October 21, 2014

HOGWASH – Bakers Green Acres vs. Michigan DNR & Michigan Pork Producers Association

pin it button HOGWASH   Bakers Green Acres vs. Michigan DNR & Michigan Pork Producers Association

Bakers Green Acres and a handful of hog farmers scattered through Michigan are left standing after the April 1st, declaratory ruling issued by the Michigan DNR.

Allegedly backed by the corporate pork industry, the DNR has begun issuing raids on family farms; forcing farmers to execute entire herds of healthy pigs.

This update conveys the bigger picture regarding the true intention of those in charge of corporate agriculture. The Michigan Pork Producers Association fully supports this massacre of hundreds of heritage hogs due to their fear of America realizing that organic products are the building blocks to a healthy and prosperous life.

The Baker Family is leading this fight against this tyrannic and unconstitutional order issued by the Michigan DNR. Please support them as this war against family farms continues.

Latest updates from Jill Baker via her blog:

I was asked yesterday for a response to the DNR’s latest release.  I figured others may have the same question, so I’ll share my answers here.

The Cheboygan News wrote a helpful article as well:  Invasive Swine Prompts DNR visit to Renegade Ranch…

Here is my take:

Note in the paragraph they say “the vast majority….”  There are cases to the contrary, and I shared a couple of those stories earlier on our blog.

They have not, themselves, shot any pigs.  Mr. Tuxbury shot his own pigs because the DNR, in a Feb. 1st meeting, expressly told the farmers and ranchers present that they would arrest noncompliant operators and charge them with a felony as the Invasive Species Order is based in the federal Invasive Species Act.  The DNR also directed those present to violate the Invasive Species Act and depopulate by selling out of state or butchering.  Note on my blog that Ron McKendrick’s butcher felt too intimidated to be comfortable taking his hogs after they visited her–”harboring” an invasive species is punishable with fines and felony charges.  This is how the law is written.  Those who voluntarily depopulated, as Mr. Tuxbury did, simply didn’t want to risk the fines and a felony record.  In the Feb. 1st meeting, the DNR was VERY clear about the consequences of non compliance.  They have a history of using intimidation tactics to ensure compliance.

They have not “arrested” anyone.  Mark is in Cheboygan this morning to testify in the hearing for Ron and Charlene McKendrick.  The DNR has brought suit against him rather than arrest him.  Since Mark follows this very closely while I am managing the farm and behind scenes, he knows more about this.  Nonetheless, they’ve avoided the arrest scenario, but are pressing civil suits.  I know part of the suit is billing him for the enforcement action against him.  I expect you’ll hear about this in the news and I’ll post it on the blog when Mark gets home and I can debrief him.

Please ask your questions!


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