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CDC Recommending Dangerous HPV Vaccine for Adult Women

CDC vaccines children 4.6 billion

The CDC is the world’s largest buyer of vaccines, with a budget for 2018 approaching $4.6 BILLION. Source [1].

Comments by Health Impact News Editor:

As you can see from the proposed 2018 budget for the U.S. CDC, spending on childhood vaccines is projected to increase to nearly $4.6 BILLION in 2018, up from $4.4 BILLION in 2017, making the CDC the largest purchaser of vaccines in the world.

One of the block buster vaccines recommended by the CDC is Merck’s HPV vaccine Gardasil. The US Government also has patents on the Gardasil vaccine and earns royalties from its sale [2].

Young girls (and now boys too) are recommended to receive the vaccine as young as 9 years old. Now, the CDC is pushing to get more adult women vaccinated with the HPV vaccine.

Given the very obvious conflict of interest with the CDC both purchasing BILLIONS of dollars of vaccines from the drug companies and also recommending them to the public, do you trust the CDC’s advice [3]?

CDC Doubles Down on HPV Vaccine

by ANH-USA [4]

The government agency is now telling adult women to get these multiple jabs. Action Alert!  [5]

Speaking to The Washington Post, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) epidemiologist is encouraging [6] women aged 18-26 to get the HPV vaccine.

This advice, along with health authorities encouraging young girls (and boys) to get vaccinated for HPV, ignores mounting evidence that the HPV vaccine is among the most dangerous vaccines out there. A World Health Organization study [7] demonstrated that the vaccination has a tendency to produce clusters of serious adverse events. Other evidence [8] indicates that the HPV vaccine is responsible for more adverse events than any other vaccine.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Consider these facts [9]. About 50% of sexually active men and women acquire the HPV virus at some point in their lives. If a woman who has been exposed to certain strains of the virus submits to HPV vaccination, some studies suggest that the risk of developing pre-cancerous lesions may increase by as much as 44%. The point is that there are serious questions about the safety of this vaccine that should be answered before government health officials issue blanket recommendations for women and girls to get vaccinated for HPV.

There are, of course, alternatives to the HPV vaccine. Experts who study HPV explain [10] that cervical cancer has been proven to be virtually 100% preventable through regular cervical screening with Pap smears and HPV testing. In the words of Dr. Sin Hang Lee, who specializes in HPV detection, “the proposal of adding general HPV vaccination to a well-screened women population is superfluous.” Except, of course, if you are the manufacturer of that vaccine.

Are parents or adult women considering HPV vaccination provided these facts by their doctors before receiving the vaccination, so they can make an informed choice? As with other vaccines, the risk/benefit is not typically communicated to patients, which is why it is up to the individual to get educated and to speak up when vaccine exemptions are threatened.

Action Alert! Write to the CDC and tell them that it is madness to recommend a dangerous  vaccine that can increase women’s risk of cancer. Please send your message immediately.


Also, check out our new video [11]on the subject.

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