July 22, 2014

Woman Heals Developmentally Delayed Grandson with Coconut Oil

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photo of grandma and grandson eating healthy

Health Impact News Comments: Our Facebook Page on Coconut Health generates a lot of coconut oil testimonies. One recent testimony came from Debra regarding her developmentally delayed grandson, who did not talk for the first three and a half years of his life. She has allowed us to publish her testimony.

by Debra
CoconutHealth Facebook Page

I really am a firm believer in coconut oil and originally investigated it’s uses for MS patients. My youngest son was diagnosed 5 years ago and I was looking for a way to help him. I use coconut oil in all my cooking so everyone benefits. I also have a son with diabetes and it seems to help balance his blood sugar.

But let me tell you about Matthew, my (now) 5 year old grandson. When he came to live with me, he was one cranky little boy. At 16 months, he didn’t sleep long, when he did sleep. His cheeks were always really rosy, and he had a very short attention span.

I just stepped back for a while and observed how my son was handling him, feeding him, caring for him, thinking maybe, as a new dad, and dealing with a new MS diagnosis of his own, he could have been doing something wrong. But I found nothing he was doing wrong. He was excellent with this little guy.

Still we had wild behavior, no attention span, no talking, very loose bowel movements, vomiting and red rosy cheeks. He also seemed to catch a cold at the drop of a hat. I tried what I thought was everything as far as feeding him a healthy diet but nothing seemed to help.

Having allergies of my own, far too many to mention, I started to eliminate certain foods to see if it could have been allergy related, and the only success I had with that was removing milk and changing to almond milk, which eliminated the diarrhea, but the other symptoms remained. We continued this battle for almost two years which was wearing all of us very thin. At age three and a half, there was still very cranky behavior and still no words would come out of his mouth.

I came across an article about coconut oil helping MS patients and ordered some immediately. Until its arrival, I continued to read all I could find about the oil and was more and more fascinated by it. As soon as it arrived, that jar was opened and I made my grandson some scrambled eggs, which was his favorite. He gobbled them down and went on his way. I was just very glad it didn’t change the taste enough that he wouldn’t eat it. He is very fussy. I didn’t tell anyone how I had altered his eggs, because I was only believing what I had read. This would be my proof. I am a bit of a health nut and sometimes my family and friends have a hard time dealing with it.

Well, the third day arrived. Matthew woke up and came downstairs for breakfast. I asked him if he wanted scrambled eggs, so I could feed him more coconut oil and he replied “Eggies, Mum” I almost fell on the floor. That day he just repeated everything I said. His daddy’s eyes just lit up when he came home from work and Matthew greeted him with a big hello. His crying fits and temper tatrums slowly disappeared as he stayed focused longer and longer. Slowly his little rosy cheeks gave way to a happy glowing face of a healthier 4 year old. At four and a half, he entered preschool and is the best behaved child in his class. He comes home reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing every song they learned in school. He is such an absolute joy to be around. My hat’s off to coconut oil. I don’t even want to imagine what this child’s life would be like without it.

Editor Comments: I asked Debra if her grandson had ever been diagnosed with anything that described his symptoms prior to beginning coconut oil. Her reply:

No, he was not.  The irratic behavior made me think autism, but I guess I was afraid of putting a label on it. I don’t have much faith in doctors and really didn’t want to start out this little guy’s life popping pills into him. I read every thing that I could get my hands on about treating it naturally and coconut oil was part of the remedy.

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