Psychiatrist and Chairman of Arkansas Medical Board Charged with Medically Kidnapping 100s of People

Medical kidnapping is a tragedy that occurs every day in the United States, and yet because our culture treats medical doctors as a class of people just slightly below the rank of “God,” seldom is medical kidnapping ever reported in the media for what it really is, HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

The horrors of child trafficking, REAL child trafficking through the medical system, often overshadow the fact that adults in the United States are medically kidnapped at a rate that is about 3 times more frequent than child medical kidnapping.

The absolute worst class of “medical doctors” licensed by the State to prescribe deadly drugs or vaccines, including by force against the will of the “patient,” are the nation’s psychiatrists, which as a class of “doctors” have the worst record of sex abuse and criminal convictions of any other class of medical professionals.

Psychiatry is a religion, with psychiatrists serving as “priests” in this religion, and we recently published an article showing how the entire “brain imbalance” theory of “mental disease” has been proven to be bogus.

One of these criminal psychiatrists who has allegedly kidnapped hundreds of patients has been featured in many of the corporate media news sites this past week, Arkansas psychiatrist Brian Hyatt, who was also the Chairman of the Arkansas State Medical Board.

Hyatt reportedly incarcerated his victims against their will, and then fraudulently billed Medicare for services never performed on them. In one case, a victim reports that it took the sheriff to come into the hospital to rescue him from his medical prison.

This doctor’s crimes were so horrible, that the corporate media could not ignore them and were basically forced to cover this story once the State Attorney General got involved.

But even in their reporting, they sanitize these crimes and do not call it what it really is: medical kidnapping and human trafficking.

And it happens every day all across this country. This kidnapper in Arkansas got caught in his crimes, but most do not.