September 30, 2014

Want to Keep Your Baby Healthy? Stay Away From Pediatricians!

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by Tim Bolen
Bolen Report

I’ll be blunt.  Pediatricians, these days, are con-men – only here to push more-and-more dangerous, useless(?), vaccines on an unsuspecting public.  They have absolutely no other function.  They are, in fact, a whole section of US medicine that we could well do without.  It didn’t used to be that way – but it is now.

Supposedly, Pediatricians developed as child specialists – and, to hear their representatives talk, they are the one-stop shop for all health issues pertaining to children.

Their organization, calling itself the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), is totally, and virtually ONLY focused on vaccine promotion.  In 2010 the AAP took in $110,079,859.00 in total income.  Their thirty-three (33) sub-chapters, together, took in a total of $16,109,174.00.  All together they amassed $126,189,033.00 in total 2010 income.  More on this in a minute.

But, go ahead and guess where all that money came from…

Just below I am going to let you read a clip from a parenting magazine.  It is, supposedly, a Pediatrician talking about their patient days.  It sounds really good – like the pediatrician is really concerned about your child’s welfare.  You need to read all the way down to the very last sentence (I put it in bold) before you get to what is really happening here.

Getting Your Baby Checked

“When I arrive at my office in the morning, the first thing I do is see how many well-baby checks are listed on my schedule. The more there are, the happier I am. It means I get a chance to sit and talk with parents, look at all aspects of their child’s life and health, and prevent future problems.

During the first two years of your baby’s life, you will probably spend more time in the pediatrician’s office than you ever will again. Regular checkups, called well-baby visits, help your doctor make sure that your child’s weight gain and growth are on track, his development is progressing normally, and he’s eating well and getting the nutrients he needs. The visits also prepare parents for what to expect in terms of baby care and developmental milestones before the next exam.

Your first well-baby visit will probably be a day or two after coming home from the hospital or birthing center. Your pediatrician will want to check your newborn for problems, such as jaundice, heart murmurs, and feeding difficulty, which sometimes aren’t apparent until the third or fourth day of life. After that, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a checkup at 2 weeks, followed by visits at 2, 4, 6, and 9 months, 12, 15, and 18 months, and 2 years.

Why so many visits? Your baby’s body and mind are changing at a phenomenal rate, and frequent checkups can reveal deviations from what’s normal. Your doctor is on the lookout for any medical issues that may affect your baby, because detecting problems early makes them easier to correct. In addition, these visits coincide with the schedule of immunization shots your child will receive.”

No kidding?  “In addition, these visits coincide with the schedule of immunization shots your child will receive.”

How coincidental – sarcasm intended.  Bluntly, a Pediatrician gets paid virtually NOTHING from insurance, etc., for a so-called “Well Baby” visit.  The whole purpose of each of those visits at “2 weeks, followed by visits at 2, 4, 6, and 9 months, 12, 15, and 18 months, and 2 years” is to jam your child full of vaccines.  That’s where their income comes from.

One in six children, since the new increased vaccine schedule went into effect, have neurological disorders.  One in one hundred ten become Autistic.  If you ask your pediatrician about this they will tell you, haughtily, two things:  (1) “there is no relationship between Autism and vaccines,” and they will quote the fake CDC studies,” and (2)  if you don’t keep your child’s vaccines up to date they won’t keep your child as a patient.

How much money does a Pediatrician make pedaling vaccines?

A lot.  Take a look at this chart link for pediatricians, put together by  As you can quickly see a salaried Pediatrician, in the US, makes somewhere between $68,654 to $169,517.  BUT, add on “Commissions” (vaccine pushing) and that income range changes radically.   For, as the chart shows, “Commissions” can range from $293.61 to $352,694.

So, if you look at the broad income range difference – normal salary versus maximum vaccine pushing there is a considerable annual income difference – $68,654 on the low side to a high of $522,211 (for vaccine pushing).  Walk out into the parking lot and look at your Pediatrician’s car to help you guess which choices he/she made for income.

If you want a really jaundiced view, ask your Pediatrician about those trips to Paris, Buenos Aries, Hawaii, Fiji, every year while YOU try to make ends meet dealing with neurological issues or Autism in your child.

About the AAP’s one hundred ten million annual income…

IRS Form 990s are a handy tool to discover certain things about non-profit corporations.  You can see the 2010 IRS Form 990 for the AAP by clicking here. The one thing you cannot get to see, easily, is the Form 990 Schedule B – where there is a list of contributors with a contribution over $5,000.  AAP had a total of $16,134,498 in Schedule B income from anonymous contributors.

However, AAP has a lot of different, much more effective ways, of raising cash.  Strangely, on Page 9 (Part VIII Statement of Revenue) the column for “Membership Dues” is empty, which would indicate that the 60,000 members the AAP claims as “Members,” get pretty much a free ride.

In a “Program Service Revenue” column below, on that same page, strangely again, there is a column that says “Membership,” with an income of $20,871,874, which could indicate that there is a separate “Membership” available in a function called “Program Service.”  In other words that twenty million “Membership” could be divided by the five US vaccine manufacturers.

But, what is REALLY obvious, under the “Program Service Revenue” section is the total income from “Medical Journals” (vaccine company advertising), Publications (vaccine promo), national meetings (vaccine promo) – totaling $66,459,923.

In short, to me, the much vaunted American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) can be completely disregarded in the argument about vaccines, for they are no more, and no less, than one more vaccine-promo flak organization.

So, how do you navigate without a Pediatrician?

That’s actually a very easy question to answer.  Pediatricians are the only doctors in the world that want you to bring in the patient when they are well.  It is called the “well-baby” visits” program.  Get acquainted with a General Practitioner MD, DO.  Find an AltMed doctor.  Try a Naturopathic Physician.  And, get copies of those “Vaccine Exemption” forms that virtually every State has available, sign them, and turn them into interested parties.

Don’t let your child be part of the one in six, or the one in one hundred ten.

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