Adventures In Autism

The department of Health and Human Services has built a new web site with your tax dollars.

(How ’bout that tag line, eh?  You think they could back up that advertising claim in court?  I’m thinking no.)

It has a list of all the vaccines that it wants you to have even though it is not your doctor, doesn’t know you and frankly doesn’t care what happens to you.

We were upset last year to find that Big Brother had added its 70th doses of vaccine to the childhood schedule. From this new site we learn that adults like me should be getting another 91 doses of vaccine if I live to the age of the average American, 78 long years.

This is 167 doses of vaccine over a life time.


One hundred and sixty seven.

I am just blown away.

How many tens of thousands of dollars is your family worth to Pharma, for them to sell you things. When you are healthy to begin with. I know the childhood schedule gets them about $2,500.00. So maybe 4 or five grand per person?

And no liability!

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