What You Believe About Tomorrow Affects Your Health Today!

by Brian Shilhavy
But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself. (Philippians 3:20-21)
When we are born again into God’s family and enter […]

What the USDA Doesn’t Want You to Know About Antibiotics and Factory Farms

By Tom Philpott

Here is a document the USDA doesn’t want you to see. It’s what the agency calls a “technical review”—nothing more than a USDA-contracted researcher’s simple, blunt summary of recent academic findings on the growing problem of antibiotic-resistant infections and their link with factory animal farms. The topic is a serious one. […]

Norwegian Mass Murder Follows Social Darwinism and Eugenics

by John G. West
Evolution News and Views
While the establishment media look to fundamentalist Christianity and various right-wing sources to explain the ideology of Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Behring Breivik, they have completely ignored his virulent scientific fundamentalism and Social Darwinism, including a far-ranging proposal for a revival of eugenics inspired by Princeton University evolutionary biologist Lee […]

For Yourself and Your Children: Avoid Root Canals Like The Plague

by PreventDisease.com
Most dentists consider root canals an advance in dentistry –a superior alternative to removal of a seriously compromised tooth. However a growing number of physicians, including dentists, believe that root canals can be the cause of, or at least contribute to, a long […]

Harvard Expert Ties Mental Illness “Epidemic” to Big Pharma’s Agenda Since 1980s

By Minyanville Staff
For any mental illness or passing mood swing that may trouble a person, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders — better known as the DSM — has a label and a code. Recurring bad dreams? That may be a Nightmare Disorder, or 307.47. Narcolepsy uses the same digits in a […]

What your doctor didn’t tell you about cholesterol

by Deirdre Rawlings, N.D., Ph.D.
and Scott Rollins, M.D.
Grand Junction Free Press
More than 16 percent of U.S. adults have high cholesterol, defined as 240 mg/dL and above, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Even the average level for Americans, 200 mg/dL, is borderline high, they say.
This high cholesterol, public […]

California Moves to Take Away Citizens Right to Board Cows, Goats

Michael and Jane Hulme and Two Nubian Goats
by Kimberly Hartke
Michael Hulme is a 67 year old former Vice President of Business Development for a semiconductor firm. He lost his position as a result of our nation’s economic downturn. Because there were no jobs to be had in California, he and his […]

How Drug Companies Push Heart Drugs That Have No Proven Benefit

by Dr John Briffa
for the Cholesterol Truth


This week’s New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) contains an interesting editorial from Dr. Eric Topol [1]. The editorial focuses on the drug nesiritide (Natrecor) used to treat heart failure (where heart function is weak and can cause symptoms such as fatigue and breathlessness, and ultimately lead to death). […]

Coconut Oil: Which Type Is Best?

by Doug DiPasquale
that’s fit

It can be confusing when you’re in a health food store looking at all the different types of coconut oil. How do you know which one’s for you? With a little bit of knowledge, it’s actually fairly easy to navigate.
All the coconut oils are named according to their level of refinement. The following […]

Advocates for Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food Announce 2 Week ‘Right2Know’ March from NYC to White House in October

by PR Newswire
WASHINGTON /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — A coalition of organizations, businesses and individuals announced today a bold mobilization plan to raise awareness and pressure the government about the lack of labeling of Genetically Engineered foods people unknowingly consume.  Such foods are also termed “Genetically Modified Organisms” or “GMOs.”  The GMO Right2Know March will feature daily events […]