India Rediscovers Health Benefits of Ghee

by Niraj Patel, M.D.
Growing up, I thought that ghee was dangerous. Uncles and aunties would say, “We’re cutting back on ghee,” or, “We don’t use that stuff anymore, it’s so bad for you.” I wondered why ghee got such a bad rap, and soon I learned everyone’s doctors had been urging […]

What’s Next? Starting Children on Drugs the Moment They’re Born?

by Alliance for Natural Health

That seems to be the path a new recommendation is putting us on.
An expert panel appointed by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, and endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, is now urging cholesterol screening for all children between ages 9 and 11—before puberty, when cholesterol temporarily dips—and […]

HPV Vaccine: 49 Sudden Deaths & 213 Permanent Disabilities – The Silent Plan to Poison Your Child

by Dr. Mercola
During a Republican debate in Tampa, Florida, presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) alleged that campaign contributions from drug company Merck—the maker of Gardasil—played “a pivotal role in Rick Perry’s 2007 executive order that mandated teenage girls in Texas be inoculated against HPV,” CNN reports.

The order did not go […]

One Drug to Make You Happy

By Attorney Jonathan Emord
Within the last two decades the field of psychiatry has mushroomed from a fringe body of Sigmund Freud admirers to a mainstream player in the field of medical pharmacology, largely because of an unseemly union between that profession and the drug industry, leading to the creation […]

Are Saturated Fats Artery-Clogging?

by Bob Kaplan

“If you eat too much [saturated fat], then over time fatty deposits can build up in your arteries, and this increases your risk of heart disease,” says an advertisement by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the United Kingdom.

Sound familiar? If it does, then you have […]

The right to know what you are eating

by Gary Hirshberg,Eric Schlosser

An unprecedented agricultural experiment is being conducted at America’s dinner tables. While none of the processed food we ate 20 years ago contained genetically engineered ingredients, now 75 percent of it does – even though the long-term human health and environmental impacts are unknown. The Food and Drug […]

Phillip Johnson on the Scientific Nature of Opposition to Darwinian Theory

by Casey Luskin

While we have been celebrating the 20th anniversary of Darwin on Trial, I was reminded of the impact that Phillip Johnson has had in shaping the debate over Darwinian evolution and intelligent design (ID). Johnson’s work showed that there are credible criticisms of Darwinian evolution that come from […]

The Medical Miracle You’ll Get Arrested for Using

by Dr. Mercola
Marijuana was a popular botanical medicine in the 19th and 20th centuries, common in U.S. pharmacies of the time.

Yet, in 1970, the herb was declared a Schedule 1 controlled substance and labeled as a drug with a “high potential for abuse” and “no accepted medical use.”

Three years later the Drug […]

Future of Organic Food and Agriculture at Risk

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Cornucopia, WI—The Cornucopia Institute, one of the nation’s leading organic industry watchdogs, is urging members of the USDA’s National Organic Standards Board (NOSB), in formal testimony, to vote to preserve the integrity of organic food and farming at its upcoming meeting in Savannah, Georgia.
Some of the hot […]

Expert Pediatrician Exposes Vaccine Myths

by Dr. Mercola

Dr. Larry Palevsky is a board-certified pediatrician trained at the New York School of Medicine, and one of the leading physicians in the country who, from my view, is actually able to compellingly and convincingly provide sound, rational, scientific justification as to why you need to seriously reconsider […]