New Study Links Aluminum Adjuvants in Vaccines with Neurological Disorders

Newly published research by Keele Conference scientists shows that aluminum adjuvant in vaccines transfers to the brain.

Aluminum in Vaccines is a Neurotoxin

Aluminum is used as an adjuvant in many vaccines, but it’s a known neurotoxin.

Empirical Data Link Autism Symptoms to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure in Vaccines

Empirical Data Confirm Autism Symptoms Related to Aluminum and Acetaminophen Exposure
Entropy 2012, 14, 2227-2253; doi:10.3390/e14112227

Stephanie Seneff 1, *, Robert M. Davidson 2 and Jingjing Liu

1 Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA; E-Mail: (J.L.)

2 Internal Medicine Group Practice, PhyNet, Inc., Longview, TX 75604, USA;
E-Mail: (R.M.D.)

* Author to whom correspondence should […]

New Lupus Study Questions Aluminum in Vaccines

by Dr. Mercola

The presumed intent of a vaccination is to help you build immunity to potentially harmful organisms that contribute to illness and disease. However, your body’s immune system has been designed over the course of countless millennia to ward off infection naturally.

Infectious organisms do not so much invade your body, as take advantage […]