by Cholesterol Truth


Researchers at the University of Edinburgh want to test statins on a group of pregnant women to see if these drugs can help prevent pre-eclampsia — a potentially fatal condition which affects up to 8 per cent of pregnant women in the UK.

The researchers believe that if the trial is successful, it could be a major breakthrough in creating a cheap, life-saving treatment.

Life-saving treatment?


Even though the side-effects of these drugs could potentially scar a developing baby for the rest of his or her life?

Someone must remind these mad scientists that, to start with, statins deplete co-enzyme Q10 — which is an essential heart nutrient and absolutely vital for the formation of new cells. It also prevents nerve damage, brain cell deterioration, abnormal cell growth, breathing problems, gum infections, muscle wasting, blood sugar imbalance, skin damage, headaches, obesity, and infertility… all things any expecting mother would not want to pass on to her child!

Someone should stop this madness… or at least inform the 128 pregnant women taking part in this highly irresponsible experiment about the potential harm to their unborn children… because I’m pretty damn sure the researchers have not told them the full story.

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