July 28, 2014

Coconut Oil for Cracked Heels

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By Jenivieve Elly

Breaking out of laced-up shoes into flip flops and sandals celebrates the arrival of summer. Trouble is, winter-weary feet and unsightly, cracked heels don’t exactly look festive. Never fear, because a simple remedy will have you out and about in no time, feeling confident and summer smooth. Better yet, one of the most effective cures — all-natural coconut oil — will leave the Earth feeling just as good as you do.


Before applying any kind of oil to damaged or cracked feet, soak them thoroughly. If you don’t have a fancy foot bath, you can use a good-sized basin or bucket. Fill it with warm water, mild soap and a few cups of milk to soften your skin. Sit back and enjoy yourself for 20 minutes with a magazine or book. Soaking opens your pores so the oil you apply can sink deep into your skin.


Dry your water-logged feet thoroughly but gently before you scrub off the dead skin. Drizzle some all-natural coconut oil onto a loofa to act as a moisturizer and cleanser as you exfoliate. Then apply generous amounts of coconut oil to the affected areas.


Aside from looking bad, cracked heels can cause significant pain. Thankfully, coconut oil makes a wonderful remedy for this. Some people suggest melting a little paraffin wax and mixing it with coconut oil. Then liberally rub the mixture into your cracked skin and leave it overnight. Wear white cotton socks to protect your bedding. Be sure to wash it off in the morning, and reapply it for 10 consecutive nights.


When purchasing the oil for your dried feet, buy pure, virgin coconut oil. Manufacturers extract the pure oil without bleach, deodorizers or other chemicals, giving you only what nature intended. Keeping it pure also helps you see results quickly, and soothes your pain or irritation without additional problems.
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