The Best Memory Food You Aren’t Eating

One doctor claims you can strengthen your brain, lose weight and more with this miracle oil

What if somebody told you there’s a versatile food you can eat every day that would improve your memory, reduce menopausal symptoms,and help you lose weight?  You’d add it to your shopping list pronto, right?  Well that’s exactly what I did after talking to Dr. Larry McCleary about coconut oil.

Dr. McClearly is a retired pediatric neurologist who now studies and writes about how diet affects our brains and our waistlines, and his latest book is titled Feed Your Brain, Lose Your Belly. He explained that as women age and go through menopause, it becomes more difficult for our bodies to nourish our brains. This not only results in mental issues like memory loss and general brain fog but also can contribute to weight problems as our undernourished brains trigger us to overeat.

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