By Dr. John Briffa
The Cholesterol Truth


While the cholesterol theory of heart disease is overwhelmingly accepted by members of the medical and scientific communities, you’ll find dissenters too. Recently, the Journal of Lipid Nutrition published an account of a discussion held during a scientific meeting held in Japan last year, and it makes for interesting reading, I think.

The article is a summary of a panel discussion, which included experts from both sides of the cholesterol debate: some who believe in the cholesterol hypothesis, as well as those who question the evidence for the notion that cholesterol gums up arteries and needs to be reduced in those with ‘elevated’ levels. In ‘scientific’ discussion it’s rare for the cholesterol hypothesis to even be questioned, and I’m glad to see some Japanese researchers are bucking that trend and asking pertinent questions which, if nothing else, allow individuals to see that there are two sides to the cholesterol debate.

Read the full article and comment here:

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