Doctors and Scientists with Concerns About Vaccines

by: Leslie Manookian
The Greater Good Movie

The following is a list of scientists and physicians who acknowledge that vaccines can and do harm some children and/or have some concern about a vaccine, combinations of vaccines, the vaccine schedule, or an ingredient or ingredients in vaccines. These professionals are not anti-vaccine (though some of the medical doctors are) rather they recognize that vaccines, like all pharmaceutical products, carry risks. They also know that scientific inquiry should never cease.

They have either spoken publicly about their concerns or have published research that explores safety issues relating to a vaccine, the vaccine schedule, a combination of vaccines or ingredients in vaccines.

While the media attacks Dr. Andrew Wakefield claiming he is the only doctor with concerns about vaccines and that he alone has caused millions of parents to lose faith in vaccinations, this assertion is demonstrably untrue. Rather, hundreds of scientists and doctors have voiced concerns and have published research investigating adverse reactions to vaccines and their components. Placing the blame for parental concerns on Dr. Andrew Wakefield is disingenuous at best and blatantly dishonest at worst. Parents have read the research themselves and this is why they are concerned.

It is time for the media to do their job, read the research and talk with the hundreds of doctors and scientists who have expressed concerns.

Vaccinations are capable of making some children very ill, even resulting in the death of some. Federal law in the US recognizes this fact and compensates the victims while vaccine makers bear zero liability when their vaccines do cause harm. That vaccines can cause harm is not open to debate, how often vaccine injury occurs is undetermined though assumed to be infrequent.

Not all the doctors or scientists listed here would want their names listed. They may not want to cast doubt on vaccines or they may fear for their jobs. But they have all either published research demonstrating a possible safety issue relating to vaccines or they have acknowledged publicly that vaccines do cause harm in some children.

This list is a work in progress, taken from public statements as well as the 200 research studies linked to on The Greater Good’s website (

We have not yet listed all their credentials and we have not separated PhDs from MDs nor have we included all the scientists and doctors – there are many, many more names to add.

Please read this list of approximately 150 scientists and physicians and know that if you are a doctor or a scientist and have concerns, you are not alone. If you are a worried parent, you are not alone. If you or your child has been vaccine-injured, you are not alone.

If you are the media, you need to do some investigating. We have already done much of the legwork for you by creating a Catalogue of Science that contains 200 research studies and case reports published in mainstream peer-reviewed medical literature documenting and exploring safety issues relating to vaccines.

This list was created by Leslie Manookian of The Greater Good in collaboration with Anne Dachel of Age of Autism.

Click here to read the list.

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