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Laura Ingraham of Fox News Interviews Dr. Harvey A. Risch and Dr. Peter McCullough about COVID Injection Risks to Those with Natural Immunity and Pregnant Women

Comment by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Fox News is so far the only corporate news network that is allowing dissenting opinions to be heard regarding the COVID-19 bioweapon shots, even if they are politicizing it.

Laura Ingraham interviewed Dr. Harvey A. Risch [1] and Dr. Peter McCullough [2] on her show regarding the risks of government “vaccine coercion” that mass murderer Anthony Fauci [3] and others are encouraging.

Both of these doctors and scientists are very well credentialed in their fields, and you can read previous articles published here at Health Impact News featuring these two men by clicking on their names.

Both men discussed the growing number of records in the VAERS database with people dying or becoming injured following COVID-19 shots.

Dr. Peter McCullough addressed some new studies that show a link between people who have already been infected and recovered from COVID-19 and have natural immunity, and an increase in adverse events in this population group if they get one of the COVID-19 injections.

Dr. Harvey A. Risch addresses the absurdity of the CDC Director lying to the American public by stating that the COVID-19 shots are safe for pregnant women, when there have been no studies conducted to show they are safe, and where injuries and deaths are increasing among young children in the VAERS database.

We have copied this segment from The Ingraham Angle under the Fair Use doctrine, and we have it on our Rumble [4] and Bitchute [5] channels.

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