The spiritual side of health from a solid foundation of creation teaching.

Is Your Life Effective and Productive?

Being effective and productive in life begins with our minds, and understanding the “great and precious promises” that Christ has given us, and the “divine power” that is available to us. But it then moves beyond the intellectual knowledge, and produces faith in our life to put into practice the things we know are true. What good are great and precious promises and divine power if we never use them and put them into practice? When we put them into practice, we possess the qualities of an effective and productive life that are listed here by Peter: faith – goodness – knowledge – self control – perseverance – godliness – brotherly kindness – love.

Re-Creation: The Rebirth

Our physical bodies are decaying and will eventually die, but our spirit can be renewed and re-created, bringing about true health. This is a permanent solution to our health problems, and it is a FREE offer available to all - it cannot be purchased.

“What Is the World Really Like?” How Materialism is the Religion of Darwinism

John Searle, the eminent professor of philosophy at U.C. Berkeley, once said that "there is a sense in which materialism is the religion of our time." Sometimes called naturalism, materialism here has nothing to do with greed or a lust for riches. It is the name of a philosophy -- the belief that physical matter is all that exists. Alex Rosenberg of Duke University's philosophy department has put it nicely: What is the world really like? It is fermions and bosons [elementary particles] and everything that can be made up of them, and nothing that can't be made up of them. To put it more simply still, the world consists of nothing but molecules in motion. And that does seem to be the philosophy of our time, at least within our most prestigious universities -- sometimes even including their theology departments. Materialism is itself an implausible philosophy, as another eminent philosopher, New York University's Thomas Nagel, recently wrote in his much-despised book Mind and Cosmos. Its subtitle gives the explanation: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False. The explicit materialism of the Darwinians is the mirror image of creationism. Creationists are easy for scientific materialists to rebut, because the materialists can say, "That is just your belief. We don't have to accept that." In a parallel way, we can say to the materialists: "That is just your belief. We don't have to accept that. And it is the real basis of your evolutionism." In between the Creationists and the Materialists we encounter the scientific evidence that makes the materialist position increasingly improbable -- the evidence that Stephen Meyer recently presented in Darwin's Doubt: information theory, insufficiency of the fossil record, epigenetics, complexity of life at the molecular level, and so on.

Modern Day Academia: If Scientific Methods Take You to Non-material Causes, Then Those Results Must be Rejected

Methodological naturalism aims to protect "science" from certain conclusions. This rule says that the scientific method is a great tool for obtaining knowledge about our world (which indeed, it is!), but if scientific methods take you to non-material causes, then those results must be rejected. Non-material explanations are never allowed. Never. It's a great way to limit your empirically based search for truth to pre-determined outcomes.

Does God Make Mistakes? Your Health Depends in Large Part on Your Perspective

Why has this video been viewed over 60 million times on YouTube? What makes a man born with no arms and no legs have such a positive outlook on life?

Pseudogenes Regulate Immune Responses in Humans

Pseudogenes were once thought to be nothing but genomic fossils—the remnants of broken genes. Now they are being shown to be highly functional and critical to life processes in the cell. Pseudogenes clearly play an active role in regulating chronic inflammation in humans, a key cellular process that is associated with cancer, autoimmune disorders and cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

Are Our Genes a Product of Us?

New studies show how exercise and a sense of well-being may affect epigenetics and gene regulation. So are we a product of our genes or are our genes a product of us?

Knowledge vs. Love

The measurement of those who know God best is not their intellectual understanding of the Bible, or social issues, or political issues. Instead, those who know God best show it in their love for one another! And Jesus was our supreme example, showing us a love the world had never seen before.

Epigenetics and Disease: Thinking Outside the Box

Intelligent design gets a bad rap because it is not in line with the supposed scientific consensus that unguided evolutionary processes account for the existence of all of the life that we see today. But there are unanswered questions regarding the origin of the complexity of biological systems and the information content in DNA (both within the genome and the epigenome), as Stephen Meyer has shown in Darwin's Doubt and Signature in the Cell. Science, indeed, should be about exploring uncharted territories from varying, even unpopular, perspectives rather than confining ourselves to research that has been blessed by convention. The old paradigm focused on the sequence of the coding portion of DNA to find genetic factors for disease. However, when the old paradigm cannot answer questions, it is time to think outside the box.

God’s Gift of Healing—As Powerful Today as Ever!

What does it mean to be healed? Gina Tillman-Young brings testimony to the fact that Jesus still heals today by sharing three stories of people who came to Everything Jesus! Ranch in Texas with various illnesses and then later left that ranch healed from illnesses modern medicine was unsuccessful in treating.