(Health Impact News) The Natomas Unified School District in California is reportedly losing $1000.00 per day in government funding due to not enough students not receiving the whooping cough vaccine. School districts are so strapped for funds, that the Notmas school district actually sent a school district representative door to door to students’ homes along with a nurse to administer the vaccine. Alex Jones from Infowars covers this story in the video below, along with actual film footage of the official going door to door and trying to vaccinate a home-school (independent study) student. The mother cursed him and slammed the door in his face. The footage begins at about 2:00 minutes into the video below.

Note: This video is receiving a lot of views and if it is not showing below, watch it directly at Youtube.






saying no to vaccines sm Hypocritical pediatricians push for stricter chemical laws at the same time they inject babies with toxic vaccines

Saying NO To Vaccines

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