By Jessica Strauss

An anti GM group in New Zealand wants the government to shut down research into an allergen free milk produced by a cloned cow.

In a world breakthrough, AgResearch (NZ) scientists have produced milk from ‘ Daisy’ that is free of the protein betalactoglobulin (BLG)

It’s estimated up to 3 per cent of humans are allergic to milk proteins and it’s hoped the BLG-free milk could be in the fridge within three to 10 years.

But lobby group GE Free New Zealand is horrified by the development.

President Claire Bleakely says the very premise of removing the BLG protein is wrong, and the milk could lead to further problems for those who drank it.

“Betalactoglobulin (BLG), what they’ve knocked out, is actually a very minor part of the milk, it’s actually part of whey and it’s essential for digestive health, immune system health, as well as the absorption of vitamins A, D and E,” she says.

“For people who can tolerate milk, BLG is an essential part for milk to be absorbed in its entirety.

“For the alleged 3.0 percent that can’t tolerate milk, it’s likely to be only 0.1 per cent of them who have the actual allergy to the betalactoglobulin.

“And one of the highest allergies is to casein, which is another milk protein, and they have doubled the casein in the milk.

“So they’ve reduced one protein but they’ve doubled another one, which actually has the highest allergenic potential in the people who are allergic to milk.”

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