How Roundup Weedkiller Can Promote Cancer, New Study Reveals

Roundup herbicide (glyphosate) is in our air, rain, groundwater, soil and most food in the U.S., and an increasing body of research reveals it has cancer-promoting properties. Researchers from the Indian Institute of Toxicology Research have recently confirmed the carcinogenic potential of Roundup herbicide using human skin cells (HaCaT ) exposed to extremely low concentrations of the world's best selling herbicide.

Why GMOs Can Never Be Safe

Monsanto is the world leader in GM crops, and their website would have you believe that they are the answer to world hunger. Thanks to their heavy PR campaign, if you’ve been primarily a reader of the mainstream press, you’ve probably been misled into thinking GM crops are, in fact, the greatest thing since sliced bread, that they provide better yields of equal or better quality food, pest and weed resistance, reduced reliance on pesticides, and more… But thankfully, the truth is unfolding and the tide is finally beginning to turn. The Organic Prepper recently highlighted 10 GM myths that Monsanto wants you to believe … but which are actually far from the truth.

African Groups Reject G8 Biotech Food Plan as ‘Colonialism’

African farmers’ movements and civil society groups have rejected the G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition as part of a “new wave of colonialism” targeting their food systems for corporate profit. The African statement accuses the G8 of supporting multinational corporations like Yara, Monsanto, Syngenta, Cargill in their quest to privatise African agriculture: “Private ownership of knowledge and material resources (for example, seed and genetic materials) means the flow of royalties out of Africa into the hands of multinational corporations.” The statement calls for alternative strategies to protect sustainable agricultural techniques already in development across Africa which put household food security before corporate profits.

The collapse of native Iraqi agriculture, and the prosper of US Biotech and GMOs in Iraq

One more war crime: Death of Iraqi agriculture
by Richard Brenneman

Way back when esnl was a budding anthropology student, we learned about the history of agriculture, and the development of wheat cultivation and irrigation in the Fertile Crescent, the flood basins of the Nile, Tigris, and Euphrates rivers.

Now, thanks to the American military […]

Debunking the stubborn myth that only industrial ag can ‘feed the world’

by Tom Philpott
Quote: “The problem is, the conventional wisdom is wrong — or, at the very least, much more contested than its champions let on. The Economist insisted that international development agencies had embraced Big Ag as the solution to the globe’s food problem, but that simply isn’t true.”
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The Last Thing our Hungry World Needs is More Food

Comment from Health Impact News editor: Fred Pearce of MailOnline in the UK has written an excellent piece today looking at the current food crisis. He makes a good claim that the last thing we need is more food. His article does a good job of pitting the biotech solution to world hunger against small-scale […]

Biotech Industry Spends More Than Half a Billion Dollars to Influence Congress

by Food & Water Watch

Since 1999, the 50 largest agricultural and food patentholdingcompanies and two of the largest biotechnology andagrochemical trade associations have spent more than $572million in campaign contributions and lobbying expenditures,according to a new analysis by Food & Water Watch.The companies and trade associations have hired a bevyof well-connected lobbying shops — […]