jesus, but he (Trump) is Moses.”

                                                                                                              If you are a true disciple of Jesus Christ, then you know that taking a stand for Truth means to go against the crowd. 

                                                                                                              The Christian Right and the American Christians in their corporate churches are the main ones upholding and supporting the child trafficking business in the United States today.

                                                                                                              How much longer before God’s wrath is poured out on the United States of America, where most of the world’s human trafficking occurs?

                                                                                                              • freemason microchipping Georgia

                                                                                                                Freemasons are Collecting DNA and Biometric Data of Children for Tracking Purposes

                                                                                                                According to Wikipedia, North American Masonic lodges have created the Masonic Child Identification Programs (CHIP) as a charitable endeavor to help locate and identify missing children. The Grand Lodge provides financial assistance for CHIP programs, which are run by volunteers from lower-level lodges and are manned by law enforcement and dentistry professionals.

                                                                                                                The CHIP programs give parents the option to free-of-charge assemble an identification kit for their child. The kit includes a tooth impression card, a DNA sample, a VHS video, computer disk, or DVD of the child, a fingerprint card, and a physical description of the child. In the event that a kid is reported missing, the kit’s goal is to give the general public and law authorities access to vital information. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children has praised the initiative.

                                                                                                                • social media linked doorbell camera

                                                                                                                  Peeping Tom Neighbors? New Doorbell Camera Links to Social Media Accounts and Uses Facial Recognition

                                                                                                                  Gullible and ignorant Americans are putting more and more of their private lives online often in exchange for the promise of more “security.”

                                                                                                                  Big Tech and law enforcement agencies want to thank those of you participating in their plans to create a complete police state where they can track every aspect of your lives through “smart” devices and homes, as you voluntarily surrender all the data of your personal lives to them.

                                                                                                                  When the next “pandemic” or other national emergency false flag event happens, it will be much easier to lock down the public, especially in the cities, as you give them direct livestream access to your homes and neighborhoods.

                                                                                                                  Irvinei is the latest startup technology company to enter the home doorbell camera market, and their technology goes a step further than current doorbell camera systems, as it allows one to link their social media accounts to the doorbell camera system, and it also uses facial recognition so it can identify almost anyone who comes to one’s door, whether they consent to be recorded by the doorbell camera system or not.

                                                                                                                  • who funded sound of freedom

                                                                                                                    Sound of Freedom: A Movie About Child Trafficking Produced by Child Traffickers?

                                                                                                                    I have been vehemently attacked and criticized by some people for daring to publish critical articles about the Sound of Freedom movie, especially the article about the people who funded the movie, the billionaire philanthropists with ties to human trafficking.

                                                                                                                    But the source for this funding is Tim Ballard himself, who stated who was funding the movie in an interview in Utah 5 years ago on Fox News.

                                                                                                                    This same local news outlet, Fox 13 News Utah, also reported in 2020 that Tim Ballard’s organization, Operation Underground Railroad, was under criminal investigation for its fundraising methods.

                                                                                                                    Some people have also attacked me for referring to Sound of Freedom as a fictional movie, and not a documentary.

                                                                                                                    But again, the source of this information is Tim Ballard himself, who put up a page on the Operation Underground Railroad website stating that the movie was “based on a true story,” but that many parts of the movie never happened and were fictional.

                                                                                                                    Why did Tim Ballard wait until the week before the movie appeared in theaters on July 4th to publish this, when for years he gave interviews about the movie portraying it as a true story leading people to believe it was like a documentary?

                                                                                                                    Also, why did Tim Ballard walk away from his $525,958.00 a year salary as the CEO and founder of Operation Underground Railroad just before the film was released on the Big Screen?

                                                                                                                    The predominant narrative in the Right-wing Christian media is that only the “godless, leftist” media is criticizing the Sound of Freedom movie.

                                                                                                                    Here is a headline from an article that was in my newsfeed today: “Journalists Attacking The Film Sound Of Freedom Should Have Their Hard Drives Investigated.”

                                                                                                                    Really?? Is it true that only the “godless, leftist” media is criticizing the Sound of Freedom movie??

                                                                                                                    • Maya-Kowalski

                                                                                                                      New Documentary on Medically Kidnapped Girl Whose Mother Committed Suicide is the Most Powerful Film Ever Produced Exposing Medical Kidnapping

                                                                                                                      Last night I watched the new documentary that was released by Netflix last month (June, 2023), “Take Care of Maya.”

                                                                                                                      This is, by far, the best documentary I have ever watched that exposes the criminal enterprise allowed to operate in this country, and which I have been covering as a journalist for about a decade now, medical kidnapping.

                                                                                                                      The documentary shows the true story of the Kowalski family of Florida, a medical kidnapping horror story that we have covered in previous articles.

                                                                                                                      The documentary was produced by Caitlin Keating, who also writes for People Magazine.

                                                                                                                      Here is an excerpt that was published just before the film was released on Netflix.

                                                                                                                      Title: “An Allegation of Munchausen by Proxy, a Mom’s Suicide, a Daughter’s Pain: ‘Take Care of Maya’ Exclusive Clip.”

                                                                                                                      Description: “Maya Kowalski was rushed to the ER at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Fla., in the early morning of October 7, 2016. She had crippling stomach pain (‘so severe, her knees were going up to her chest, and she was screaming,’ says her father, Jack,) related to the rare neurological condition complex regional pain syndrome or CRPS.

                                                                                                                      The 17-year-old’s first memory was with her mom days later at the ICU. She kissed Maya on the forehead, told her she loved her, and they’d see each other the next day. ‘I never saw her again,’ Maya says.”

                                                                                                                      This film clearly exposes how a medical doctor who in reality is not even practicing medicine, but is acting as a forensic criminal investigator with ZERO training in law enforcement or forensic evidence, the corrupt pediatric specialty of “Child Abuse Specialist” which is a recent specialty started around 2010, has the enormous power to destroy families, as judges are all too quick to accept their “advice”.

                                                                                                                      Maya’s mother was denied the opportunity to even hug her daughter after one court hearing, and ended up committing suicide a short time later giving up all hope that she would ever be reunited with her daughter again.

                                                                                                                      This film is far more significant in exposing child trafficking in this country than the fictional Sound of Freedom movie, in my opinion, and shows that the horror of child trafficking in this country is not just limited to sex trafficking, but includes medical kidnapping by the pharmaceutical cartels as well.

                                                                                                                      • stop child rape Lewis Arthur

                                                                                                                        Veterans on Patrol has Rescued Thousands of Children Sexually Trafficked in the U.S. - Appeals for More Volunteers

                                                                                                                        I have written 2 articles on the blockbuster movie Sound of Freedom, a movie that has already grossed over $85 million in less than two weeks since its release on the big screen, and these articles have received tens of thousands of readers in the past few days, even though the movie does not expose child sex trafficking in the U.S., does not name the names of those funding this child sex trafficking network, and has no call to action to stop it.

                                                                                                                        By way of contrast, I have exposed where much of the child sex trafficking in the U.S. is happening, with a recently published story of a man who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing young children through the foster care system, as well as an update on the ongoing lawsuits against Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking network, which DOES name names, and these two articles have received far fewer views than the Sound of Freedom film articles.

                                                                                                                        In this article I am publishing today, about a group who has actually done something about child sex trafficking in the U.S., I suspect that it too will receive far fewer readers than the articles about the movie Sound of Freedom, even though this is an article about a group that has actually rescued thousands of women and children from sex trafficking right here in the U.S. during the past 7 years, and could probably rescue many more if people would join their efforts to expose and chase out the child sex traffickers neighborhood by neighborhood all across the U.S., rather than sitting in a theater and watching a movie about child sex trafficking outside the U.S.

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                                                                                                                          The Bible Teaches Believers to Manage Their Own Business and to Not be Slaves to the System - Just the Opposite of Christian Teaching

                                                                                                                          Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to attend to your own business and to work with your hands, just as we told you, so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and so that you will not be dependent on anybody. (1 Thessalonians 4:11-12)