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German Microbiologist and Medical Professor Issues Serious Warnings about a COVID Vaccine

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi. Image source [1].

Playing Russian Roulette with a Covid-19 Vaccine

by Richard Gale and Gary Null PhD
Progressive Radio Network

America, we need to have a conversation. It is a very serious and dire conversation that has been intentionally ignored and swept under the rug for far too long. 

It concerns a dialogue that our entire mainstream media, in its conventional blindness, refuses to acknowledge.  Yet its consequences are potentially severe and perhaps deadly.

It may not eventually have an impact upon you personally nor your health, but it will surely have a profound adverse effect upon someone you know or perhaps even a loved one. 

It is time to finally agree on a very simple fact. It is a truth that needs to be driven into our nation’s collective consciousness: Vaccination hesitancy and opposition did not mysteriously appear out of a vacuous void. Nobody rubbed an Arabian lamp to release an anti-vaccine genie upon the public.

However, this is the image that our federal agencies, the medical establishment, your average pediatrician, the vaccine tsars such as Bill Gates and his ilk, and the media project upon the visual mental screen of our culture.

In effect they reify a false narrative on our behalf. In our opinion any hope that life will return to normal is now a pipedream. The pandemic has spurred too many other financially driven initiatives that are going to propel the redefinition of “normalcy” and none of these measures will benefit the average person. 

Rather than engage in open dialogue to reevaluate the causes for vaccination hesitancy, which has been increasing substantially and especially after the first announcements to develop a Covid-19 vaccine, the pro-vaccination regime has been focusing its attention on how to launch counter-measures to reinvigorate popular faith in vaccines. 

Common sense should tell us this is the wrong discussion.

The only real genies that have appeared in the vaccine vials themselves have been responsible for vaccine injuries, an epidemic of neurological disorders in our children, weakened immune systems, life-long autoimmune conditions and deaths.

Every parent with a vaccine-injured child at one time placed their complete faith in the safety of the vaccines that their children received. Wholeheartedly they believed the medical establishment. They believed their pediatricians and school health officials.

And they listened intently to the television talking heads who convinced them with scare tactics to get vaccinated for whatever infectious outbreak was being reported that particular week.

Therefore there are very rational reasons, also based on a large body of scientific evidence, for why vaccine hesitancy is on the rise. Our federal health agencies, in particular the CDC and FDA, and certainly the drug makers, have done nothing forthrightly to earn our trust.

Nor should we be sucker punched into handing it over to them during this pandemic.

Many people are now eager to see a Covid-19 vaccine available under the hopeful assumption that their lives will return to 2019 before the pandemic was declared. Many are also willing to sacrifice themselves as guinea pigs in these vaccine clinical trials.

As admirable as their courage may be, we must ask whether it is founded on a sound understanding of vaccine risks or is it simply an emotional reaction to the panic that has been orchestrated by our government’s health officials, the tsars of the vaccination imperium such as Bill Gates, the World Health Organization and those voices doing the bidding of the industrial pharmaceutical complex.  

Not every expert in the fields of immunology, virology and genetics is buying into the Covid-19 vaccine frenzy. But sadly their voices are either muffled in the louder noise of panic control and medical propaganda or worse are being ignored or censored altogether.

Yet they too now more than ever need to have a seat at the table. Not every problem requires a technological medical solution, and more often than not the irrational rush for such technological remedies makes matters far worse and costs more lives.

Lets consider one important voice now being ignored. 

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is no nickel-dime physician. He has practiced medicine for five decades, was a post-doctoral researcher at one of the world’s most prestigious research institutes, the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics, and later held the Microbiology Chair at the University of Mainz in Germany for a dozen years.

He has impeccable credentials that in our opinion outweigh many of our so-called medical experts preaching from their official soapboxes. 

Dr. Bhakdi is not anti-vaccine, however he is deeply worried about the new technologies for a Covid-19 vaccine being rushed to market. One of the greatest fears being heard over the internet is that these new gene-based vaccines will recombine with our body’s DNA and cause untold health problems. But this worries Bhakdi less than other far greater risks with life-long debilitating consequences.

First, there is the possibility of mutagenesis, or mutations occurring due to the insertion of the vaccine’s viral-based gene. This is especially worrisome given the possibility that these insertions could occur in reproductive cells and will thereby be inherited by future children. These were among the safety concerns raised by the Paul Ehrlich Institut in Germany and published in the journal Methods in Molecular Biology.

Second, there is a very real danger that our body’s immune system will identify this inserted genetic material as a foreign invader and create anti-DNA antibodies that will in turn trigger an autoimmune disease. There is no certainty that an adverse autoimmune response will occur immediately or even shortly after vaccination.

It may take one, two, three or more years before the vaccinated person lapses into a serious, or even life-threatening, autoimmune condition. There are over 80 different autoimmune illnesses; it is a toss of the dice as to which might appear. Nevertheless in the case of such an event, the gene-based Covid-19 vaccine cannot be ruled out as a fundamental cause. 

And don’t place any bets that you will be properly diagnosed if symptoms of a chronic autoimmune disease begin to appear.  During the annual European League Against Rheumatism conference in 2018, two papers were delivered that should frighten us far more than Covid. 

Separate studies found that approximately 95 percent of patients were misdiagnosed on at least one occasion after displaying autoimmune symptoms. About thirty-five percent were told it was psychosomatic, “all in their head.” 

How many parents have been told by their pediatricians after the collapse of their child into mental despondency shortly after receiving one or more vaccinations that it has nothing to do with a vaccine and is their genes or another cause?   

Then there is a third and even more “terrible” danger with these new vaccines.  It is wise to give heed to Dr. Bhakdi’s warnings in his book Corona False Alarm? Facts and Figures (Chelsea Green):

“… during or after production of the viral spike, waste products of the [virus’] protein must be expected to become exposed on the surface of the targeted cells [i.e., cells which the virus has latched onto]. The majority of healthy individuals have killer lymphocytes that recognize these viral [waste] products. It is inevitable that autoimmune attacks will be mounted against the cells. Where, when and with which effects this might occur is entirely unknown. But the prospects are simply terrifying.”

Although early research shows DNA and mRNA vaccines have benefits over the current cultured viral vaccines because of their high potency, they are still experimental. Much remains unknown.

And because this new generation of vaccines are very recent, there is no reliable data to reach a medical consensus about their safety profile nor their potential long-term adverse risks.

It is Dr. Bhakdi’s belief that a Covid-19 vaccine is completely unwarranted. An important fact people fail to realize is that the vaccine will not necessarily prevent you from contracting the virus. Instead you are more likely to not fall ill.

However, you can still contract the virus and remain a spreader and infect others. The only incentive for a Covid-19 vaccine is that it is an enormous cash cow for the drug industry. 

Each of us should be deeply concerned about the above potential adverse effects from a Covid-19 vaccine. Vaccination policy is supposed to be based upon concise benefit-risk analyses.

Sadly, this has never been a firm policy implemented in the US and it has been a factor largely denied by the majority of the medical community.

Every vaccination is a game of Russian roulette

Every vaccination is a game of Russian roulette. For safer vaccines there may be 10,000 or even 100,000 chambers in the syringe-shaped revolver but there is always that one live bullet.

For other less safe vaccines such as Gardasil, MMR and DpT the odds for that single bullet drop dramatically. As in the case of Merck’s Gardasil the results can be catastrophic; for this reason Robert Kennedy Jr. has filed a major lawsuit against the vaccine’s maker. And so far, the future prospects of a truly safe Covid-19 vaccine appear to be far off into the distant horizon if ever.  

So why such concern over a Covid-19 vaccine?

Following AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine clinical trial it was reported that at least one participant had a very serious vaccine injury.

“The highest levels of NIH are very concerned,” reported the pro-Pharma news site Fierce Biotech. 

Yet British health authorities permitted the trial to resume. 

And this is where the event becomes insidious. No information about the nature of the injury nor its severity has been made public. The company has argued it cannot release further information because of patient privacy.

In other words, despite the government being the appendage that will distribute the vaccine, for the maker’s financial benefit, it has no leverage to review the injuries from the clinical trials.

US health officials have come to the conclusion that the participant was diagnosed with vaccine-induced transverse myelitis, a debilitating inflammation of both sides of the spinal cord. AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine is

“a weakened version of a common cold virus (adenovirus) from chimpanzees that has been genetically changed so it is impossible for it to grow in humans.”

Or so the Participant Information Sheet for the vaccine trial alleges.

It is also worth noting that anyone with a history of immunosuppression, immunodeficiency, angioedema, anaphylaxis, cardiovascular condition, gastrointestinal disease, liver or renal disease, a neurological illness or a psychiatric condition, allergies, a cancer diagnosis, alcohol or drug dependency, is pregnant, or received another vaccine within 30 days was excluded from participating in the trial. 

Of course, this is not unusual. This is not an uncommon list of exclusionary conditions used during all vaccine trial recruitments to assure that only the healthiest people are enrolled that in turn reduces substantially the likelihood of adverse reactions.

Nevertheless, once launched, the vaccine will be distributed indiscriminately to everyone, except in cases of very severe prior medical conditions. 

This week it was reported that an adverse reaction occurred during Johnson’s and Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine trial. Information about the actual diagnosis of the participant’s adverse reaction remains unknown.

But the case must be extremely serious because it signaled a high red alert and J&J halted its trial with 60,000 enrolled participants. Vaccine-related injuries, and even casualties, are not uncommon in such trials. J&J’s press release stated it is conducting an investigation internally – meaning that outside authorities without conflicts-of-interest are again excluded – in order “to respect this participant’s privacy.” 

Similar to AstraZeneca’s vaccine, J&J’s relies upon a genetic engineered vector of a human adenovirus which infects our cells and then delivers the engineered blueprint it is carrying. The company plans to manufacture more than 1 billion doses for global distribution to almost a seventh of the world’s population.

Finally, there is Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine that is based on mRNA technology, a trick of genetic engineering with lipid nanoparticles (LNP) that when injected turn our bodies into their own vaccine manufacturing factories.

There seems to be more secrecy behind this company over the others. Moderna managed to get past the hurdle of animal testing and leap right into human clinical trials.

However, according to a preliminary article in the New England Journal of Medicine, 80 percent of the participants in the moderate and high dose trial groups reported moderate to severe adverse reactions. If we take a look at Moderna’s Form S-1 Registration submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission we discover:

“[T]here can be no assurance that our LNPs [lipid nanoparticles] will not have undesired effects. Our LNPs could contribute, in whole or in part, to one or more of the following: immune reactions, infusion reactions, complement reactions, opsonation reactions, antibody reactions . . . or reactions to the PEG [a synthetic vaccine ingredient]…

Certain aspects of our investigational medicines may induce immune reactions from either the mRNA or the lipid as well as adverse reactions within liver pathways or degradation of the mRNA or the LNP, any of which could lead to significant adverse events in one or more of our clinical trials.”

This Form S-1 was filed back in November 2019 and therefore serious risks of mRNA vaccines have been well known for a sufficient length of time to elicit grave caution.

All three of these companies’ Covid-19 vaccines are now included in Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. Bill Gates, who is heavily invested in all of these vaccines, is eager to profit over their future prospects.

“We need to make billions of doses,” Gates wrote on his blog page, “we need to get them out to every part of the world, and we need all of this to happen as quickly as possible.”

We might add: and, damn the regulations and high safety standards that could hinder us. 

Don’t count upon the mainstream media to educate you about any of this

And one final warning. Don’t count upon the mainstream media to educate you about any of this.

In the event you or a loved one is injured or contracts a life-long autoimmune illness from one of these new Covid-19 vaccines, lower your hopes and expectations that you will be rewarded, if at all, with adequate compensation for damages.

As a consequence of Reagan’s 1986 National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, the drug companies – and make no mistake, vaccines are also drugs – were left off the hook from any legal liability due to vaccine-related injuries and deaths.

Don’t rely upon our word. This is recently from the media darling of the pharmaceutical dynasty, the Wall Street Journal, in its article “People Harmed by Coronavirus Vaccines Will Have Little Recourse,” 

“The U.S. government paid out $4.4 billion over more than 30 years covering injuries relating to a host of vaccines—from flu to polio—but payouts for potential injuries from Covid-19 vaccines will be covered by a far less-generous program. Covid-19 vaccine injuries will be covered under a program known as the “countermeasures injury” compensation fund… The new fund has a tougher threshold for proving a relationship between an injury and the vaccine, experts say. The newer fund has a shorter statute of limitations, no avenue for appeals and doesn’t pay damages for pain or suffering like the older vaccine program does.”

The Journal article continues with reporting on the aggressive efforts underway by the vaccine companies to secure additional protection from personal liability due to vaccine injuries.

In other words, they are preparing for a worse case scenario. 

Do you have a fuller picture now of the larger stakes behind national governments’ hasty release of a Covid-19 vaccine?

Now ask yourself why a more open and public discussion is not being conducted to address the evidence for these very legitimate concerns and fears. The warnings stated herein warrant a rise in vaccine hesitancy and opposition across the public landscape.

The conspiracy theorists are not the parents caring for neurologically damaged children for the remainder of their lives. The real denialists are those in the mainstream media who are too lazy, biased or lack a moral conscience to perform proper due diligence and mine the scientific literature for answers.

Do yourself a favor. Simply don’t listen to them.

And when Gates, Fauci, Trump, Biden or any state governor begin talking about the “awesome” promises of a Covid-19 vaccine or its mandate, turn off your television or computer screen.

These people are only the profiteers protecting the vaccine makers and in the event of vaccine injuries we are just collateral damage in the “War Against Corona.”

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About the Authors

Richard Gale is the Executive Producer of the Progressive Radio Network and a former Senior Research Analyst in the biotechnology and genomic industries.

Dr. Gary Null is the host of America’s longest running public radio program on alternative and nutritional health and a multi-award-winning documentary film director, including War on Health and more recently Last Call for Tomorrow.



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