Is the Tennessee Nurse Who Passed Out on Live Camera After the COVID Vaccine Still Alive?

Nurse manager Tiffany Dover from CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee gained national attention last week when she passed out live on air while giving a press conference moments after receiving the Pfizer experimental mRNA COVID vaccine.

Doctors at the hospital had immediately stated that her fainting had nothing to do with the injection, and then later explained that this was a reaction due to a pre-existing condition they called Vasovagal syncope.

They explain that this is a reaction of having a needle injected into her arm, and that it has “happened before” with Tiffany, as some people get “a little light-headed when they see the needle going into the skin.”

This explanation has prompted many criticisms, as to how someone with this condition could become a nurse manager, and why they would choose someone with this condition to demonstrate the experimental COVID vaccine on live TV when the goal was to reassure the public that the vaccine was safe.

Tiffany herself also appeared briefly on camera afterwards, giving a similar explanation.

However, she has not apparently been heard from since this incident, and the 30-year-old nurse, who was active on Facebook and Instagram since 2009, has not posted since, leading many to start speculating and inquiring if she was indeed OK.

Rumors have proliferated online, primarily on Twitter, where I would say more than 50% of the Tweets following this story are in languages other than English, demonstrating that people around the world are following this story and very concerned.

Someone found a death notice for someone with the same name, address, and age as the nurse Tiffany, including relatives that match her Facebook account.