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Preparing meals for seniors should include coconut oil.

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Here is an update:

UPDATE 4/30/2012

It has been 30 days since I started my mom on coconut oil and I am thrilled to say that her dementia has improved so much.  She is a happy happy person now.  She doesn’t want to spend the day sleeping like she did pre-coconut oil.  She is an early riser and is ready for bed by 7:30 – 8:00 pm.

For 20+ years we have been gathering as a family to spend a few hours praying and catching up.  Mom has 3 living sisters and none of them had seen her since our last gathering, March 17, 2012.  We got together in my house on 4-28-12 and everyone was surprised to see how alert mom was.  She remembers her prayers without the use of a book.  She was funny and making jokes like she used to.

I am glad to say that everyone over the age of 70 who was at this gathering has gone out to get some coconut oil.  They were very impressed with the changes they saw in my mother.  As a side note, I have cut back on the amount of coconut oil.  I started her out on 2 tablespoons but found that she had too much energy.  Although mom is healthy and walks ok, at 100 years of age, she is limited in her activity.  She takes 1 tablespoon which is sufficient to see results.  Plus, I cook everything with coconut oil now.  Got rid of all cooking oils, except olive oil and use only coconut oil.  My advise to anyone who has a elderly parent, get them started on coconut oil to keep the dementia at bay.

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