The Truth About Saturated Fats, from a Cardiologist

Dr. Miller is professor of surgery, cardiothoracic division, Univ. Washington, and writes frequently for See his article, based on this presentation, here: Enjoy Saturated Fats, They’re Good for You!

Why You Should Feed Your Kids Chocolate for Breakfast

by Nadia Arumugam
It’s not often that we discover a food we think of as decadent and indulgent, is actually good for us. This has probably happened less times than I’ve eaten all the spinach set in front me (clue: less than 5, more than 1). Two such examples that spring to mind are […]

Enjoy Saturated Fats, They’re Good for You!

Donald Miller is a cardiac surgeon and Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. He is a member of Doctors for Disaster Preparedness. In this presentation, he completely destroys the lipid theory of heart disease, proving conclusively that saturated fats are indeed healthy for us.

Beware of the carbohydrates and glucose of Aunt Bee’s pie says Barney Fife

Health Impact News Editor Comments: If you think the low-carb high-fat and high-protein diet is a recent dietary fad, think again! Watch this old clip from an Andy Griffith show where Barney Fife basically repeats the common dietary wisdom prevalent back in the 1950s and 1960s, that glucose and refined carbohydrates (such as Aunt […]

Denmark Wants to Implement Saturated Fat Tax

Will natural whole foods like milk be included in Denmark’s new saturated fat tax?

Health Impact News Editor comments: The Danish government apparently believes they know which foods are healthy and which foods are not, and are going to tax the foods they deem unhealthy. So while most of the rest of the world is […]

Low Carbohydrate High Fat Ketogenic Diet May Reverse Kidney Failure in People with Diabetes

Health Impact News Editor Comments:
Here we have yet another study showing the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet, which is a very strict diet that eliminates almost all carbohydrates and consumes very large amounts of fat, especially saturated fat. This diet has baffled those in the medical community for years, because of their presupposition that […]

Pregnant? Don’t Skip the FAT!

by KateTietje


I know we live in a super low-fat culture. I know everyone is terrified that eating fat will make you fat (it won’t) and that saturated fat causes heart disease (it doesn’t; trans fat does). But the thing is, pregnancy is a time when you really need excellent nutrition. And there […]

Fats: Which to Eat and Which to Ditch

by Diane Sanfilippo
Balanced Bites
I get a TON of questions regarding fats and oils. And rightfully so. There is a TON of confusing, conflicting and darn right misleading information out there about which are the healthy ones for us to consume. I tend to come back to my three basic decision-making questions regarding pretty much […]

Attitudes on Saturated Fats Continue to Change: The Lipid Theory of Heart Disease Dies a Slow Death

by Brian Shilhavy
Health Impact News
As I mentioned in my year-end review of 2010, attitudes towards saturated fats took a dramatic turn in 2010. The study that garnered the most media coverage was the one done at the Department of Atherosclerosis Research of the Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute in Oakland, CA, and that was […]

New awareness about fats

by Cherie Calbom

Culinate editor’s note: This article was originally published in Sound Consumer, a publication of PCC Natural Markets.

We’ve survived the era of low-fat diets and learned about the health problems they create, but the media still attempts to guide our thinking that fats can make us fat and cholesterol causes heart disease.

The truth is that fats play […]