by Dr John Briffa
The Cholesterol Truth


Since cholesterol is believed to cause ‘cardiovascular’ diseases such as heart disease and stroke, and since statins reduce cholesterol, the general assumption is that statins reduce the risk of these conditions through their ability to reduce cholesterol. Actually, there is evidence that statins may not work, when they do, through cholesterol reduction per se. But perhaps more importantly, there is evidence that statins are often ineffective, and evidence suggests this is particularly true for women.

Previous studies have found, for instance, that the use of statins is associated with a reduction in overall risk of death in secondary prevention, but not in primary prevention. But in recent times, there have been murmurings that the apparent benefits of statins are not the same in men and women. This latest review separated out men and women to see if the effect of statins in high risk individuals was the same or different between the sexes. The results showed that, in men, statin use led to statistically significant reductions in the risk of things like heart attacks, strokes and overall risk of death. In women, though, the results were different: there was no significant reduction in the risk of stroke nor, crucially, overall risk of death.

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