July 30, 2014

Raw Milk Still Illegal in Wisconsin

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Vintage Milk Can Raw Milk Still Illegal in Wisconsin

by Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty

Right now raw milk, milk taken directly from cows, is illegal.

Farmers can be fined, taken to court and even jailed for selling a product to willing consumers.

Does that make any sense to you? Me neither.

Right now is the time for us to change this. Senate Bill 108 would legalize the sale of raw milk, decriminalize innocent farmers, and allow consumers to buy the milk they choose.

SB108 is currently stuck in the Agriculture, Forestry, and Higher Education committee.

We already have almost 1400 petitions that we will soon be delivering to legislators but before we do that we need more senators signed on as co-sponsors.

Currently Senators Grothman, Darling, S. Fitzgerald, Galloway, Hansen, Holperin, Kapanke, Lasee and Leibham are sponsors.

Several legislators that where sponsors of the bill that failed last year though have not signed on to this new, even better bill.

You and I need to step up the pressure on these senators to co-sponsor the new Raw Milk Bill so that farmers can be free to sell their products.

Contact your senator by clicking here, and then contact Senators Lena Taylor (608 266-5810) and Dale Schultz (608-266-0703), ask them why they have not signed on to the new Raw Milk Bill, and tell them to please co-sponsor SB108 right now.

These legislators need to show us that they truly believe in the rights of farmers and that they did not just sign on to the raw milk bill last year to look good because they knew it would not be signed by Doyle.

This bill has overwhelming support by the people of Wisconsin and last year passed both the state senate and assembly.

Legislators will be pressed hard by the the agricultural milk industry who want to keep control of how, where, and when farmers can sell their own products. We need to press back harder!

Click here to contact your senator, then contact Senators Lena Taylor (608-266-5810) and Dale Schultz (608-266-0703). Tell them raw milk must be legalized because farmers should not be criminalized and consumers should have a right to choose.

We need to legalize raw milk, plain and simple, with no strings attached.

In Liberty,

Todd Welch
Interim State Coordinator
Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty

P.S. Why is the Wisconsin government afraid of all-natural milk? Why do they want to criminalize farmers for simply selling milk from a cow? Call Senators Lena Taylor (608 266-5810) and Dale Schultz (608-266-0703) and tell them to co-sponsor SB108 right now.

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