Attorney Jonathan Emord Takes on the FDA Over Electroshock (ECT) Device

In December 2015, the FDA issued a proposed order to down-classify the device used to deliver electroshock therapy. Today, Attorney Jonathan Emord filed a Citizens Petition with the FDA on behalf of 5 individuals who were damaged by electroshock. “I hope this is the beginning of the path to do away with shock [ECT]. Hopefully it’ll go the way of lobotomies, another ‘miracle treatment’.” ECT survivor, shocked as a teenager Most people surveyed thought electroshock therapy, also called electroconvulsive therapy or ECT, did go the way of lobotomies. In fact, a conservative estimate is that over 100,000 individuals receive electroshock therapy each year in the U.S. Actual numbers are not available because there is no tracking of this. The ECT procedure involves shooting up to 450 volts of electricity through the brain, intentionally causing a massive seizure. According to the FDA, electroshock therapy can cause cognitive impairment, memory impairment, prolonged seizures, dental trauma, manic symptoms, pulmonary complications, worsening of psychiatric symptoms, and death.

The American History Of Compulsory Vaccination and its Ties to Eugenics

Those currently proposing forced vaccination laws point to a U.S. Supreme Court decision from 1905: Jacobson v. Massachusetts. In fact, the Supreme Court has not heard a compulsory vaccine case since the 1920s. In the article presented here, Attorney Emord looks at the history of compulsory vaccination, and shows how it was Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. who stripped away Fourteenth Amendment rights in regards to compulsory vaccination, the very same judge who ruled in favor of forced sterilization which was supported by the "science" of that day, eugenics. Eugenics is the same "science" used by the Nazis in Germany to endorse eliminating "feeble-minded" people in favor of a "master race."

Attorney Emord: Arkansas Seizure of Stanley Kids is an Extraordinary Abuse of State Power

Constitutional attorney Jonathan Emord hosted the Robert Scott Bell show and discussed the current situation in Arkansas where local law enforcement together with social services took custody of Hal and Michelle Stanley's seven homeschooled children by force. Emord stated that based on what is known, the Arkansas seizure of the Stanley children looks like "an abuse of power that is extraordinary." Emord said that the Stanley children are "essentially incarcerated," because they have been taken by the State and kept away from their parents before there is any trial on the merits of any charges.

FDA and Pharmaceutical Companies Move to Take Over the Supplement Industry

Image courtesy of National Health Federation

Drug Industry Acquisition of the Supplement Marketplace
by Attorney Jonathan Emord
When I fought the Pearson v. Shalala battle against FDA in the late 1990s, the industry was far different than it is today (not only were consumers willing to pay a premium for specialty products in a highly diversified marketplace […]

FTC More Dangerous than FDA: Will Only Allow Drugs to Make Health Claims

by Alliance for Natural Health
FTC Proceeds with Raw Power Grab on Health Claims—In Effect Thumbing Its Nose at Congress
Food company POM Wonderful’s battle with the FTC ends (for now) with the agency making up its own law and quashing free speech. Action Alert!

Last year, an administrative law judge (ALJ)* for the Federal Trade Commission upheld the pomegranate juice […]

FDA Can Now Remove Any Dietary Supplement from the Market – Easier Than They Can Remove Drugs

Health Impact News Editor Comments: Almost nobody dies from overdosing on vitamins and dietary supplements, but well over 100,000 people a year die from properly prescribed prescription drugs. If one were to analyze the Food and Drug Association’s actions towards dietary supplements and pharmaceutical drugs, you would think it is the other way around.

Constitutional Attorney Jonathan […]