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The “New Normal” will be a COVI-PASS Digital Health Passport for Global Dictators

COVI-PASS Digital Health Passport = Instant Global Dictatorship

by Vera Sharav [2]
Alliance for Human Research Protection [2]

In March, I reported about an invasive microchip tattoo that was designed specifically to facilitate enforcement of children’s vaccination. The microchip technology was developed at the personal request of Bill Gates.

I noted that “ultimately, such tattoos will facilitate enforcement of vaccination dictates.”

Read: Micro-Chip Technology Resurrects Tattoo Identification + Medical Surveillance [3]

The Covid-19 pandemic sped up the date of Bill Gates’ planned launching of vaccination dictatorship.

Introducing: COVI-PASS: Digital Health Passport:  https://www.covipass.com/#AboutCoviPass [1], by British Cyber Security VST Enterprises.

According to VST, it is being used by the European Commission and United Nations projects.

This will be “THE NEW NORMAL” dictatorship that the global rulers have prepared for us mortals – unless we mount a global rebellion.

In a videotaped interview on May 6, 2020, Bill Gates said that the “Final Solution” to end coronavirus disease is the vaccine.

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