July 30, 2014

ATP Synthase: A Marvelous Molecular Machine Designed in all Living Cells

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Everything we do is driven by energy, whether it’s eating a meal, going out for a jog, fighting a cold, or even the seemingly passive task of growing out our hair. The energy currency used by our cells to perform these and many other functions is adenosine triphosphate (ATP), considered by many to be second in importance only to DNA. The majority of ATP is produced by ATP synthase, a quick, efficient, and responsive energy system that is constantly at work to provide organisms with the energy needed for life. The average human body generates over 50kg of ATP every day.

Take a moment and watch the new animation, below.

As the video vividly illustrates, ATP synthase works like a rotary engine. It has many parts we would recognize from human technology, including a rotor, a stator, a camshaft, and the basic components of a rotary engine. Powered by protons, a driveshaft rotates, creating mechanical energy. This allows spent-energy molecules of adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to enter the machine. The mechanical motion of the machine causes ADP to be joined with phosophorous, creating ATP. As the driveshaft continues to spin, the machine releases ATP into the cell, ready to power countless cellular tasks, including DNA and protein synthesis, muscle contraction, transport of nutrients, neural activity, and the generation of electricity in nerves.

After seeing how numerous parts work in coordination to perform vital cellular functions, viewers will find it difficult to believe that these molecular machines could evolve in the unplanned manner required by Darwinism.

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