How Bad Science and the Pharmaceutical Industry Created Most Modern Diseases

Dr. David Diamond, who is an expert in neuroscience, explains how he was forced to become an expert in heart disease. Faced with the problems of obesity, high triglycerides, and bad cholesterol lab results, making him a prime candidate for a heart attack, Dr. Diamond decided to forsake the standard statin drugs treatment and try to treat his problems through dietary intervention alone. He embarked on a dietary course endorsed by the medical system to supposedly reduce his cholesterol levels and triglycerides, by cutting back on meats and fat and exercising more. After a couple of years, he found out that this dietary course not only did not reduce his risk for heart disease, it actually increased it. His triglycerides and cholesterol ratios got even worse. His cardiologist told him he needed to go on statin drugs immediately and that he was kidding himself by believing diet could change anything. Dr. Diamond then decided to study heart disease himself, researching the published literature, so that he could become an expert on heart disease. During the day he was a neuroscientist, but in the evenings and weekends he was studying about heart disease. What he found was that the idea of saturated fat and cholesterol causing heart disease was not based on any real science and is a myth. Modern dietary advice is actually causing obesity and most modern diseases.

Obesity Now Threatens to Overtake Hunger as Global Health Concern Number One

In 1950, the number of starving individuals on Earth was estimated to be around 700 million; 100 million people, primarily in rich countries, were obese. By 2010, the world’s hungry had marginally grown to 800 million, while the number of obese citizens of the world had exploded to 500 million. Estimates suggest that by 2030, more than one billion people, worldwide, will fall into the obese category.

Home Schooled Children Healthier Than Traditionally Schooled Kids

The results of a recent study show kids that are home-schooled are leaner than kids attending traditional schools. The results challenge the theory that children spending more time at home may be at risk for excessive weight gain. The study was published in the journal Obesity and conducted by researchers from University of Colorado's Anschutz Health and Wellness Center (AHWC) and University of Alabama at Birmingham. It looked at both home-schooled and traditionally-schooled children between the ages of seven and 12 in Birmingham. Participants and their parents reported diet, the kids' physical activity was monitored and they were measured for body fat, among other things. "Based on previous research, we went into this study thinking home-schooled children would be heavier and less active than kids attending traditional schools," said Michelle Cardel, PhD, RD, the study's lead author. "We found the opposite."

Big Pharma Wants to Convince You that Food Has no Role in Obesity – Buy Their Drugs Instead

Curing obesity has become a huge market in the U.S., so the pharmaceutical companies have decided they want to profit from it also. The AMA announced earlier this year that obesity is now a disease, and scary press releases are becoming headline news in the mainstream media, even though obesity rates have leveled off for the first time in years. All this is a cleverly designed marketing campaign to introduce their new drugs and vaccines for obesity. One vaccine in development is claiming to cure obesity with no exercise necessary. This week the Journal of the American Medical Association published an article stating that it was time to stop discussing diets, because diets don't work. The weight-loss diet market is, of course, a huge profit sector standing in the way of Big Pharma, so this should have surprised no one who is paying attention to what is really going on. The solution according to one "expert" is to control people's behavior. Do you trust medical professionals and politicians to define what is "correct behavior" in regards to weight loss, especially when they have just now said that the food you eat is not important? Could forced vaccinations and medications be on the way for those who do not comply with their standard of "correct behavior"?

The “Coca-Colization” of Mexico, the Spark of Obesity

"The Coca-Colization of Mexico" is a fantastic piece of photojournalism that shows the very real public health effects of Big Soda's global outreach (what they like to call "emerging markets"). Mexico is the country that consumes more soft drinks per person in the world and Chiapas one of the places where not only the most is drunk but also where malnutrition and obesity prevail. Experts warn, with 70% of Mexicans overweight, 30% of them obese, and diabetes the primary cause of death, that the health system will collapse by 2020.

American Medical Association Opens The Flood Gates For New Vaccines and Drugs By Officially Declaring Obesity A Disease

The move by the American Medical Association board means that one-third of the U.S. adult population can now officially be diagnosed and treated with a flood of new drugs and vaccines which have been years in the making.

With No Evidence, AMA Votes that Obesity Is a Disease

We keep hearing that modern medicine is evidence based. So why did the AMA create the new disease of obesity by popular vote? Modern medicine prides itself on being evidence based. That, at least, is their claim. However, when it comes right down to it, the reality is entirely different. This is obvious in the American Medical Association’s (AMA’s) decision on Tuesday that obesity is now a disease. It makes no difference if an obese person is perfectly healthy. As far as they’re concerned, that person suffers from a disease.

Unborn Babies Drugged in Mother’s Womb in Attempt to Prevent Obesity

Finding new uses for old drugs is big money. To that end, metformin, a generic diabetes drug, is being given to fetuses to see if it can prevent them from becoming obese. Trying to make newborns healthy by drugging them before they’re born is pure insanity—but that’s exactly what’s happening in a string of studies. Concerns of birth defects are ignored in this insane rush to profit off existing drugs.

What is the Cause of the Obesity Epidemic in the U.S.?

By Dr. Mercola

The website Fooducate has taken a look at the annual obesity report issued by Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Here are some of the 12 shocking statistics they found:

Adult obesity rates rose in 16 U.S. states over the past year, and NOT ONE state decreased
Twelve U.S. states […]

Study: American Waistlines Expand at Fastest Pace Among Rich Nations.

Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

by Eva von Schaper

Americans grew fatter at a faster pace than residents of any other wealthy nation since 1980, during a period when obesity worldwide nearly doubled, researchers found.

Almost 10 percent of the world’s population was obese in 2008, according to studies published today by the medical journal The Lancet. The percentage of […]