Dr. Kurt: Why I Will Never Choose to Vaccinate my Own Son and Any Future Kids my Wife and I Have

This will be lengthy, I don’t want to leave ANYTHING out, but these are the points as to why I will never choose to vaccinate my own son and any future kids my wife and I have. Just to be clear, I’ll go to jail before allowing someone to force a vaccine into my child’s arm.

A vaccine violates all laws of natural immune defenses by taking a potential pathogen along with all the TOXIC ingredients (aluminum, formaldehyde, adjuvants, etc) directly into your blood system. This process would never occur in building natural immunity. Immunity is a natural thing. Vaccines are an artificial thing, with the risks far outweighing the benefits.

Obviously there are 2 sides to the story and I present the one less known, hardly ever heard, and greatly ignored. You can take it and choose to not vaccinate, get extra vaccines or pick and choose certain ones, it doesn’t affect me one bit. Just make sure you look at both sides to make an informed decision.