Medical Cannabis Has Potential to Help Arthritis Sufferers

There have been anecdotal reports and testimonies of arthritis sufferers getting effective relief from cannabis without adverse side effects, sometimes even reversing their arthritic conditions. There have also been several studies confirming the anecdotal successes with cannabis for treating arthritis with cannabis. A rare human study that clinically tested cannabis, and a massive review paper published recently that covered over 100 lab cell culture (in vitro) and animal (in vivo) studies testing cannabis for treating arthritis shows promising results for arthritis sufferers.

Study: Black Seed Oil Relieves Pain Associated with Arthritis

Black cumin seed oil, technically known as Nigella Sativa or N. sativa, has been used for thousands of years for several maladies, disorders, and both infectious and non-infectious diseases, especially throughout ancient Mideast, Egypt, and Greece. Currently, black cumin seeds and oils (from the seeds) are used as traditional medicines in the Mideast as well as parts of Africa and Asia. It's principal and most abundant bioactive phytochemical ingredient is thymoquinone. In addition to the multitude of anecdotal reports demonstrating efficacy and safety, there has been a growing curiosity among modern medical researchers who have been researching black cumin seed oil’s thymoquinone for the past few decades. Two more studies have been added in 2018, both relating to black seed oil's ability to relieve arthritis. One was a review article and the other a human trial study.

Study: Antioxidants Present in Virgin Coconut Oil Inhibit Inflammation Associated with Arthritis

In what may the first study of its kind, researchers in India extracted the antioxidants unique to virgin coconut oil from the oil and injected them into rats with induced arthritis. They found that the unique coconut oil antioxidants reduced inflammation associated with arthritis more effectively than current pharmaceutical drugs.

5 Health Benefits of Broccoli

Broccoli contains phytochemicals shown to benefit arthritis, cancer, immune system health, blood pressure levels, vision, skin health, blood sugar disorders and much more. Eating broccoli raw, as opposed to cooked, will help protect it’s nutrients; broccoli sprouts are an even more nutritionally potent way to enjoy broccoli. You can grow your own broccoli sprouts at home inexpensively and in just a few days’ time.

Statin Drugs Linked To Arthritis, Heart Trouble And More

A new study reveals that cholesterol-lowering drugs may be contributing to an epidemic of arthritis and autoimmunity in exposed populations, adding to a growing body of clinical evidence that they may cause over 300 adverse health effects.